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Quick Update On Articles And Comments Missing From Site

We have recently discovered that during our long outage a couple of months ago, several posts and far too many informative comments are missing from our database.  Even worse, the “Catagories”  seem to be intertwined, so we have to go through every post and re-categorize all of the articles and this will be a time consuming process.  Some of the comments were invaluable and often helped to substantiate issues we were discussing, and those may not be recoverable; it is possible that we lost those comments in question because we changed from Intense Debate to Discus, or it could have been an administrative issue. We are not placing blame on Discus nor Intense Debate and do understand that the error could have been made in-house when we switched services. There are also some administrative features that are not working and we will take the site down for maintenance later this month and the down time should not last more than a few hours.

Our backup system is now configured so that it is virtually impossible for this to happen in the future.  When the site does come back up, we hope to use a new format which will enhance the site and make it far easier to navigate as well as offering other features.

We hope that this has not caused an inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

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