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Internment Camps

The Prospects For Martial Law Are Increasing In The United States And Americans Are Exhibiting Their Fear & Concern

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul rendered a blistering commentary about the distinct possibility of Martial Law in the United States and stated that "Attorney General Eric Holder should be “immediately fired,” and that President Barack Obama is pushing for the legalization of “martial law” in the U.S." In the matter of Martial Law preparations within the United States, Ron Paul stands on firm, substantiated ground. Some consider Ron Paul to be a "Conspiracy Theorist," and while we don't agree with all of Ron Paul's views - we stand firmly committed to publicize and expose the Martial Law Internment Camps that are currently built and and presenting government documents that prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that Martial Law preparations by DHS, who is under the direct authority and control of the Presidency are indeed proceeding with plans to inter large amounts of an unspecified segment of our population. After presenting Dr. Paul's statements on the subject, we'll look into who exactly may be "interred" in the interests of National Security (Sic):

December 13, 2011 ·



Martial Law, Concentration Camps, and Fascism: Are These Real Concerns To Americans?

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