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Our Nation Is Depressed, Violence Is Rising And Now There May Be Answers In Regard Sandy Hook Massacre

This article was originally posted on March 16th, 2008 and because I was a novice using Social Networking I believe it went largely unnoticed. In light of the Sandy Hook Massacre, I believe that this article is an important contribution as we as a nation attempt to understand the rise of violence throughout this nation and the Global Community. Open your mind and note that the material I am presenting is substantiated and does provide some of the answers that we as a nation are seeking. In this Author’s opinion, it is we the citizens that can begin to stop these horrible tragedies, not the government – and I caution everyone to beware when they expect government entities to prevent tragedies that they and Big Pharma have contributed to themselves. It is extremely important to note that the Patriot Act has allowed many cities the ability to refuse disclosure of the amount of pharmaceuticals in their water supplies as substantiated below which IMO is nothing more than another abuse of government authority to hide from the people the dangers that we are facing as a nation that doesn’t originate from terrorists – but from our Congress and a Mainstream News Media that refuses to demand and publish the truth whether the government likes it or not; The Fourth Estate is effectively dead and stinking!

March 16, 2008 ·


Adam Lanza

Is Time Magazine Warning us Of A Looming Food Crisis?

After reading an article on Time Magazine, discussed later in this article, it seemed that Time was sending a not so subtle message to the public, via innuendo, that required us to take a closer look at the situation in regard the nations food supply. On February 20, Bloomberg.com published an article that should have ... Read More »

March 5, 2008 ·

Disaster Preparedness

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