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The Political Bandit Has Almost Doubled Its Speed – March Update

I need to leave and write my Op-Ed for the Russian people. They only embrace Putin because to do otherwise is to be jailed, ostracized, or murdered. In China, the penalty, as sick as it is, is to harvest the organs of those who appear to be a threat to their regime.

March 17, 2015 ·



The Prospects For Martial Law Are Increasing In The United States And Americans Are Exhibiting Their Fear & Concern

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul rendered a blistering commentary about the distinct possibility of Martial Law in the United States and stated that "Attorney General Eric Holder should be “immediately fired,” and that President Barack Obama is pushing for the legalization of “martial law” in the U.S." In the matter of Martial Law preparations within the United States, Ron Paul stands on firm, substantiated ground. Some consider Ron Paul to be a "Conspiracy Theorist," and while we don't agree with all of Ron Paul's views - we stand firmly committed to publicize and expose the Martial Law Internment Camps that are currently built and and presenting government documents that prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that Martial Law preparations by DHS, who is under the direct authority and control of the Presidency are indeed proceeding with plans to inter large amounts of an unspecified segment of our population. After presenting Dr. Paul's statements on the subject, we'll look into who exactly may be "interred" in the interests of National Security (Sic):

December 13, 2011 ·



Bipartisan Lovers when Agenda Dictates

For the really big issues, like government citizens surveillance and wars, don’t buy in on the partisan bickering between the Democrats and Republicans, for the most part it is all just theater. When it comes to critical policy matters the parties are not as far apart as it appears and often rumble in the sack together.

June 5, 2011 ·



Who Poses the Most Danger to World Peace – Contributing Thoughts

Taking Stock of America’s Fitness By Mitch Gurney July 2009 William’s article “Who Poses the Most Danger to World Peace, Iran, North Korea, or China/Russia” stimulated thoughts I have had held for a longtime. The contribution I wish to make to this topic is to develop further the ideas I had expressed in the comment ... Read More »

July 9, 2009 ·


America Is Starting To Resemble Germany Before The Reichstag Fire

I don't like to be the harbinger of bad news, but if you read all of the articles that are quoted above, our situation is dire, and another "Reichstag Fire" appears to be simmering, ready to destroy everything our forefathers fought and died for; complacency is a disease, and in this case, the damage it will inflict on you and your families may be irreversible, so now is the time to take action - and if you don't, the future will be one that we brought upon ourselves by refusing to listen to reality which isn't knocking on the door, but is attempting to break it down while Congress still stubbornly refuses to impeach or do anything else that will halt the coming disaster that is aimed directly at America!

June 23, 2008 ·


Senators Feinstein And Lugar Deny Knowledge Of Iranian Strike; Who’s Telling The Truth?

On May 28th, RAW Story published a story in which the Press Secretary for Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and the spokesman for Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) each denied they had any knowledge of plans to strike Iran as reported by Asia Times’ correspondent Muhammad Cohen LINK: Senators say report of planned US strikes on Iran ... Read More »

May 29, 2008 ·


Time Magazine Reveals Israel’s “Freudian Slip” On Attacking Iran – Updated

Time Magazine posted a revealing article on the possibility of the Bush administration starting a War with Iran before President Bush and Darth Cheney slither out of office. The article was discussing Congressional hearings in regard General David Petraeus’s confirmation as head of the U.S. Central Command, however, Yossi Kuperwasser, who was the former commander ... Read More »

May 24, 2008 ·


Obama and Clinton Need To Start Talking “Truth to Power”

Timothy V. Gatto The current political battles between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are much ado about nothing. The remark that Obama made about the American Middle class was nothing to be trivialized by Clinton and McCain. What these two politicians have done is to silence a voice that speaks volumes to the middle class ... Read More »

April 13, 2008 ·


Can Americans Stop Bush/Cheney From Attacking Iran? The Answer is Yes!

The above may seem like a bold statement, but I believe it’s true. The United States of America is operated and kept alive by the American people, not the politicians that rape, pillage, and spend our money and our most precious resource, America’s brave soldiers that fight these illegal wars. Many of our “volunteer military” ... Read More »

April 12, 2008 ·


You Call Yourself A Liberal/Progressive? Pleeeze!

Timothy Gatto Excuse me if I offend anyone in this article, but I would like to know what happened to the Democratic Party? I always thought of Democrats as those that supported Unions, workers, the middle-class, civil liberties and silly things like that. One thing I was also taught to do was to follow the ... Read More »

March 21, 2008 ·


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