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A Holiday Greeting And December Site Update

December has been an extremely brisk month. We watch our traffic closely and search patterns in an attempt to discern to some degree what is on the mood of the Liberal/Progressive/Independent community of voters. We can tell via hits on Now We Know Why There’s A Press Blackout On S 1959 – It’s Called “ENDGAME” By DHS – Updated 7/20/08, that the online community is showing their fear and uncertainty in regard the many reports that our nation is in the process of Activating Internment Camps throughout the United States if there is a declaration of Martial Law – the rationale for said event somehow seems to elude us as we search for answers from our secretive government.

This was the first month in a very long while that the article linked to above was beat by total hits by The Government Believes You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…., however, in a sad ironic way, both articles add to the new Fascism that is raising its ugly head in our nation.

It could be my imagination, but finding the Alternative News lately that has substance and balance has been quite a chore. The GOP Presidential Debates are dominating the airwaves by hoisting one absurd campaign allegation after another…  Tea Party cohorts appear to be vying for the position of the most ridiculous debate statement ever made – and so far, Rick Perry commands a solid lead. I noticed that the government was attempting to censor the new Avian Flu data and research, which to me, makes absolute sense from a security standpoint. The GOP aided by their Tea Party cohorts seem intent on destroying their own Party – and I’m all for it, as long as they leave most of the country intact in the process of turning Washington upside-down searching for a scapegoat that the awakening public will actually buy.

So far we haven’t been able to link to our Blogroll, get advertising to work on the site, and there are still some internal glitches that may be affecting the RSS Feeds. We are working to correct the problems, however this isn’t the easiest Theme to work with if you’re not a WebMaster – and that I’m not. Speaking of the BlogRoll – whenever we add a new site it usually comes with a brief explanation. We don’t trade links here and only post those that we believe directly pertain to the various political causes we editorialize about and have always attempted to provide content that can often be far too hard to find.

When our BlogRoll is working again, we will proudly link to KeepAmericaAtWork.com. KeepAmericaAtWork was founded November 5, 2007, by Virgil Bierschwale who can be reached here: [email protected]

We are featuring this Blog because they embellish just about everything that we stand for here at the ThePoliticalBandit.com. If you want to understand the truth in regard our jobs situation, browse their archives. Some of the most concise and eye-opening reports grace his pages, and KeepAmericaAtWork.com never loses sight that it was Corporate America that destroyed our economy by outsourcing our light and heavy manufacturing, sent off our high-tech jobs to India and parts unknown to pursue their self-destructive addiction to squeezing more profits no matter what the final cost to our nation and its inhabitants is finally tallied. Mitch Gurney often cross-posts and writes original content for the site and we believe that pointing more people in the direction of the truth is far better than sitting back and watching in wonderment as Citizens United is working to make our election process a total farce, a gift to the nation by five of the most ignorant fascists that have ever graced the Supreme Court – and that goes double for Roberts, Thomas, and Scalia.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy this new addition to our broken BlogRoll, but in retrospect, we have come a long way and are now celebrating approximately eight (8) years of political commentary and Earthquake/Volcano data and information. If you have the time, please spread the link around for KeepAmericaAtWork. There is absolutely nothing in the power of government, corporations or the people who are more important than recapturing our light and heavy manufacturing and gradually bringing our high-tech jobs back home. We have millions fake Chinese parts and electronic modules in some of our warplanes, missile defense systems, and even in our Navy. If this isn’t a betrayal of the public trust, what is? We know there have been failures of some of these fake components, however are currently unaware if said failure(s) resulted in the loss of life or injury to American Servicemen, and to be honest, we probably never will know the truth.

