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April Site Update – We Are Under Construction Again – Updated

I went out of town for a few days and after I returned found that someone had reset our Theme to its original context. How this happened I’m not sure, however, the Magazine Slider is currently not working. (I have already fixed the other issues.) We will be working to fix this issue as well as adding our Blog Roll, an extremely small amount of advertising, and other features that this excellent Theme supports. For those whom wish to install a Theme that acts as a Blog or Magazine Theme we suggest that you visit this LINK where you can view the many variations that are available using this theme. (No, we are not an affiliate and we are providing the link for the convenience of other Blog Administrators whom are looking to upgrade their Themes. We like this Theme that much…) We prefer to keep it simple, however, the content we often publish is not making the “powers that be” very happy and even though we have implemented extra security measures, we are still experiencing difficulties.

We do have security in place that guarantees that no malicious code can be installed on this site and in the near future, we expect to upgrade to SSL to further safeguard our most important asset – the continued support of our readership within the United States and throughout the global community. We have also noted that our Alexa Ratings plummeted right after we began to support the OWS Protests, and to be frank, we have no idea whether or not the two events are related. Our traffic is continuing to grow as Technorati demonstrates and does indicate that something is wrong at Alexa, which we hope to get corrected as soon as possible.

It has been an extremely long time since we have had advertising on this site nor have we solicited donations, however, anyone that would like to help us upgrade and secure this site for posterity and the safety of our readership, any donations, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Our goal never has been nor will it be for this site to turn a profit; we are here to disseminate information and opinion that the Mainstream News (Sic) Media refuses to publish and we will continue to do so until the government shuts us down or in the alternative, that we take this nation back from the 1% and find that real news can be found on your televisions rather than having to find the truth on the Internet. Unfortunately, that day may be a long time coming…

This code is for the use of Technorati to officially claim this site, which we have never bothered to do before this date:  BSN9PS37D2MJ


Unfortunately, the Theme that was installed previously on our site began degrading and we were forced to purchase another Theme and now have to configure it properly. For now, until we figure out how to configure this new Theme we are using the Blog Format rather than the excellent Magazine option that this Theme includes.  Our Categories are not showing-up and several other options are not yet activated. We will attempt to do most of the work late at night, and although we are reconfiguring the site, even when we are working all of the content should be available.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however, our Website Developer that we hired never sent us proof of purchase of the previous Theme we were using, and the source of the previous Theme, which everybody liked, could not locate any evidence that our Theme had actually been purchased, therefore we made a decision to replace it with another Theme that is properly licensed – and once it is configured correctly will provide the same type of style and content that we had before once we figure out how to switch it to the Magazine rather than the Blog Theme.

We have also dropped the “Breaking News” Category because with our last Theme acting-up, we began to experience formatting issues that caused us far too much work and patience to post anything without spending far too much time and effort – which for me, also affected my writing. I must have a clear mind to write and research – and being unable to properly format articles and concentrate on the content rather than the Theme took its toll on Mitch and I to a degree that we were considering gong back to an old Theme we had used for years; that said, the Magazine Format that our readership liked will soon reappear once we get all of the bugs worked-out and successfully find out how to configure everything that this new Theme offers.

Thank you for your patience.

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