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New York Daily News blasts Cotton, Cruz, McConnell, and Paul over Iran letter: ‘TRAITORS’

The New York Daily News released its cover for Tuesday morning, in which it calls Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and three of his GOP colleagues “traitors” for their letter warning Iran about a prospective nuclear treaty with the U.S.

March 11, 2015 ·



An Important Update For Subscribers To The Political Bandit – January

Early next month I have to travel to Pensacola, Florida, as a witness against my Twin Sons in a murder trial and this is the most heartbreaking, wrenching ordeal that I have ever lived through… I still cannot understand why a husband/wife bond is somehow viewed by our legal system as more confidential than a father/son bond which is a blood bond and marriage is not until children are born – and then it’s not as strong as an actual blood bond.

January 28, 2014 ·



End Of The Year Update & A Special Commentary By The Political Bandit – Updated

The Congress is bought and sold by K-Street and our Generals whom are beholden to the Military Industrial Complex are making sure they have cushy jobs awaiting them when they face retirement. Government in these past few decades has broken down to a greedy gathering of screaming seditionists' that are only in Congress to enrich themselves and never had the slightest interest of representing the people when they were first elected to their respective posts. That also includes other UN-elected government employee's - some of who were appointed to their posts to show their thanks for huge campaign contributions to President Obama's Re-Election fund(s).

January 2, 2014 ·


This is our Nation on Wealth

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama – Obama cancels talks with Putin ahead of G-20 summit

I don't expect miracles or even good statesmanship from President Obama. He has the look of a beaten and starved animal looking through hungry eyes at what our nation has turned into... Much of the blame lies squarely on Obama's back, so history will not be so kind to our first Black President that above all, made darn sure that he didn't do anything at all that would benefit the Black Community.

August 7, 2013 ·


Compliments of Photobucket &  Timothy_Ryan_Tribble

“Mad Enough To Kill”

How can the citizens of this nation possibly allow Congress to allow people who entered this nation illegally get a "pass" while the phony "War on Drugs" has hundreds of thousands of non-violent people serving lengthy prison terms for being in possession of a harmless weed that our government insists is dangerous to our health? The SOB's in Congress are living in the lap of luxury and get themselves reelected by accepting legal bribes from Lobbyists and refusing to pass any meaningful legislation unless it's against women, gays, or it's another bill restricting our constitutional rights and 95% of America is sitting in silence! Corporate America wants an immigration bill so they can have their cheap labor forever - at your expense, and rather than forcing them to make concessions on the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex and The Prison Industrial Complex, those who were entrusted to "uphold the Constitution of the United States" which they are wiping their asses on could care less what "we the people" want or need.

June 30, 2013 ·



Congress And The Supreme Court Are Destroying our Nation and Democracy

This has been one hell of a New Year. The President of the United States and Congress, both elected by the people to represent them, appear to be destined to throw the economy back into a recession because of their partisan differences. The Republicans have their back to the wall, claiming they are representing their constituents which for all practical purposes are the 2% of the population who control the wealth and Corporate America

February 27, 2013 ·



Wal-Mart Charges The Cookie Monster With Felony Oreo Eating!

The future of our nation is at stake. We can begin buying American made products again and rise again as a world power with the industrial and ethical capabilities to fulfill our mission as the foremost democracy in the world well into the 21st Century, or, we can adopt the "Wal-Mart way" where patriotism and human beings don't count - it's always about the best price - always.

February 22, 2013 ·

Wal-Mart and China


February Site Update For The Political Bandit And A Statement On Gun Control

Very soon I expect to offer-up a real treat to the readership; most of us are aware of the Philadelphia Experiment either by the book(s) or the movie, both of which was a fascinating story. Guess what? I've had the pleasure of receiving a copy of "HOAX, The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled," authored by P.J. Dowers and available from "" that exposes The Philadelphia Experiment for what it really was - and as I find time to finish this book and can report upon its content, I am already sure that we will be able to submit a commentary and review of this enlightening book that reveals the depth of a government coverup is finally unraveled by the P.J. Dowers' publication of Hoax. Finally, some thoughts on Gun Control. As we begin this new year we are assailed with reports of mounting gun violence against schools, children and families that often have multiple fatalities from deranged individuals that target innocent people in a trend that none of us understand or even begin to comprehend. I do know that some of these stories are sensationalized by the MSM as well as some of the alternative news sites for political reason, and I find this extremely regrettable; when violence of this type is sensationalized I believe it can lead to further violence by individuals that are seeking their ten minutes of fame at the expense of our children and families. I also question whether this sensationalistic coverage of these stories by the MSM is being accomplished to ramrod Gun Control Laws through our legislature using the philosophy of Rule by Fear, not Law.

February 4, 2013 ·



Republicans are Thelma and Democrats are Louise

We’re long overdue for busting up the monopoly this bogus two-party has over our political system and our legislative processes. The Democratic Party dates back to 1790 while the Republican Party dates back to 1854 and that’s long enough...

June 26, 2012 ·



Open Letter to N.A.T.O and The U. N. Security Council Regarding Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster & Subsequent Danger To Humanity

We are aware that we have a strong International readership. For this article and cause, we are appealing specifically to you to contact your governments and bring these facts to light. The United States and Britain constantly try and set the stage and subsequent argument(s) on any major issue that affects the International Security of the Global Community. On this issue, I am imploring you to make sure your own government weighs-in on this critical matter and deny the United States and Britain the ability to hide and water-down facts and data that could jeopardize your life and that of your families. Prepare for Monday and give em' hell until they agree to listen to us and work to create a global solution to this threat to everyone's National Security.

May 11, 2012 ·


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