We have systematically outsourced critical high-tech manufacturing, chemical research, and even weapons development and allowed China to coral the bulk of the world’s supply of “rare earth metals,” another monstrous flub of our national security concerns by a Congress and Presidency that refuse to see the forest through the trees. For the first time in memory, if we became embroiled in a war that pitted one world power against another and embargo’s occurred, our nation is not in a position to manufacture critical infrastructure parts and drugs that are vital to maintaining a strong and resourceful America, and we would crumble because we refused to understand that manufacturing and critical research and R&D IS the lynchpin of our security as a nation, and that which used to support our nation is in utter collapse and disarray. A great disservice has been wrought upon our military and nation by a Congress that is so corrupt that they have lost sight of honor and country. We also believe, especially as it pertains to millions of fake parts in our military systems that the actions that led-up to this multi-billion dollar fiasco border on sedition and treason. When an individual knowingly makes legislation or policy that endangers the nation as a whole and harms the entire country by his or her action, that individual should be held accountable. (George W. Bush is probably on his knees praying that being held accountable will not enter into his reality any time during the next 30 years.)

We hardly manufacture any but the newest antibiotics in this nation, and if that isn’t a direct threat to our national security, you haven’t been paying attention. Using a rather simple infectious disease on a mass basis could be catastrophic and we don’t have the capacity to manufacture our own health supplies and medicines, especially if the offending party was a state actor:

Drug Making’s Move Abroad Stirs Concerns

Published: January 19, 2009

WASHINGTON — In 2004, when Bristol-Myers Squibb said it would close its factory in East Syracuse, N.Y. — the last plant in the United States to manufacture the key ingredients for crucial antibiotics like penicillin — few people worried about the consequences for national security.

“The focus at the time was primarily on job losses in Syracuse,” said Rebecca Goldsmith, a company spokeswoman.

But now experts and lawmakers are growing more and more concerned that the nation is far too reliant on medicine from abroad, and they are calling for a law that would require that certain drugs be made or stockpiled in the United States.

“The lack of regulation around outsourcing is a blind spot that leaves room for supply disruptions, counterfeit medicines, even bioterrorism,” said Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, who has held hearings on the issue.

Decades ago, most pills consumed in the United States were made here. But like other manufacturing operations, drug plants have been moving to Asia because labor, construction, regulatory and environmental costs are lower there.  MUCH MORE

KeepAmericaAtWork is more than an Internet Site; it is a piece of the brick and mortar that holds this nation together. When a nation begins tumbling inexorably toward fascist/authoritarian governance, only truth and fact, which will soon become a crime to disseminate, are the only means of defeating a propaganda machine that makes the Third Reich look like a Kindergarten in comparison. We all need to remember that the Mainstream news Media, Congress, President Obama, and especially Corporate America have paid our millions, if not billions of dollars in their efforts to deceive the American public. Everything about the current economic crisis boils down to jobs; Corporate America outsourced millions of high-paying American jobs and industry to foreign nations, they eviscerated our tax base and essentially made the United States insolvent by and through their corporate greed, criminality, and their complete refusal to pay their fair share for the destruction of our economy.

Don’t let the Government/Corporations continue to pollute the airwaves with their lies and deception. Remember one sentence and repeat it as often as necessary…

It’s the job situation you ignorant bureaucrats, and to attempt to re-write history and cover-up your crimes against the United States and humanity will not pass the test of time, Take back the nation and the real crisis’ that face a nation that has the ability to overcome its issues, but being frank, heads will have to roll. Lots of them…

We wish our readership a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever your Holiday Season religious beliefs support. If you’re finishing-up the year with a little extra cash (that has to be an oxymoron) any donation, no matter how small, would be appreciated as we again try to find a Webmaster to run ThePoliticalBandit.com/Justanothercoverup.com.

Have A Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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  • http://thepoliticalbandit.com/ William Cormier

    I find it unsettling to realize after posting “The Government Believes You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…. http://justanothercoverup.com/politics/the-government-believes-you-might-be-a-domestic-terrorist-if/

    I read through all of the “Domestic Terrorism” definitions, and based on said article it becomes clear that my government believes that I am a Terrorist. How can that be? We stand firmly in our belief of non-violence and when we write, rather than slandering people like Fox News and their compatriots, we provide substantiation and documentation to back-up our allegations.

    I can’t remember the exact verbiage, but remember that when Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag – and when that day befalls us, disseminating truth and facts will belcome illegal as the “State” morphs into our worst nightmare. Once Obama signs the Defense Authorization Bill, he will effectively destroy liberty and freedom in this nation until such time that the entire nation rises up is despair.

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