Real Cause Of Tension Between China And USA Is Not Being Reported By MSM |

China Poses A Clear And Present Danger To U.S. National Security

If we take the reports at face value propagated by the Mainstream News Media and China, we are led to believe that the rising tensions between China and the United States center around our arms sale to Taiwan and President Obama’s refusal to honor China’s demand to forgo a scheduled meeting with the Dalai Lama. The above issues are certainly a thorn in our relationship with China, but matters of far more importance represent the real cause of our nations problems with China. The tension between China and the U.S. has been escalating for years; the reasons are complicated and fraught with several  underlying issues that neither party will publicly admit, and as usual, our Mainstream News Media is keeping its citizens in the dark. Some of the tension is a grave matter of national security, and one issue was substantiated/discovered by Shawn Carpenter, a courageous employee of Sandia National Laboratories who, after exposing a dire breach of our national security – was rewarded by being fired from his position at Sandia Labs. As usual, no good deed goes unpunished…

Today’s rift in our relationship with China began several years ago when globalization was in it’s infancy. China’s ascendancy as a leading economic power was not due to Chinese ingenuity, nor are its new weapons systems that rival some of our own and threaten the West’s domination of sea and air power in the Asiatic region. They had help – and that “help” came primarily from Wal-Mart and the constant industrial/military espionage that has allowed China to become a global power. China’s economic strength was fostered by corporate greed and their abject (American corporations) refusal to refrain from transferring vital western technology to a nation that has constantly displayed an utter disregard for human rights, unnecessary and brutal aggressive behavior as they seek to implement their “One -China Policy,” their systematic migrations of Han Chinese into local cultures to destroy centuries of tradition and allow the Han Chinese to destroy other ethnic inteests , and constant stonewalling of the United Nations Security Council for economic reasons that benefit China’s quest to corral natural resources throughout the world. American corporations are acutely aware of the danger of Chinese industrial/military espionage, yet because the “God of Profit” trumps national security, they still outsource more and more American manufacturing capability to China – contributing to what has become a direct threat to our economic survival.

Then And Now

We are not unfairly singling-out Wal-Mart as the leader in building the Chinese economy at the expense of our own economic survival, the loss of American jobs and our vital manufacturing capability – and the staggering danger all of the above poses to our national security! The Chinese were essentially newcomers to large scale manufacturing and the varied logistics and management necessary to implement the skills and marketing techniques necessary for China to ascend to its current status as a global economic powerhouse:

Indeed, Chinese fascination with the Wal-Mart model is growing fast. The company offers up its executives for seminars, where hundreds of Chinese retailers and officials gather to hear lectures on procurement, accounting, human resources and how to prevent theft. Last month Wal-Mart donated $1 million to Beijing’s Tsinghua University so that the prestigious school could establish the first institute for retailing research in the country, and Wal-Mart executives plan to sit on the board.   Newsweek, December 2004

As early as 2005, Justanothercoverup and several other news magazines and Blogs began sounding the alarm that China was actively stealing American industrial and military secrets on a massive scale. We also noted that constant outsourcing would result in the destruction of our economy and destroy America’s Middle-class. This fact alone, if American corporations were patriotic, should have curtailed the massive migration of our manufacturing and economic lifeblood to China – but instead, even more of our businesses were outsourced to China in spite of published reports that China was essentially stealing anything and everything they could from the United States:

Theft of Advanced Technology

China’s official, government-sanctioned theft of advanced-technology intellectual property is another regular feature of China’s industrial policy. In late 2002, for example, Chinese engineers attempted to steal software and hardware secrets from Sun Microsystems, NEC Electronics Corporation, and Transmeta Corporation offices in California’s Silicon Valley.21

A year earlier, an agent apparently supported by the Chinese government stole industrial secrets from Lucent Technology and others. Among the files of the arrested Chinese engineers, FBI investigators discovered correspondence with the “National High-Technology Research and Development Program of China,” which revealed that a Chinese government “panel of experts” had determined that the engineers’ activities in the U.S. would have “a positive effect on development of China’s integrated-circuit industry” and had recommended that “every government department implement and provide energetic support.”22

