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End corporate rule over politics and legalize democracy now

Corporate and special interest control over Washington is out of control and it’s time to end it now and legalize democracy...support The Fair Elections Now Act and Move to Amend…

May 25, 2012 ·



Truth or Consequences in the Budgetary Class War Waged in Congress

The reality is that many of our elected officials no longer believe they are answerable to the people; that the Constitution is merely an outdated piece of paper; and that we the people are largely simpletons whom they mock with their political spin and tales – their smug demeanor evident all the way to the bank. And sadder still is that we mostly prove them correct as we habitually fall along our divisive party lines. Mitch Gurney

May 1, 2012 ·


The Master Of Disaster

Debt Ceiling Crisis – An Orchestrated Crisis?

In Debt Limit Analysis we step aside the finger pointing and fear mongering dominating Washington and the nation and present resources for the reader that if reviewed puts the issue into context and provides insight into the options available to the Treasury in the event this is no agreement to raise the debt ceiling by Aug 2. Clearly because the Treasury will be able to prioritize the bills that need to be paid the government will not shut down nor go into completed default. Here we present a legal perspective of the authority vested in the President...

July 31, 2011 ·



Debt Limit Analysis

As the chances for a compromise over budget reductions and the raising of the debt ceiling looks less likely let’s pull this bogeyman out of the closet and take a look at this situation and gain an informed perspective. The Bipartisan Policy Center has prepared an informative and easy to understand analysis...

July 29, 2011 ·



The Battle over Raising the Debt Ceiling – What might be going on?

Is the crisis atmosphere over rising of the debt ceiling providing an opportunity for political and perhaps corporate strategist to attempt achieving some alternative objective? It’s no secret that many Republicans have wanted to kill Social Security and Medicare since their inception and while ending them in one grand move seems rather remote attempting to gradually chip away at them however seems more likely. I suggested in Endless Wars and Debts and taxes to pay for them that conservatives hate these programs because they believe they create freeloaders plus believe people should fend for themselves…

July 28, 2011 ·



Corporate Lobbyist waltzing with Wash. DC – Part III

By Mitch Gurney June 2009 It seems nearly every few days information filters out making it clear election campaign and lobbyist funding reform is imperative and in my opinion should be the first order of business above all others otherwise we will just keep spinning our wheels as we have been for the past 30 ... Read More »

June 14, 2009 ·


Corporate Lobbyist waltzing with Wash. DC – Part II

By Mitch Gurney June 2009 A recent article published on Wednesday June 10 by Truthout perfectly aligns with my posting, An Infantry of Corporate Lobbyist waltzing with Wash. DC and seems to important not to highlight here. The article, Study Follows the Money on Cram-down Vote discusses a new analysis just released by a “government ... Read More »

June 12, 2009 ·


An Infantry Of Corporate Lobbyists Waltzing With Wash. DC

By Mitch Gurney June 2009 A blog I follow regularly, the Daily Reckoning featured an interesting story on their May 22 posting. Staff members of the Daily Reckoning, a division of a financial research firm and publishing group Agora Financial, a subsidiary of Agora Inc, had been invited to Washington DC to participate in an ... Read More »

May 27, 2009 ·


Bush-Obama Bailout and our Decaying Economy

Shared Responsibility and Accountability By Mitch Gurney May 2009 Neither party is above reproach in that each has over the years implemented policies that have not always been good ones with some being rather costly. But we have a tendency to waste valuable energy and resources bickering whose to blame when things go awry, dividing and sub-dividing ourselves between our party affiliations. Doing ... Read More »

May 21, 2009 ·


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