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An Alternative View To Be Considered When Reading Cato Institutes report that says poor Americans have it too good

Some among the conservative flock think only the needy game the system, as seen by reading this article by Lloyd Marcus, The Ultimate Devastating Price of Government Dependency posted at a conservative blog, The American Thinker. The article reflects a common opinion often perpetuated by many conservatives that poor people are poor because they are lazy and thus more likely to game the system. Consequently their mantra is welfare creates freeloaders and demand the programs be cut. But seldom do they demand cuts to subsidies that benefit the wealthy and corporations nor even acknowledge the existence of the corporate welfare system

August 24, 2013 ·



Republicans are Thelma and Democrats are Louise

We’re long overdue for busting up the monopoly this bogus two-party has over our political system and our legislative processes. The Democratic Party dates back to 1790 while the Republican Party dates back to 1854 and that’s long enough...

June 26, 2012 ·



Why Americans Hate Congress

It's no wonder congress has been polling so low. Since the internet was invented, Americans are starting to find out just how congress really works…did congress actually have to pass a (watered-down) law forbidding them to conduct insider trading on the stock market? Members of congress (as well at state legislatures, governors, etc.) are already above the law on almost everything else as it is now. They certainly don't lead by example, so why are they called our "leaders"…

May 4, 2012 ·



Porn Stars, Proms, And The Best Web Comment Of The Year Describes The US Congress Perfectly

On RAW Story, there's an article and comments that supersede anything I've had the pleasure to laugh about ever since I began reading and breathing politics. Here's a short excerpt of the Story - and the two comments I've included should make your day with a good dose of laughter, even though it's at our own expense...

March 22, 2012 ·



Corporate/Elitist Welfare vs. Personal Welfare – An In-Depth Analysis

A glaring contradiction exists in which some conservatives take issue with welfare for the needy but not for the wealthy or corporations…they hate these programs because they believe they create freeloaders and that people should fend for themselves, except for the wealthy and corporations of course… Consequently their mantra is welfare creates freeloaders and demand the programs be cut…but seldom do they demand cuts to subsidies that benefit the wealthy and corporations nor even acknowledge the existence of the corporate welfare system.

January 12, 2012 ·



Obama’s ‘Giving Everyone a Fair Shot’ Speech: Have his actions measured up?

Obama delivered a powerful speech this past week in Osawatomie, Kansas…his speech was powerful, insightful and perfectly polished for the times. Much of what he said he has said before. What he told us is what many of us already know but expect Washington to fix…But are words enough? Words can serve to inspire and build hope. But words without action are meaningless…Has Obama lived up to his words or caved to powerful interest?

December 11, 2011 ·



S. S. Recipients Were Anticipating Their Cost of Living Adjustment, However It Is Being Ate-up By Medicare Providers

After two years of not receiving a cost of living adjustment (COLA), I was relieved that this year we were going to receive an extremely modest increase of our Social Security benefits. That hope was bashed when I had to re-up with Humana who is my Medicare Provider, and for the most part – they ... Read More »

November 30, 2011 ·


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Occupy Wall Street for President?

A historical fact about a republic form of government such as ours is that they eventually become corrupt. They require constant maintenance and vigilance over those in power and those with powerful influence over those in power...Perhaps a National Write in Campaign is not be as farfetched as I had originally thought while proposing the idea in my In a Funk article. The Rational Revolution.net blog proposes “Occupy Wall Street for President” as a write in during this election cycle… If we want real change we must change those in power, those who decide policy – pure and simple. If we want elected officials to serve the needs of the people then we need candidates that are not owned by the power elite – pure and simple. While we may not be able to stop special interests from funding the candidates they parade before us, we don’t have to vote for them…Perhaps this election cycle should be about REAL change…

November 20, 2011 ·



In a Political Funk

I’ve been in a real funk for quite a while and took a sabbatical from writing as a result. About 5 or 6 years ago I pulled my head out of the mythical cloud and began questioning the status quo and researching into what’s become of our political system and quite frankly I don’t like what I’ve learned. Our representative style government is broken - unless of course you happen to be part of that 1% that owns our political system…Some of the ideas I present here may sound extreme or even a bit too idealistic to some. But that we need to rebalance the power structure in Washington is not. If we truly value the principles established by the founding fathers we at the very least have a responsibility to reclaim the people’s authority over government.

November 8, 2011 ·


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Tens Of Billions Could Be Cut From Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security Without Impacting Services

How can President Obama and our Congress make the public believe they are sincere in cutting the federal deficit when both parties are ignoring tens of billions of dollars in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security savings that could be accomplished without impacting services or unduly causing hardship to our seniors and the nation’s disadvantaged? Our ... Read More »

July 15, 2011 ·


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