The Cisco case is only the tip of the iceberg. Other U.S. companies acknowledge that their Chinese joint venture partners and the Chinese government siphon off proprietary technology, trade secrets, and intellectual property, but they are reluctant to pursue the issue for fear that it will negatively affect their business standing in China. Apparently, the Chinese government’s preferred way of gaining access to U.S. advanced technology is via human sources, particularly students and technicians from U.S.-Chinese joint ventures in China who want to work in advanced-technology laboratories and production facilities in the United States.25

Nor are American high-tech firms China’s only victims. In March 2002, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) accused a former manager of stealing information on its 12-inch wafer fabrication technology.26 Later, TSMC discovered that documentation for its entire eight-inch waferfab production line had been posted on-line without authorization with Taiwan’s National Chiao-tung University library and that another employee had downloaded and copied it.27
The U.S. Must Face Up to China’s Trade Challenges, The Heritage Foundation, 2003

The Conundrum Of North Korea And Iran

Ever since China obtained a seat on the United Nations Security Council, they have wielded that power to thwart the international communities efforts to curb nuclear proliferation and have constantly used their veto power to further China’s economic standing. China has continually refused to allow meaningful sanctions against North Korea, a nation that has been known to sell internationally restricted weapons and technology to what has been termed “rogue nations.”

The Six-Party Talks are hosted by China, and if we listen to China’s rhetoric on the issue, a casual observer might conclude that China is sincerely interested in helping to settle this dispute. We believe that China is only engaging in lip-service and have no intention of doing anything meaningful to quell this dispute. Even though Kim Jong Il is often a source  of embarrassment to China, they are an ally of China and constantly remain a thorn in the side of South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the Unite States – a fact that China gleefully, if not publicly, endorses.

The DPRK (Democratic (sic) People’s Republic of Korea) is utterly dependent upon aid from China. Without China’s aid (food and fuel), the DPRK would collapse almost overnight. If China were serious about resolving the nuclear crisis in North Korea, there’s no question or doubt that China could single-handedly resolve the current stand-off themselves. Instead, they choose to allow North Korea to remain a constant source of tension; looking at it from the Chinese perspective, if there ever was a military conflict between Taiwan and China, and the eventually of the United States entering into the conflict – North Korea, being a Chinese ally, could easily be of aid to China by further stretching the U.S. military’s efforts to subdue the situation.

Iran is another situation where China’s refusal to allow sanctions as proposed by the international community is not based on whether China believes Iran is pursuing weapons of mass destruction – but is solely based on China attempting to protect their multi-billion dollar energy contracts with Iran. China is blatantly engaging in protectionism, a charge they often level against the United States on economic issues between our two countries.

Disclaimer: At Justanothercoverup, we do not support the constant war-mongering and saber rattling by our government towards Iran. We believe that the United States is acting, in many cases, as a pawn of Israel, and while we do recognize that several Middle-Eastern countries do have legitimate concerns in regard Iran attempting to achieve military dominance over the area, diplomacy, not through the barrel of a gun, should be the method in which to deal with what is becoming a genuine concern for those countries that fear Iran’s military build-up.

Furthermore, we support the people of Iran in their quest to return their government to the people, and our heart goes out to all those who have lost their lives as they have watched their government become increasingly authoritarian and now, for all practical purposes, is a theocratic dictatorship. The courage of the Iranian people is inspiring, and we hope that as we in America witness the erosion of liberty and constitutional guarantees in our own country that our general population will remember that “Freedom is not Free,” and to remember the courage and indomitable spirit of another nation’s people who are willing to lose their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

There has been a recent development in Iran that we do consider to be alarming, and while we know that the United States has often been guilty of “cooking intelligence” to further illegal and unnecessary wars, these recent developments in Iran are indisputable, and even Russia, who has also been against further sanctions against Iran – is also alarmed at Iran enriching uranium to 20% and issued a scathing response:

Russia echoed Washington’s alarm, even though Moscow previously played down some Western concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, Agence France-Presse reported.

“Iran claims it is not trying to acquire nuclear weapons,” Russian national security council chief Nikolai Patrushev said, according to Russian media. “But actions such as starting to enrich low-enriched uranium up to 20 percent raise doubts in other countries and these doubts are fairly well-grounded” (Agence France-Presse I/, Feb. 9).

Iran should face punitive measures for its actions, said Konstantin Kosachyov, head of the Russian Duma’s foreign affairs committee.

