A Roadmap To Retaking The American Dream As Well As My Personal Political Beliefs — Part Two

With the substantiation I have provided above it becomes illogical to continue a "War on Drugs" that we are involved in ourselves. As I stated earlier, this isn't a "War on Drugs," it's a war on the American and Mexican people all in the name of making money for CIA Black Ops and enriching the Industrial Military Complex as well as the Prison Industrial Complex.

June 19, 2014 ·



An Important Update For Subscribers To The Political Bandit – January

Early next month I have to travel to Pensacola, Florida, as a witness against my Twin Sons in a murder trial and this is the most heartbreaking, wrenching ordeal that I have ever lived through… I still cannot understand why a husband/wife bond is somehow viewed by our legal system as more confidential than a father/son bond which is a blood bond and marriage is not until children are born – and then it’s not as strong as an actual blood bond.

January 28, 2014 ·



Republicans are Thelma and Democrats are Louise

We’re long overdue for busting up the monopoly this bogus two-party has over our political system and our legislative processes. The Democratic Party dates back to 1790 while the Republican Party dates back to 1854 and that’s long enough...

June 26, 2012 ·



Why Americans Hate Congress

It's no wonder congress has been polling so low. Since the internet was invented, Americans are starting to find out just how congress really works…did congress actually have to pass a (watered-down) law forbidding them to conduct insider trading on the stock market? Members of congress (as well at state legislatures, governors, etc.) are already above the law on almost everything else as it is now. They certainly don't lead by example, so why are they called our "leaders"…

May 4, 2012 ·



MSM Is Not Covering Issues Vital To The People – CNN Down 50% In Total Viewers & Fox Down 17%

The viewer exodus is not limited to CNN, though. Roger Ailes' aging heavyweight champion FOX News "was not immune to a loss in viewership for the month of March and for the first quarter of 2012. For the month, Fox News is down -17%," according to another post by Ariens. Perhaps, if I may be so bold, this is what happens to you when you continue to report stories that no longer resemble -- even remotely -- what your own viewers see outside their windows and apartments.

March 29, 2012 ·



The Prospects For Martial Law Are Increasing In The United States And Americans Are Exhibiting Their Fear & Concern

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul rendered a blistering commentary about the distinct possibility of Martial Law in the United States and stated that "Attorney General Eric Holder should be “immediately fired,” and that President Barack Obama is pushing for the legalization of “martial law” in the U.S." In the matter of Martial Law preparations within the United States, Ron Paul stands on firm, substantiated ground. Some consider Ron Paul to be a "Conspiracy Theorist," and while we don't agree with all of Ron Paul's views - we stand firmly committed to publicize and expose the Martial Law Internment Camps that are currently built and and presenting government documents that prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that Martial Law preparations by DHS, who is under the direct authority and control of the Presidency are indeed proceeding with plans to inter large amounts of an unspecified segment of our population. After presenting Dr. Paul's statements on the subject, we'll look into who exactly may be "interred" in the interests of National Security (Sic):

December 13, 2011 ·



Bipartisan Lovers when Agenda Dictates

For the really big issues, like government citizens surveillance and wars, don’t buy in on the partisan bickering between the Democrats and Republicans, for the most part it is all just theater. When it comes to critical policy matters the parties are not as far apart as it appears and often rumble in the sack together.

June 5, 2011 ·



U.S Debt – how much is too much?

As policy makers bicker over the budget and increasing the debt ceiling let’s take a look at our nation’s financial condition. In recent years I have begun questioning how much debt is simply too much even for the U.S government… Are you familiar with the term normalcy bias? It is a mental state we often “enter when facing a disaster.” It “causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects,” causing most of us to be inadequately prepared. I suspect to a degree normalcy bias with the economy is at play in clenching this ‘faith based notion’ in the U.S. credit system all together.

May 22, 2011 ·



What if you only bought American made products?

If you carefully inspect your home plus the stores you shop at you’ll find them loaded with American brand name imports from clothing to Christmas and Easter decorations to electronic components and nearly everything in between right down to G.E light bulbs. This includes many of America’s most darling Wall Street companies from Apple to HP and even Ford and Chevy. ABC News with Diane Sawyer recently reported on this in a series Made in America and their revelations have taken some folks by surprise. Perhaps some of us have been buying our goods with eyes wide shut...

May 16, 2011 ·



Alert: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act – S. 3804

By Mitch Gurney November 22, 2010 For those that do not know about this yet here is information regarding potential legislation that appears to be receiving very little MSM publicity but has wide bipartisan support in Congress: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act – S. 3804 (PDF document) Open Congress summary of the bill: This ... Read More »

November 22, 2010 ·


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