An Article Posted On ABC’s 20/20 Site w/ John Stossel |

An Article Posted On ABC’s 20/20 Site w/ John Stossel

I have read in-depth every post in regard John Stossel’s “Give Me A Break” commentaries and I am amazed at the controversy. I am so shocked how little America knows about Swinging, or the Swinging Lifestyle. And lifestyle it is; married or couples whom are simply living together and swing have to have the utmost trust in each other, and a love for their partner that simply will not allow jealousy. To embrace these practices is one thing, but to live them is another…

I owned three Escort & Modeling Agencies and was one of the lucky few men that could sit and listen to women’s conversations, after a while forgetting I was even there. Men, you have no idea how women talk, or what they really want. Generally speaking, most of the women I have ever known, especially those I could actually listen to while speaking “in private” to other women, consider men to be selfish, demanding, and generally don’t give a darn for anyone’s sexual pleasure but their own! (Sorry guys, but that’s the real scoop) They want to be taken care of, complimented, have their desires and fantasies recognized & fulfilled, and most would fall over dead if their man offered them a simple backrub after a hard days work. No, I didn’t make it up, I simply listened. Women are wonderful, devious creatures, and I dearly love them, but we men listen way too little… Listen Guys, they will tell you what they want. Really!

With the above in mind, “Swingers” are born, and these are couples whom simply understand and trust each other to a level the Average married couple cannot understand. It’s not scary, and they don’t want to convert you; they simply want to live their lives in the manner which makes them happy. The problem as I see it is simple. If it were simply the men “having fun”, it would remain a deep, dark unspoken taboo. However, since women participate readily and willingly, and in fact are the most unabashed “movers” & “shakers” in the swinging community, people that don’t understand the lifestyle, nor women, are up in arms. These United States are interesting. For some reason, a man has several women and he is a “superman”. (Have to watch what I say – so have toned down the language. Most of you know what I mean in certain circumstances)

Let a woman enjoy sex in the same manner, and it’s the Red Badge of Shame. And still, even after all of the civil rights movements, women’s liberation, and the Country screaming for equal rights, none of us can really, ever seem to treat and understand women or respect them as we do ourselves. Think about it. We have a long way to go. Let the Swingers Swing, and let the righteous condemn us. I mean, after all, this IS America, where democracy is king and we believe as a country that everyone should be treated equally and with respect. I agree with that philosophy and wish that everyone else did too. What are your thoughts on the subject??

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