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New York Daily News blasts Cotton, Cruz, McConnell, and Paul over Iran letter: ‘TRAITORS’

The New York Daily News released its cover for Tuesday morning, in which it calls Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and three of his GOP colleagues “traitors” for their letter warning Iran about a prospective nuclear treaty with the U.S.

March 11, 2015 ·



Why Did The United States Allow Israel To Covertly Recruit Terrorists Using The CIA’S Name For Their War Against Iran?

No matter what segment of the news that Americans attempt to read, we are constantly assailed with Israel beating the War Drums against Iran, all the while expecting (demanding?) the United States to step-in and save their nation if Israel decides to attack Iran unilaterally. The War agenda appears to be gaining momentum - even more so then when we had an ignorant Texan as President whom did his best to destroy our economy and constitution - and Bush, without even being able to speak the English language correctly somehow bought, bribed, threatened and cajoled the GOP to follow his mission of destruction to our Civil Liberties and even the way that we live - now several notches below what it used to be...

February 19, 2012 ·



News Sources Claim Israel And USA Are Readying Attack Against Iran

Israel is massing warplanes in the Caucasus for an attack on Iran, it was revealed yesterday. Preparations are underway to launch the military attack from Azerbaijan and Georgia, reports our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej, quoting military sources. Israel was, in fact, training pilots in Turkey to launch the strike and was smuggling planes into Georgia using Turkish airspace, they said.

June 27, 2010 ·


The Russian Conflict In Georgia Could Make War With Iran More Probable

Events that could precipitate war with Iran are occurring at a dizzying rate; we've sent two more aircraft carrier groups to the Middle-East at a time when such a move could only be described as "highly provocative." A sane government would be attempting to lower the war rhetoric, but as long as Darth Cheney is still attempting to provoke war with Iran, these naval movements can only be adding fuel to the fire.

August 8, 2008 ·


Military Attempts To Prevent Iran War – Civilians Promote It – Who Wins?

The MSM has refused to report upon what may be one of the most important news stories of the year, instead remaining silent so they would not embarrass Israel and alert the public to a danger which must be addressed. If Israel was considering a false-flag attack against the United States to force us to join in an attack against Iran, Israel is just as much the enemy that Iran is purported to be.

July 29, 2008 ·


If You Believe Attacking Iran Is A Good Idea, Listen To This!

This was a U-Tube Video that was released in October of 2007, and I wasn’t aware it existed until today when I found it on a link at Op-Ed News, but now that Bush has “Amber Lighted” Israel to go ahead with planning to attack Iran, this audio is one of the best commentaries on ... Read More »

July 21, 2008 ·


The US Is On The Verge Of Utter Financial Collapse And Martial Law

As our own airlines begin failing, and they appeal to the public, and a secret meeting of Congress discloses we are on the verge of martial law, it is up to each and American alive to stand-up for what we believe in! When Congress holds a secret meeting to talk about the US being placed under martial law, it’s time for America to demand change – and now, not tomorrow!

July 14, 2008 ·


Bush Is Destroying America, And Congress & The MSM Continue To Enable His Criminal Administration!

Unfortunately, due to the complicity of the Mainstream News Media, America is at a crossroads – one that most citizens aren’t even aware of; our MSM is run by corporate interests, and even though some reporters would give anything to tell us the truth, they are stifled from reporting the real news by their corporate ... Read More »

June 30, 2008 ·


Independence Day Is Coming – Let’s Make It A Real Day For America’s Independence!

By the mood of comments from America's Truckers, and the war rhetoric that is now constant, it's time to make this Independence Day one that has true meaning and re-declare our independence! We got rid of King George III, and now history is repeating itself, and Americans need to again stand in solidarity and throw-off the yoke of oppression.

June 26, 2008 ·


The Gas Shortage Is Being Manufactured By Greed And Politics

As we watch oil prices reach heights that threaten our economy and are causing millions of Americans to curb their driving, which impacts almost every segment of our economy, we have to ask ourselves why these prices are rising- and only part of the answer is supply and demand! Several nations have blamed much of ... Read More »

June 9, 2008 ·


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