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July 2013 Site Update For The Political Bandit


For the past few days comments have been “closed” for all articles and I was not aware of it until today. The issue has now been fixed and we hope that this administrative error (Installing a new component that was incompatible with the DISCUS Commenting System) did not cause any inconvenience. It appeared as if we had closed all comments but it was merely a conflict, one that I should have caught much earlier.



If I said this has been a rough year it would be the worst understatement I had ever made. Financial troubles have plagued the site, it’s running too slow in consideration that we’re paying for a high-speed server, and those who are regular visitors are aware that my Twin Sons are being held in Pensacola, Fl., on 1st/2nd Degree Murder charges, Robbery, and one of them is also charged with burglary. The one time I desperately need to write and delve into some extremely deep research, my right shoulder is in need of a complete replacement including a prosthetic device that will replace the ball joint, three torn tendons repaired, a small tear in the rotator-cuff, and other work which hasn’t been explained to me yet. This surgery is supposed to take place soon after the 4th of July, and after a lengthy recovery (approximately three months), the left shoulder also needs arthroscopic surgery to repair a small tear in the rotator-cuff and a few odds and ends that I am still unaware of – but know it has to be repaired.

I found myself in the unenviable position of being at odds with the Escambia County Jail in Pensacola, Florida, who are refusing to deliver a rough draft of an Op-Ed I have been working on for several days and hope to finish Part Two later today that the Jail refused to deliver to my eldest son, William Cormier III. The Jail personnel stated that I was not allowed to send copies of Web Pages of which I was not the publisher – and then when I explained that I am the publisher, they stated the material had to be sent in by the company – not me. Since I own the site I am unaware of how, other than using the Print command on the site how in the world that “the company,” which is a web-site with over a ten year history, could possibly be able to send the material to my Son other than by my own hand. I’m more than slightly irritated and tomorrow morning I have to call the Jail’s Senior Officer to make a final decision on the situation, however, at this point it doesn’t look good. Writing is causing me an enormous amount of pain which is keeping me awake, but other than that I’m in a foul mood knowing that this issue will likely wind-up being adjudicated in Federal Court via a Federal Civil Rights Action. These Jails, especially those who have turned over their outgoing phone calls and commissary to third parties are hard to deal with and I find myself in the odd situation of trying to make sense to people that are essentially Internet illiterate and  with a Jail that is hell bent on making a profit on everything whether the inmates they choose to discriminate against are innocent or guilty. Pensacola has now adopted visiting via a web-cam which is hard to hear who you’re speaking with, can’t see them very well, and it’s demeaning for me and my sons so I have refused to drive 6 1/2 hours to see either of my Sons on a LCD that could just as easily be connected to my home. There is still a presumption of innocence for both of them, however, that is nothing more than an illusion. Most of us are aware that everyone in Jail is guilty until proven innocent, another example of fascist/authoritarian governance that is sweeping through our nation.

Anyway, I wanted to write this brief Site Update so that the readership would know that I am injured and unable to sit at the keyboard for any length of time and even though I’d rather wrestle Dwayne Johnson than type at a keyboard, there are some things that must be written whether I like it or not. If we do wind-up in Federal Court it will be here in Atlanta; the Federal Court in Pensacola, which I already have experience with, had their Federal Marshall’s form a human-chain around the entrance of the Court House a couple of decades ago and barred me from entering the court, stating that “they didn’t want my kind down there,” so the rank prejudice of this court has already been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Today I am hoping to finish “Mad enough to Kill,” Part Two which we hope will be extremely revealing. We believe that we have literally stumbled upon why there is such a substantial rise in violent crime throughout the Global Community – and it seems to be an issue that also has a solution. There is no solution other than a General Strike or massive Civil Disobedience for those times when local, state, or government entities goad someone into taking the law into their own hands – and as of this date we have no idea of why our own government seems hell-bent on fermenting enough violence to justify a declaration of martial law.

We thank you for your loyalty, and if the site remains as slow as it is, we will be changing hosting companies within the next month or two. Google’s Adsense and Alexa both stated our site was too slow and that’s not what we are paying for and I’m growing tired of seeking an answer and receiving nothing more than the run-a-round. Thank you for your loyalty and patience and we hope that what we have discovered in regard the huge spike in murders and spree killings will shed some light on the issue as well as provide a meaningful answer as to how it can be mitigated.

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