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October 2012 Site Update – We’re Back And Will Be Posting On A Regular Basis Again

The economy has taken its toll on our family which is why we have been offline for several months. Thankfully we are back and will be posting on at least a semi-regular basis or whenever we feel the need to correct America’s propaganda machine which is now in high gear because of the  2012 elections and the GOP’s goal to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and several other programs that aid the elderly and needy. The GOP seems bound and determined to start a Civil War within the United States, and while some people are not voicing their fears publicly, the undertones and fear are almost palpable, especially in consideration of the huge amounts of ammunition that has been ordered by several Federal agencies under the guise of “target practice” (Sic) and the continuation of staffing FEMA Interment Camps that are still being built within the United States.

We will be addressing these issues as well as the ongoing coverup in Japan at the  Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Complex and other issues that our government feel the people have no need to have knowledge of or even an awareness of what their tax dollars are actually being used for…

For those of you that have continued to visit our site even when we haven’t posted anything new for months we thank you for your loyalty; for those of you that have given-up on us, we are back and future posts will reveal that Republicanism is a social disease rather than a political party that seeks to enslave those whom are not equals in the eyes of our corporate masters, and we promise to expose them for what they are, especially as it concerns the radical GOP members that inhabit the Deep South, especially Georgia and Florida. Stay tuned and get ready for some commentary and facts that we are relatively sure that 99% of our fellow countrymen still remain unaware of.

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