“The international community should swiftly react to the news in order to send Tehran a new signal of its intent to react with serious measures, right up to a strengthening of economic sanctions,” a spokeswoman quoted Kosachyov as saying, according to Reuters (Reuters III/Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Feb. 8). LINK

Hacking Government/Industrial Computer Systems Is State-Sponsored By China!

The above subtitle is provocative and a damning indictment against the Chinese government, but in light of the recent article published by Time Magazine and sources listed in this Op-Ed, we believe the evidence is conclusive and should be be forcefully addressed by President Obama and Congress. For far too long, the Mainstream News Media and even our own government has withheld vital information from the public concerning the constant espionage carried out by the Chinese government against our government and American corporations. We understand that with our  economy barely recovering (If that’s truly the case…), the United States has been holding its tongue, fearful that China will act to negatively impact our economy. That said, enough is enough! I have always been a supporter of Raw Story, however, I have noticed that when they publish anything of interest that concerns China, comments are not allowed! There appears to be a universal understanding (Among media outlets) that negative comments against China are unwelcome; we have to address any threat to our national security regardless of offending China. To allow them to rob and steal American military and commercial trade secrets just because we need their financial support will ultimately result in negative consequences that will impact our nation far after our economy recovers, and from a governmental aspect – we believe that it represents gross cowardice!

The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies

(And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them)

The above subtitle is from Time Magazine, and our hats are off to Time Magazine for demonstrating the courage to publish this extremely important article. As important as this matter is to our national security and the American people, this matter received almost no coverage except from Time, and instead of sounding the alarm, the rest of the MSM ignored the issue and allowed it to fall into obscurity. The MSM deserves nothing but contempt for constantly keeping our people in the dark and acting in concert with corporate America while refusing to address vital concerns that impact the lives of everyday Americans.

Because of copyright restrictions, I am unable to reprint the entire article, however, it is a “must read” article, and I strongly suggest that everyone read the entire article; what this article reveals should shock the conscience of anyone that is concerned with our national security:

It was another routine night for Shawn Carpenter. After a long day analyzing computer-network security for Sandia National Laboratories, where much of the U.S. nuclear arsenal is designed, Carpenter, 36, retreated to his ranch house in the hills overlooking Albuquerque, N.M., for a quick dinner and an early bedtime. He set his alarm for 2 a.m. Waking in the dark, he took a thermos of coffee and a pack of Nicorette gum to the cluster of computer terminals in his home office. As he had almost every night for the previous four months, he worked at his secret volunteer job until dawn, not as Shawn Carpenter, mid-level analyst, but as Spiderman–the apt nickname his military-intelligence handlers gave him–tirelessly pursuing a group of suspected Chinese cyberspies all over the world. Inside the machines, on a mission he believed the U.S. government supported, he clung unseen to the walls of their chat rooms and servers, secretly recording every move the snoopers made, passing the information to the Army and later to the FBI.

The hackers he was stalking, part of a cyberespionage ring that federal investigators code-named Titan Rain, first caught Carpenter’s eye a year earlier when he helped investigate a network break-in at Lockheed Martin in September 2003. A strikingly similar attack hit Sandia several months later, but it wasn’t until Carpenter compared notes with a counterpart in Army cyberintelligence that he suspected the scope of the threat. Methodical and voracious, these hackers wanted all the files they could find, and they were getting them by penetrating secure computer networks at the country’s most sensitive military bases, defense contractors and aerospace companies.

Carpenter had never seen hackers work so quickly, with such a sense of purpose. They would commandeer a hidden section of a hard drive, zip up as many files as possible and immediately transmit the data to way stations in South Korea, Hong Kong or Taiwan before sending them to mainland China. They always made a silent escape, wiping their electronic fingerprints clean and leaving behind an almost undetectable beacon allowing them to re-enter the machine at will. An entire attack took 10 to 30 minutes. “Most hackers, if they actually get into a government network, get excited and make mistakes,” says Carpenter. “Not these guys. They never hit a wrong key.”

Goaded by curiosity and a sense that he could help the U.S. defend itself against a new breed of enemy, Carpenter gave chase to the attackers. He hopped just as stealthily from computer to computer across the globe, chasing the spies as they hijacked a web of far-flung computers. Eventually he followed the trail to its apparent end, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. He found that the attacks emanated from just three Chinese routers that acted as the first connection point from a local network to the Internet.

