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Happy Belated Thanksgiving To all Plus A Site And U.S./Canary Island Earthquake/Volcanic Activity Update

For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving this year will not be what it used to be, and for those who have fallen into extreme poverty, we urge you to hold-on as best you can and know that we share your pain. (Our family falls into the poverty category too, and only through living in a multi-generational ... Read More »

November 25, 2011 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes


Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change

This is an abbreviated report that discusses the relationship of climate change and the increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity currently being highlighted throughout the MSM. Climate change is substantiated as the cause of these events, and until proved otherwise, is the current hypothesis that is backed-up by science and factual evidence.

May 3, 2010 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes


Disaster Lurks On Our Doorstep, And Americans Shrug!

Time Magazine recently ran an article that attempted to educate Americans on how they could survive a natural disaster, however, it was largely ignored, and Americans are still unprepared for a disaster that is inevitable - and this prediction is based on sound scientific theory. Further, there are more large earthquakes occurring all over the world, but most of these never show-up in the MSM, and we need to ask ourselves why?

June 5, 2008 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes

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