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Smedley Butler

The Police State Is Here To Stay – Democracy Is Dead – Part One

The "people" have not had a President who actually represented them since John F. Kennedy whose assassination was a reminder to all future Presidents that they don't run anything, and if they do attempt to further the agenda of the people, neither the Secret Service or God himself can save him or her from the 1% and their associated corporations that actually make all of the major decisions for the United States Government.

December 28, 2013 ·



What Do FEMA Internment Camps, Martial Law And Mega-Disasters Have In Common?

As we ushered in 2012, the truth in regard our future and government is merely a mirage created by the propaganda machine of the 1% whom are operating the Shadow Government that exists within the United States. We are in a Class-War and we are losing bad; as the losses mount-up and people are feeling hopeless and are understanding that their financial destruction was planned by the 1% - and their assault on the 99% is far from over - something is bound to occur that could ignite mass civil unrest

April 17, 2012 ·



A Decorated Marine Was Almost Killed By The Oakland Police And Our President Is Ignoring The Brevity Of Our Survival As A Nation

“Who could deny — or fail to be stirred by — the president’s assertion that the United States opposes tyranny? Or that the United States believes in free speech and self-determination and the right of people everywhere to protest peacefully, whether in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Egypt or any other country? As long as they don’t ... Read More »

October 28, 2011 ·


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