It was a stunning breakthrough. In the world of cyberspying, locating the attackers’ country of origin is rare. China, in particular, is known for having poorly defended servers that outsiders from around the world commandeer as their unwitting launchpads. Now Chinese computers appeared to be the aggressors.  LINK TO FULL STORY

This issue is extremely troubling to federal investigators. “several government analysts who protect the networks at military, nuclear-lab and defense- contractor facilities” told Time Magazine that:

Titan Rain is thought to rank among the most pervasive cyberespionage threats that U.S. computer networks have ever faced. TIME has obtained documents showing that since 2003, the hackers, eager to access American know-how, have compromised secure networks ranging from the Redstone Arsenal military base to NASA to the World Bank.

Time Magazine also procured an alert from the DOD that “Titan Rain’s” activities could be a precursor to an attack that could “shut down or even take over a number of U.S. military networks.” A breach of that magnitude could easily place an innumerable amount of lives at risk. The sophistication of these attacks is mind-numbing, and no one knows the depth of their penetration into U.S. military networks, or how many military secrets have actually been stolen.

When we see articles on “new” weapons systems that China is implementing, i.e., US panic at China’s new ship killer,many people believe that these weapons are not really “new,” but are refinements of current U.S. weapons systems that China acquired through espionage. Note this excerpt from a government publication in China:

BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) — Fifty-two types of new weapon systems developed with China’s own technologies, including airborne early warning and control (AEWC) aircraft, will be showcased at the military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China.

Further cutting-edge weaponry would include sophisticated radar, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and satellite communication devices of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Lieutenant General Fang Fenghui, general director of the parade, told Xinhua Wednesday.

Fang did not identify the specific models of the weapon systems but said all of the weapons are tagged: “Made in China”. LINK

Their new weapons systems may be made in China, however, few doubt that the original concepts for the majority of these new weapons were stolen via computer espionage from other, more technically advanced nations. Research and development for sophisticated weapons systems often takes years to accomplish at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars – sometimes billions. The Chinese philosophy seems to be steal what they can and then improve on the design an labor of their adversaries. One thing is certain; in China, crime pays!

The above referenced article contains far more information than I have posted; the real travesty of this remarkable discovery by Shawn Carpenter is that he was fired from Sandia Labs. Even though Mr. Carpenter was working with the FBI, and unofficial contacts he had with Army intelligence:

“They fired him and stripped him of his Q clearance, the Department of Energy equivalent of top-secret clearance. Carpenter’s after-hours sleuthing, they said, was an inappropriate use of confidential information he had gathered at his day job. Under U.S. law, it is illegal for Americans to hack into foreign computers.”

To understand the breadth and sheer volume of these attacks, this excerpt should send chills down the spine of anyone who believes these are isolated incidents:

“When he uncovered the Titan Rain routers in Guangdong, he carefully installed a homemade bugging code in the primary router’s software. It sent him an e-mail alert at an anonymous Yahoo! account every time the gang made a move on the Net. Within two weeks, his Yahoo! account was filled with almost 23,000 messages, one for each connection the Titan Rain router made in its quest for files.

We believe that Mr. Carpenter has provided an invaluable service to his country, and instead of being fired from Sandia Labs, he should have been awarded the Medal of Freedom. To add insult to injury, the FBI “never asked for the passwords and other tools that could enable them to pick up the investigative trail at the Guangdong router.”

To those in Corporate America that are outsourcing our manufacturing and jobs to China – I believe that instead of sending even more of our livelihood abroad, the United States government should mandate that it’s time to restore our Middle-class, reinvigorate our economy by reestablishing our manufacturing sector, but most of all, President Obama and Congress should recognize that a nation that has been systematically stealing corporate and military secrets for decades is not the actions of a friendly nation, but one that is hell bent on enriching themselves at the expense of the American taxpayers. It’s time to face the consequences of corporate greed and bite the economic bullet that would accompany returning American jobs to the people. Either that, or all of need to learn to speak Chinese!

William Cormier

NOTE: On Op-Ed News, there is an excellent article titled:

Globalization Is Killing The Globe: Return to Local Economies

If President Obama and Congress are serious in regard restoring America’s Middle-Class and returning to a robust economy, this is an article that they and everyone else should read. If we don’t bring back our manufacturing sector and return to making the bulk of our own products, the only people whom will succeed are the elite and corporate America.

