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Disaster Preparedness

January 2013 Earthquake And Volcano Update For North America – Updated

Even though we are certain there will be more large magnitude earthquake activity coming to North America in the near future, after bringing your attention to another area of concern, we will discuss and provide data and substantiation that Volcanic activity appears to be rising and the USGS has ordered a heightened amount of monitoring on all active California Volcanoes. (Monitoring all active California volcanoes may provide an early warning for some volcanoes because of earthquake swarms and ground deformation, however, approximately 10 to 15% of volcanoes erupt without any warning whatsoever, so if you live close to a "dormant" volcano, the risk is still there for an eruption and our research has demonstrated that this is particularly true with Stratovolcanoes.)

January 6, 2013 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes

N_America 2013

Geologically Speaking, Today Has Been Extremely Active And There Could Be More To Come… Updated

It's extremely rare to experience two (2) Great Quakes within hours of each other as witnessed in Indonesia earlier this morning. North America is also experiencing an ominous amount of earthquakes, and today, a Magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck MICHOACAN, MEXICO, followed this evening by a 5.9 Magnitude quake which struck within the area of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

April 11, 2012 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes

N_America April 12

March Site Update And Another West Coast Earthquake Warning

This is where the problem lies; for the past several decades, if not for almost three hundred (300) years, the Cascadia Subduction Zone has, for all practical purposes, been close to dormant and it appears for the past few decades the tectonic plates have been firmly "locked." When we wrote "Volcanic Activity Appears To Be Working It’s Way Around The “Ring of Fire” in January of 2008, we based this prediction on years of research and a firm belief that "Earthquake Patterns" are real albeit extremely difficult to interpret. We now believe that our hypothesis has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt as evidenced by the re-awakening of the Cascadia Subduction Zone within such a short amount of time (geologically speaking) of our prediction and rationale for said activity. (Please see "Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change.")

March 13, 2012 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes


Two Dangerous Volcanoes Are Demonstrating Increased Activity; One Could pose A Catastrophic Mega-Disaster To United States If It Erupts

The Canary Islands, home to the El Hierro volcano which is located south of Isla de la Palma, has again shown increased sign of activity and the Canary Island Government has raised Hierro’s volcanic risk level to “Yellow.”  If you have ever watched The History Channel on cable TV, this information might send a chill ... Read More »

October 5, 2011 ·

EarthQuakes & Volcanoes


One Of The Best Commentaries of 2008 – Read It And Work To Protect Democracy!

For the enlightenment of the readership, I am posting a few paragraphs of what I believe is one of the most important commentaries I’ve read this year. It’s not real long but is exceptionally powerfuly, and I recommend it to everyone! Published on Friday, June 13, 2008 by CommonDreams.org State of Emergency: The US in ... Read More »

June 13, 2008 ·


Limited Food Rationing Begins In CA, Gas Is Soaring, So How Will You Survive?

When the United Nations released a report estimating that food prices have risen eighty-three percent (83%) in the past three (3) years, it was an astounding figure that caught many people by surprise. As with most issues that “only affect third world countries”, Americans are finally awakening to the fact the crisis is also hitting ... Read More »

April 23, 2008 ·

Disaster Preparedness

Reading The Signs And Knowing When It’s Time To Prepare For A Major Food Crisis!

Among the driving forces are petroleum prices, which increase the cost of everything from fertilizers to transport to food processing. Rising demand for meat and dairy in rapidly developing countries such as China and India is sending up the cost of grain, used for cattle feed, as is the demand for raw materials to make biofuels. No foods left untouched. What's rare is that the spikes are hitting all major foods in most countries at once. Food prices rose 4% in the U.S. last year, the highest rise since 1990, and are expected to climb as much again this year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

March 25, 2008 ·

Disaster Preparedness


Survive Martial Law.com – A Critique And Second-Opinion

In a recent article, Justanothercoverup committed to: Within the next two to three weeks, Justanothercoverup will be expanding the category “# S 1959, Endgame, Martial Law, DHS, NSA, Fascism” by adding articles from all over the Internet that present varying thoughts on these subjects as well as the best way to survive a declaration of ... Read More »

February 25, 2008 ·

Disaster Preparedness

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