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Martial Law, Concentration Camps, and Fascism: Are These Real Concerns To Americans?

Please note that unknown to me, somehow the email account specified herein became disabled right after this article was published. I have no idea how it happened, however, it is now operating again, and I will be reading through the many emails that I have received and soon, the submissions I received will be posted. ... Read More »

February 18, 2008 ·


If Bush Is Leaving Office In Less Than A Year, Why Are They Still Intent On Destroying Our Privacy?

For all practical purposes, President Bush is now a lame-duck President. If that’s the case, then why is his administration working so hard to take away even more of America’s constitutional rights and his departmental heads are ramping-up their efforts to increase the spying on Americans? The common logic is that when Bush leaves office, ... Read More »

January 27, 2008 ·


S 1959 Is Still In Committee, Yet It Is Becoming Operational. Is This Legal?

Hr 1955 was passed on the House Floor October 23rd, 2007. Since that date, there is still a “press blackout” in effect, and now, while most of America thought HR 1955/S 1959 was in committee pending further review until it was brought up for a vote in the Senate; None of us were aware that ... Read More »

January 23, 2008 ·


Spychief Plan To Police Internet Is Likely Tied To S 1959, Thought Crime Prevention Bill

Would Americans be outraged if the government decided to read every piece of our personal mail? Think about it, letters and notes which are sent to a lover, things we all say in anger, regret later, and never follow-through on? What about confidential financial information, plans to trump your competitor with a new product or ... Read More »

January 20, 2008 ·


The Enablers Of Fascism, The Mainstream News Media

Very few doubt that Bush and Cheney have wrecked havoc on America and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the world, but in retrospect, their actions and behavior have been condoned and suppressed by America’s fascist Mainstream News Media – and without their support, The Commander in Thief and Darth Cheney would have been ... Read More »

December 30, 2007 ·


Now We Know Why There’s A Press Blackout On S 1959 – It’s Called “ENDGAME” By DHS – Updated 7/20/08

Editor’s Note, 11-13-2010: Last night on Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” this subject and more was released to the general public. I wish that he had contacted more of us that have researched this matter because what he showed on TV were not FEMA Internment Camps that do exist, but ICE facilities being used to house ... Read More »

December 21, 2007 ·


S.1959/HR1955 Did Not Win In House By Margin of 404-6 – Needs To Be Investigated

I’ve hosted a monumental amount of information in regard S 1959, and this information I received yesterday appears to be valid; after you’ve read it, the evidence presented herein indicates The House of Representatives DID NOT pass this Bill with a vote of 404-6, and this issue needs to be investigated immediately! I am reproducing ... Read More »

December 15, 2007 ·


First, It Was War On Crime, Then Drugs, Next Terror, Now It’s War On Americans

Going back through history, I remember when the “War on Crime” began, and that was almost thirty (30) years ago. Then came the “War on Drugs,” and now approximately 1 in every 31 adults in the United States is behind bars or under court supervision. Why are we so cruel to our own people? LINK ... Read More »

December 10, 2007 ·


Today Is Critical, And We Must Join-in To Kill S 1959

To state that today is critical would be a gross understatement; the Internet is buzzing about the upcoming passage of the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, yet through all of the talk and articles, we still haven’t joined-in with enough numbers to stop this Bill dead in its tracks – and ... Read More »

December 3, 2007 ·


To Protect And Serve, The People, Or HomeLand Security And An Authoritarian Government?

Yesterday, I was stunned (no pun intended) to see that a pregnant woman had been tasered by a police officer after he already had her down on her stomach LINK – and chalked-up another one to the increased violence by police officers on those they are sworn to “protect and serve.” Why? Are police departments ... Read More »

November 30, 2007 ·


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