Anything else is guaranteed to result in a once great America becoming a permanent member of the Third World. Based on China’s past and present behavior, anything else is nothing less than aiding and abetting the enemy – and in the United States – we call that Treason!

William Cormier

This is a comment made to this article on Op-Ed News. I believe it’s germane to the issue and in fairness to the subject I have breached, I believe those comments, and my replies, will shed further light on this contentious issue:

A Clarification On China’s “Cultural Genocide.”

A primary source of contention with the International Community is what has been termed “Cultural Genocide.” When China assumed control over Tibet, there was almost an immediate influx of Han Chinese into Tibet. Rather than allow the historical culture of Tibet to remain in place, the Han Chinese are systematically attempting to overwhelm Tibet with their culture, destroying eons of local culture and tradition.

This practice is also taking place in other areas of China and has caused riots and constant unrest in provinces that were otherwise peaceful. If China were allowed to assimilate Taiwan into their One China policy, there is little doubt that the same type of cultural genocide would also be implemented in Taiwan. Countless centuries of tradition and religious beliefs are being wiped out by Han Chinese, and while China’s “One China Policy” may at first glance seem to be harmless, those who are losing their culture and religion would disagree vehemently – and when riots and social unrest do bubble to the surface, it is the Han Chinese who are favored by China’s legal system – and those who oppose the trashing of their culture are often imprisoned or sentenced to death for fermenting violence and riots…

William Cormier


I have one question for you William,

how did the U.S. develop? By using the very same methods you accuse the Chinese of.

Where did China learn its deceptive behavior, just look to the west for its examples.

The day has come when China can return the humiliation and indemnities it was forced to endure while western powers ran roughshod over the Middle Kingdom the past centuries and believe me things are only going to get uglier.

Before engaging mouth, think!

by Stanimal


Reply: Perhaps you should do the same.

I have thought about this issue for years. In an earlier article I published, titled:

Wal-Mart And the Destruction Of Our Economy


Wal-Mart & China Benefit America Loses,

I covered in great detail the future ramifications of our folly in outsourcing our manufacturing and jobs to nations that would eventually use their new-found wealth and prosperity against us – and like it or not, I was 100% correct. I was one of the first ones that predicted that our economy would eventually fail because of those actions, and I was branded an “alarmist” and conspiracy nut for my efforts. (Probably because back then, our economy seemed to be improving by leaps and bounds.)

My condemnation is not aimed solely at China, but the corporations that have destroyed our own economy in the name of profit – and it was Wal-Mart that led the charge to outsource our economic lifeblood to emerging, Third World economies. Are you pleased knowing that other countries have been given our economic lifeblood to countries like China while destroying our own economy in the process? Evidently you have not suffered or lost a business because of cheap imports that because of China manipulating their currency – are so much cheaper than what little products we still produce on our own that only the elite and wealthy can afford.

This article was aimed at educating people on the massive amount of industrial/military technology the Chinese have stolen, and are still stealing from the United States and other countries that have spent millions/billions of dollars developing. I DO support buying American products whenever we can and supporting our own economy, not that of other countries. We used to label that as “patriotic,” but lately, the propagandists have convinced Americans that globalization is the wave of the future and tout the benefits of so-called “free trade” agreements. The only people whom these free trade agreements (in their present form) benefit are the elite and Corporate America who generally speaking, could care less if our economy recovers as long as they continue to make obscene profits at the expense of the American workforce which has now been decimated by greedy, unpatriotic corporations that we would be better off if they were thrown out of China in retribution for our arms sale to Taiwan and daring to defy China by meeting with the Dalai Lama – a man that has been recognized throughout the world as a man of peace.

Furthermore, how can you condone the massive amount of espionage being conducted by the Chinese against the United States? We reached our status by hard work and American ingenuity, although I do admit that our breakthroughs in rocket technology were largely due to Wernher von Braun, whose legendary genius needs no explanation for those who have studied history.

We can keep throwing billions of dollars in stimulus money at extremely disingenuous efforts to reinvigorate our economy, but until Americans and our government wake-up and come to the realization that globalization is what wrecked our economy, we are doomed to keep sliding further down the rabbit hole of financial insolvency. I believe in the rule of law; that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, should be prosecuted for War crimes. I also believe that China should have to answer for their continued theft of American technology, military and industrial – and I make no apologies whatsoever for supporting American workers who have had their livelihoods stolen from them by American and Multi-national corporations that only care about their bottom lines rather than the health and survival of our own economy.

