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If The GOP Is As Dysfunctional In Congress As They Appear To Be, If They Are Not Replaced They Will Destroy The United States

We all Know that Fox News, ABC, and now CNN are all working in complicity with the GOP to continue a Reelection Campaign that has no basis in fact and is mostly rhetoric and convincing their constituents, even though they may be using Food Stamps too, that poor people are "eating too well" or in the alternative, could get work if there weren't any Social Safety Nets left to help those who without this type of aid, would soon be homeless and hungry. Don't let these lying Bastards forget that it was them who sent over thirty-million (30,000,000.00) American jobs over the past 30 years to foreign nations.

September 23, 2013 ·



What Do FEMA Internment Camps, Martial Law And Mega-Disasters Have In Common?

As we ushered in 2012, the truth in regard our future and government is merely a mirage created by the propaganda machine of the 1% whom are operating the Shadow Government that exists within the United States. We are in a Class-War and we are losing bad; as the losses mount-up and people are feeling hopeless and are understanding that their financial destruction was planned by the 1% - and their assault on the 99% is far from over - something is bound to occur that could ignite mass civil unrest

April 17, 2012 ·



A Holiday Greeting And December Site Update

We have systematically outsourced critical high-tech manufacturing, chemical research, and even weapons development and allowed China to coral the bulk of the world's supply of "rare earth metals," another monstrous flub of our national security concerns by a Congress and Presidency that refuse to see the forest through the trees.

December 23, 2011 ·



The Prospects For Martial Law Are Increasing In The United States And Americans Are Exhibiting Their Fear & Concern

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul rendered a blistering commentary about the distinct possibility of Martial Law in the United States and stated that "Attorney General Eric Holder should be “immediately fired,” and that President Barack Obama is pushing for the legalization of “martial law” in the U.S." In the matter of Martial Law preparations within the United States, Ron Paul stands on firm, substantiated ground. Some consider Ron Paul to be a "Conspiracy Theorist," and while we don't agree with all of Ron Paul's views - we stand firmly committed to publicize and expose the Martial Law Internment Camps that are currently built and and presenting government documents that prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that Martial Law preparations by DHS, who is under the direct authority and control of the Presidency are indeed proceeding with plans to inter large amounts of an unspecified segment of our population. After presenting Dr. Paul's statements on the subject, we'll look into who exactly may be "interred" in the interests of National Security (Sic):

December 13, 2011 ·



Which Will Halt The OWS Protesters? War With Iran Or Martial Law In The United States – Part One

Wall Street, our criminal Banksters and our own government is attempting to undermine the Occupy Wall Street Protestors – and to maintain their stranglehold on our political process and their unmitigated control of our Politicians, they must succeed! For them, these demonstrations and escalation/education of the awakening of America pose a very real threat to ... Read More »

November 23, 2011 ·



Violence Could Be Coming To ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest And Other Cities As The GOP Brands The Protests As Dangerous

Main Street America is finally waking-up. It’s been a while since a lot of us could find the justification for being a “Proud American” as we watched fascism and authoritarian rule creeping into every segment of our society while the majority of the people seemed to be in a deep slumber, apparently oblivious to what ... Read More »

October 9, 2011 ·



President Obama, The Precious Banks You Bailed-Out Are Destroying The Auto Business

Our new president – faced with a depression-level economic collapse – has set aside 80,000+ returning troops from Iraq for "domestic emergencies." If the banks refuse to loan money to small businesses, this recession is guaranteed to turn into a major depression, and 80,000 troops won't scratch the surface in attempting to maintain order in the United States!

August 31, 2009 ·


FEMA Official States Bush Is Planning To Implement Martial Law – Updated

Now that we know Bush is planning on implementing Martial Law, more than likely to ensure his reign of power, what is the average and especially those who have spoken against him to do?

October 9, 2008 ·


Fortune Magazine Reveals Why There Is A Gas Shortage – And Warns It Could Get Worse!

The body politic requires massive surgery to survive, and we need a "Presidectomy" to stem the flow of its treachery and hate for our constitution and the Bill of Rights. It's time for Americans to react to this criminal tragedy that is unfolding and demand that Bush and Cheney resign from office and allow someone else to stand watch on a nation that is reeling out of control. Enough is enough.

September 27, 2008 ·


Now We Know More About Bush’s October Surprise

Everyone is worrying about an "October Surprise." Part of that surprise was revealed yesterday, and it has dire implications and demonstrates the government is expecting "something big" to happen in the US. Bush is over-playing his hand on the financial crisis and is effectively scaring-off much of the foreign help that we may need to weather this crisis.

September 25, 2008 ·


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