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The Middle-East Is Exploding & Our Government Is Secretly Attempting To Screw Our Economy Again!

As originally published by WhoWhatWhy.com, there are two FBI documents which confirm the existence and proposed use of US state-sponsored and funded domestic political death squads. Our nation is in dire need of ethical moral leadership, something Barack Obama is unable to deliver upon.

August 16, 2013 ·


Coup http://cj.myfreeforum.org/ftopic1816-182.php

Recent Events Require Me To Send Another Open Letter To President Obama

An article posted on CNN which contains several statements made by you make this second Open Letter to the President of the United States rather unique, and unfortunately, necessary. I will attempt to be as short as possible. There are however, several items in this letter that millions of Americans would be grateful for an answer to, and if you dare, I challenge you to answer the few questions and respond to the commentary that I am offering to your interview with CNN. President Obama didn't mince any words and dug his heel in from the beginning to the end of this interview:

August 10, 2013 ·


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PRESS RELEASE: Attorney Seeks World-Wide Shutdown Of Mormon Church Missionary Program

This may come as a shock to the rank and file Mormons who are likely unaware that Doug Wallace, a retired 82 Year Old Attorney and former Mormon himself is leading an effort for all governments worldwide to expel Mormon Missionaries from their respective countries based on the L.D.S. White Horse Prophesy that I learned about as a child which essentially states that when the Constitution of the United States is "hanging by a thread," which it is now (IMO), a Mormon will ascend to the Presidency and the U.S. would then become "the world headquarters of the Kingdom of God."

April 23, 2012 ·



What Do FEMA Internment Camps, Martial Law And Mega-Disasters Have In Common?

As we ushered in 2012, the truth in regard our future and government is merely a mirage created by the propaganda machine of the 1% whom are operating the Shadow Government that exists within the United States. We are in a Class-War and we are losing bad; as the losses mount-up and people are feeling hopeless and are understanding that their financial destruction was planned by the 1% - and their assault on the 99% is far from over - something is bound to occur that could ignite mass civil unrest

April 17, 2012 ·



Why Did The United States Allow Israel To Covertly Recruit Terrorists Using The CIA’S Name For Their War Against Iran?

No matter what segment of the news that Americans attempt to read, we are constantly assailed with Israel beating the War Drums against Iran, all the while expecting (demanding?) the United States to step-in and save their nation if Israel decides to attack Iran unilaterally. The War agenda appears to be gaining momentum - even more so then when we had an ignorant Texan as President whom did his best to destroy our economy and constitution - and Bush, without even being able to speak the English language correctly somehow bought, bribed, threatened and cajoled the GOP to follow his mission of destruction to our Civil Liberties and even the way that we live - now several notches below what it used to be...

February 19, 2012 ·



The Coward Of The Country; President Obama Didn’t Prosecute Bush Era Crimes Because He Feared A Coup

It was just a few years ago that I constantly referred to George W. Bush as “The Commander In Thief” because of his constant “theft” of American democratic principles and processes.  Today, it was sad to learn that President Barack Obama is either a “Manchurian Candidate” or a rank coward that placed his own life ... Read More »

September 8, 2011 ·



Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt.3)

Former NSA analyst Russell Tice during two recent interviews on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann (pt1,pt2)confirmed that the Bush-Cheney-Rove phony war on terror was as people like myself have always strongly suspected in actuality a war on America itself. According to the patriotic Mr. Tice the targets of the domestic spying included news organizations and journalists and that the surveillance for specific targets was not limited to professional matters alone, they were spied on 24/7. This is part III of a compelling series authored by Ed Encho; the information revealed in this series of articles will shock the conscience of any American who was not aware of what awaits our nation..

February 9, 2009 ·

Main Core, Shadow Government

Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (pt.1)

This is part one of a compelling series authored by Ed Encho; the information revealed in this series of articles will shock the conscience of any American who was not aware of what awaits our nation. Parts two and three will be published later today or tomorrow.

February 7, 2009 ·

Main Core, Shadow Government

A Week Of News That Seems Intent On Ushering In The Police State

If you’re the primary writer or owner of a Liberal/Progressive Blog, the week’s news has been sobering even though it isn’t reported on the Mainstream News Media. We may suspect dirty tricks and threats – but when they emanate from the government, it opens your eyes that we’re entering the era of the American Police ... Read More »

August 21, 2008 ·


One Of The Best Commentaries of 2008 – Read It And Work To Protect Democracy!

For the enlightenment of the readership, I am posting a few paragraphs of what I believe is one of the most important commentaries I’ve read this year. It’s not real long but is exceptionally powerfuly, and I recommend it to everyone! Published on Friday, June 13, 2008 by CommonDreams.org State of Emergency: The US in ... Read More »

June 13, 2008 ·


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