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Recent Events Require Me To Send Another Open Letter To President Obama

An article posted on CNN which contains several statements made by you make this second Open Letter to the President of the United States rather unique, and unfortunately, necessary. I will attempt to be as short as possible. There are however, several items in this letter that millions of Americans would be grateful for an answer to, and if you dare, I challenge you to answer the few questions and respond to the commentary that I am offering to your interview with CNN. President Obama didn't mince any words and dug his heel in from the beginning to the end of this interview:

August 10, 2013 ·


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Wal-Mart Charges The Cookie Monster With Felony Oreo Eating!

The future of our nation is at stake. We can begin buying American made products again and rise again as a world power with the industrial and ethical capabilities to fulfill our mission as the foremost democracy in the world well into the 21st Century, or, we can adopt the "Wal-Mart way" where patriotism and human beings don't count - it's always about the best price - always.

February 22, 2013 ·

Wal-Mart and China


Police Corruption In The State Of Florida

The only thing I know of that is worse than speaking-out against authority is when you are sure they have violated your constitutional rights is to cow in fear and live with the realization that if only you had spoken up, your actions, even though at the time may have placed your personal safety in jeopardy, could have prevented the same thing from happening to other victims of Police malfeasance and/or brutality.

December 29, 2012 ·


Desmund TuTu

The Political Bandit’s End of Year Update – Updated

I'd like to thank the loyal readership that we have and in spite of all that occurred this year, we still managed to receive over a million page views - and no, that does not include bots and other "not viewed traffic." For the first time I am releasing some of our statistics and please note that this has been an off-year for Mitch and I and it hasn't quit pummeling both of us with issues and problems, many of which are experienced by the general public as we witness a Congress that is dead-locked by domestic terrorists that I and even some of our Congress are labeling as "Economic Terrorists." I believe it was us whom first branded these traitor's as Economic Terrorists, however, I could be wrong but have attempted to hammer this concept into the body politic and to anyone who has read the numerous articles I have written on that subject as referenced by the link highlighted in red. If you haven't read those essays/editorials I urge you to take the time to understand why some of our Congressional Democrats have now begun to raise the alarm for what was once only whispered about in Washington and I commend those who are now beginning to speak truth-to power. Cowering in fear of GOP obstructionism will bring disaster upon this nation of unimaginable magnitude and if our Congress and Presidency do not classify and use the Rule of Law on these Domestic Terrorists with the same vigor that they have wrought upon International Terrorists I believe they should be branded as complicit themselves and treated in the same manner.

December 28, 2012 ·


Statue Of Liberty

The Coward Of The Country; President Obama Didn’t Prosecute Bush Era Crimes Because He Feared A Coup

It was just a few years ago that I constantly referred to George W. Bush as “The Commander In Thief” because of his constant “theft” of American democratic principles and processes.  Today, it was sad to learn that President Barack Obama is either a “Manchurian Candidate” or a rank coward that placed his own life ... Read More »

September 8, 2011 ·



Market Watch article: “Tax Super rich now or face Revolution”

By Mitch Gurney April 1, 2011 It’s extremely rare for the corporate media to publish an article as candid as this one, Tax the Super Rich Now or face a Revolution a commentary by Paul B. Farrell and published by Market Watch, a division of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network owned by News Corp ... Read More »

April 3, 2011 ·



Patriotic Millionaires – what they want you to know

By Mitch Gurney November 20, 2010 We pick the bones of the power elite a great deal here at this site and often what we discuss is not very positive news. We would be remiss in our duties as journalist however not to share good news when it happens. And it is appropriate to highlight ... Read More »

November 20, 2010 ·


Elections – The perfect time to buy favors

With midterm elections just a little more than a week away and the thirst for money is in high gear and a floodgate of funds are flowing into candidate’s coffers with plenty of strings attached…with these lovely factors in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of possible big issues that might top the list for corporations and other special interest…If the Republicans regain control of Congress it will be their turn to pay up on the political tab…

October 25, 2010 ·


Understanding the Foreclosure Mess

If you are learning about this crisis for the first time, understanding what is actually broken here is very important. For those interested in gaining a better understanding of this situation I encourage reviewing a five part series of links that I highlight here that do an excellent job in explaining this crisis on a basic 101 level by giving a brief explanation that includes charts...

October 20, 2010 ·


The Foreclosure Crisis, No Big Deal Right? Think Again!

By most MSM accounts the foreclosure crisis is nothing more than robo-signing of potentially flawed foreclosure documents without reading them. But as some already realize there is much more to this story and it is far more complex than we are being told. Homeowners can only be foreclosed and evicted from their homes by the person or institution that actually has the loan paper, only the note-holder has legal standing to ask a court to foreclose and evict…

October 19, 2010 ·


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