I might also add that it was the United States whose actions essentially saved the Chinese from Japan’s brutality and effectively cut-off Japan’s supply lines to mainland China which allowed Mao Tse Tung and Chiang Kai Shek the ability to successfully fight the Japanese, coupled with a great deal of American casualties.

We certainly are guilty of many events that shame the American public, but also have contributed to China’s survival – facts that seem to be forgotten by the Chinese as they continue to freeload from stolen American technology – and to be an apologist for China’s thievery seems to serve no other purpose but to bash our own nation while we attempt to rebuild our economy when China continues to benefit, financially and militarily, from stolen American technology. I believe that history will certainly vindicate my stance on China – and I dread the day when that beomes fact rather than speculation.

If you have facts that demonstrate I’m wrong, I will gladly issue a retraction, but until that happens, I will continue to point out the danger that China presents to our national security – and will continue to condemn the corporations that chose profit over the health and welfare of our own economic survival.

by William Cormier


Reply: The Dali Lama a man of peace? Who loves George

Bu$h’s “War Of Terror”? Received CIA funding in the past and still receivies questionable funding still? What a Charlatan as the spiritual leader of Buddhism!

Sam Walton prided himself in supplying the “Made in America” brand labels, it’s his prodigy that turned the tide and its Treason for CEO’s to off-shore and out-source jobs overseas.

I predicted 30 years ago that the wife and political party swapping Reagan would be the beginning of the end of the U.S. and hit that nail on the head too. With a nearly tripling of the deficit that had nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R. and Pentagon programs that still can’t function as envisioned.

Why don’t you want to admit the U.S. stole and has/still does espionage of 1st world to 3rd world nations.

China has learned from the west and is just doing what has been done to them, so now you cry into your spilled milk. U.S. business has priced itself out of the market and the growing populations of developing countries have lower wages and other things that go along with keeping cost down from learning western ways of how business was formally done before wage and labor unions corrupted it.

You have never been to China and only parrot the M$M line about it. Most Chinese families live on less than 5,000 RMB a year and what you see on TV of China in the west are only coastal or tourist cities the westerners tend to visit.

Tibet has been a part of China for over 1,500 in a complex relationship of intermarriages, magistrates and occupying armies. And what of the U.S.A. William? Stolen lands and broken treaties from the Native American, Hawaiian and a host of other nations around the world where the U.S. has over 700 military bases to keep its Imperialistic agenda in place.

Human Rights? the U.S. has no one-up over China on this issue either.

Everything you complain about China has been and continues to do by the U.S.A. as well.

by Stanimal


Reply: We agree on some issues, and disagree on others.

Yes, the United States on too many occasions to mention have been guilty of espionage. That is an undeniable fact, and one which I do not condone. Out treatment of Native Americans was deplorable – and in many cases, it still is. Americans constantly decry that we are “torturing terrorists,” which I abhor, as our own forces will face the same treatment when captured and it’s strictly against the Geneva Convention. I also find it absolutely disgusting that these same people turn a blind eye on the constant torture of American citizens that on a daily basis in America’s correctional systems are also tortured, but because they are Americans, the public, by their silence, condones that behavior.

We also seem to agree that Reaganomics was another GOP farce that helped to funnel more money into the upper tier of elite Americans and the “trickle-down effect” was and is laughable. It would be nice if the public knew that it was Nancy Reagan who actually ran the Presidency in Reagan’s final days; even though it wasn’t his fault that he developed Alzheimer’s Disease, I find it criminal that the public was kept in the dark that the Commander in Chief was unfit to serve because of his illness, and instead of being honest with the people, they perpetrated a cover-up that effectively hid the fact that critical decisions were not being made by the Presidency.

If you read the two articles I cited above, you would have noted this statement:

“To me, Sam Walton was a genius and a true American. He built an empire through shrewd bargaining and a business model that fit right in with America one-stop shopping and we knew the stuff was made in America. Most gained, most profited, and as a company, Wal-Mart was becoming
America’s pride and joy. Sam Walton was admired and remained modest and true to Wal-Mart’s values and he believed in America. What more could we ask? Well, Sam couldn’t live forever, and when he passed-on, his
son’s inherited the company and Wal-Mart began to grow fangs and emerge as a dominant world-player with influence that is hard to imagine.”

