Chinese Hackers Steal State Secrets From India, US, Other Nations |

Chinese Hackers Steal State Secrets From India, US, Other Nations…

As tensions rise between China and the United States in regard the Google Incident, China has shot itself in the foot again and was caught in another massive cyber-espionage plot that targets missile systems, troop movements, and the Dalai Lama’s office. The nature and sophistication of the espionage is breathtaking and demonstrates again that China is not a friend of the United States nor its neighbors:

Spy Network Pilfered Classified Docs From Indian Government and Others

By Kim Zetter

A spy network targeting government networks in India and other countries has been pilfering highly classified and other sensitive documents related to missile systems, the movement of military forces and relations among countries, according to a report released Tuesday.

The researchers say the spying is an example of a sophisticated shift that has occurred in malware networks from “what were once primarily simple to increasingly complex, adaptive systems spread across redundant services and platforms” and from ones that primarily focused on exploitation for criminal purposes to ones that are focused on “political, military, and intelligence-focused espionage.”

The spynet, dubbed Shadow Network, was discovered by a group of computer-security researchers in Canada and the United States who have been monitoring the espionage for at least eight months and watched as the spies siphoned classified and other restricted documents from the Indian Defense Ministry and other computer networks.

According to the report by the researchers, “Shadows in the Cloud”, the documents pilfered through the Shadow Network included sensitive and confidential embassy documents about India’s relationships with Russia and nations in West Africa and the Middle East, and “secret assessments of India’s security situation in the states of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura, as well as concerning the Naxalites and Maoists,” two political opposition groups. The spies also stole documents from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

The intruders obtained reports on several Indian missile systems as well as documents related to the travel of NATO forces in Afghanistan. There is evidence that computers at Indian embassies in Kabul, Moscow and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and at the High Commission of India in Abuja, Nigeria, had been compromised, including ones that process visa applications. MUST READ ARTICLE

To say that this security breach undermines more than one government’s National Security would be an understatement, yet as bad as it was, our Mainstream News Media is largely silent on the issue, evidently trying to appease corporate and/or government interests as it pertains to China. What are the Chinese up to? Why are they closely monitoring “troop movements” and other highly classified military documents from such a wide spectrum of nations?

These questions must be answered and debated within the international community; this issue is of tantamount importance to the world at large, and for the media to quietly sweep this matter under the carpet demonstrates why a non-biased news media is essential to our heath, welfare and security. The massive cyper-espionage undertaken by so-called “criminal gangs” in China is severely undermining their international image, and why China allows/condones this behavior to continue should be investigated and brought before the United Nations Security Council for debate and to raise awareness among the global community that China is increasingly upping the stakes in their constant theft of military/industrial secrets.

Why are we still supporting China’s economy while millions of Americans remain unemployed? How many billions of dollars of American technology has been stolen by the Chinese? What is the overall economic impact to the United States? Finally, even more importantly, why is the Obama administration allowing American corporations to continue “sleeping with the enemy” and supporting the Chinese economy while millions of Americans are losing everything they own because their livelihood was was outsourced to China?

One last thought; President Obama has changed the United States’ nuclear weapons policy to ensure that our missiles cannot be “accidentally” launched, and if such a disaster should happen, they are currently targeted in the middle of the ocean. When I first heard this information, I scratched my head – but now, with this new information and the sophistication of China’s hackers increasing every day, America’s action(s) in this regard now seem to be transparent. Other responsible countries should also adopt such a policy immediately, and until we understand China’s intent and refusal to stop such attacks, Beijing should be viewed with doubt and suspicion, and if it doesn’t stop immediately, China should be sanctioned, but better yet, maybe corporate America will give us all a break and bring back our light and heavy manufacturing and start supporting Americans, not the Chinese.

William Cormier

NOTE: To understand the damage that China’s cyber-espionage has wrought upon India, the below article from “The Tribune” in India explains how many computers were hacked and lays-out the extent of the damage to India’s National Security. After reading their detailed report, there’s no doubt this instance of espionage will likely trigger an international incident:

Chinese hackers have India’s top secrets

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