I also wrote another lengthy Op-Ed, determined to awaken the public to the probability that outsourcing would lead to the destruction of America’s Middle-Class:

Free Trade Is A Misnomer; So-Called Protectionism Is A Matter of Self Survival

In that piece, I stated:

“Protectionism”, as those who label anything that attempts to keep our economy robust and sound is quite the opposite. Opting to outsource our light and heavy manufacturing, from the very beginning was destined to destroy our economy and turn us into a “service-based” economy”, which we now know has destroyed the “American Dream” for millions of our
citizens and has effectively destroyed our Middle-class. As people apply the term protectionism as it pertains to outsourcing and the destruction of our Middle-class was and has been a “conspiracy” to transfer the wealth of the nation to the elites and “corapacy” that now appear to rule our nation; the impact of this globalization is now threatening the very existence of our entire social structure and the outsourcing still continues unabated”

It’s vital that Americans understand that in order to pull ourselves out of a collapsing economy, it is imperative that we bring back our light and heavy manufacturing, make “buying American” a matter of patriotism, and throw-off the belief that protecting well-paid American jobs is not protectionism, but a matter of survival to each and every U.S. citizen whom are now losing their jobs by the millions each year. LINK

I have stated many time that Sam Walton was a true American patriot. To “Buy American” was his belief to maintain a strong economy and good paying jobs for our Middle-Class; as you and I have stated, which you might have been unaware of my thoughts on this matter, Sam Walton proved that we could maintain a robust economy without outsourcing our light and heavy manufacturing. It was his heirs that spit on Sam’s grave and his desire for Wal-Mart to remain an icon in the promotionof American made products. The kind of patriotism that we witnessed with Sam Walton, rest his soul, is completely absent in corporate policy and thinking. Our corporations and the party of “No” have maimed and attacked the very foundations of this country far more than have the “terrorists,” and in reality, terrorists may kill and main our people in senseless attacks on “soft targets,” but it is corporate America that have posed the most danger to our economic and political survival. Our bought and paid for Congress and even the Presidency – this one and those before it, refuse to condemn corporate America for abandoning the people because they count on corporate assistance to hold on to their political offices where they would rather gorge themselves on Lobbyist money rather than address the will of the people and bring back our light and heavy manufacturing and rebuild America’s Middle-Class.

Yes, I am a harsh critic of China for conducting espionage on such a massive scale and even though it would cause hardship beyond comprehension, I do dream of the day when China throws out American corporations and we are forced to rebuild our own economy. Me, you, and every American alive needs to understand that globalization and so-called “free trade” are permanently changing the face of America, and if we don’t act decisively with the expediency it deserves, our children and grandchildren will never have a chance to enjoy any part of what used to be the American dream.

My family has a rich heritage in serving in America’s armed forces and my forefathers were fiercely patriotic, and for countless years, would never buy anything unless it was US made. You state that we are incapable of competing with China. I disagree; Sam Walton was living proof that a huge American corporation could survive and prosper by “Buying American.” I believe that concept still holds true, but it takes educating the public that the best price is not always the best deal. We have literally shopped ourselves out of our livelihoods thanks to the traitors who inhabit the executive offices of America’s largest corporations.

I love my country, even though it is in desperate need of a makeover that includes completely revamping our electoral system which is broken and so vastly corrupt that nothing short of a complete makeover will solve the atmosphere of legalized bribery and Congressmen immediately changing their campaign promises once they reach Washington and are baptized into a system where they are greatly rewarded for voting against the interests of the American people.

I have a feeling that although we disagree on certain points, we also agree on points that are vital to our survival -which in the end, is likely something that both of us are working toward – maybe in different manners, but both of us have the best interests of the people as our primary concern – or at least that’s the way I perceive it to be.

Thank you for the extensive and enlightening comments, and allowing me to further expand on my position and why I harbor a downright hatred for Corporate America and those who have sold us out and then crow they are “patriots;” if this was the 1800’s, I have little doubt that many of them would have been rewarded for their treachery by firing squads, and if it were to happen today, I doubt there would be too many tears spilled unless they were in joy that justice was finally served on those that sold out the American dream.

by William Cormier

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