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Comparing the Obama – Ryan Budget Proposals

When lawmakers talk of reducing the deficit they are not talking about the nation’s debt. Neither plan balances the budget…Obama proposes a combination approach in budget cuts, tax increases, and closing tax loopholes and talks of sharing the sacrifice among society. Ryan proposes making the Bush era tax cuts, extended by Obama, permanent plus reducing Fed revenue even more by cutting the top tax rate for individuals and corporations and focuses strictly on budget cuts to achieve his projections. The cuts he proposes shift the burden to seniors and other sectors of society impacted by the cuts…In relation to the debt neither plan puts the U.S on a more sustainable path...

April 25, 2011 ·


U.S Budget Woes – Getting a grip on a hungry Beast

As the airways heat up over the budget debates with calls of cutting trillions and billions getting a mental grasps of the enormity of the problem can be challenging. Comprehending billions is difficult enough let alone trillions. I find it helpful putting this into context by thinking of it this way; it takes 1000 billion to make up a trillion. The annual spending budget deficit, which adds to the nation’s accumulating debt, is estimated to be $1.5 trillion for this year. That’s $1500 billion. The nation’s debt is currently $14.2 trillion. That’s $14,200 billion. This is before discussing interest on that debt.

April 18, 2011 ·


Market Watch article: “Tax Super rich now or face Revolution”

By Mitch Gurney April 1, 2011 It’s extremely rare for the corporate media to publish an article as candid as this one, Tax the Super Rich Now or face a Revolution a commentary by Paul B. Farrell and published by Market Watch, a division of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network owned by News Corp ... Read More »

April 3, 2011 ·



Is America’s Middle Class Doomed?

Did you know that some corporate strategists think hollowing out America’s middle class is not a big deal? America’s middle class is in trouble, although some folks are just now figuring this out it could be a bit too late - about 30 years late as the deed is done. We’re now in the consequence phase. You might say we’re in that stage where those of us who got shafted are beginning to realize that while at the party we slept through all the fun.

March 28, 2011 ·


The Republicans got their way in Wisconsin

By Mitch Gurney March 10, 2011 We awoke today to hear news that the Republicans got their way in Wisconsin by passing their collective bargaining bill…and with that the drum beat against unions grows. Some are expressing joy at this latest news as for example Mish does in Tremendous News in Wisconsin, Senate passes Collective ... Read More »

March 10, 2011 ·


Alert: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act – S. 3804

By Mitch Gurney November 22, 2010 For those that do not know about this yet here is information regarding potential legislation that appears to be receiving very little MSM publicity but has wide bipartisan support in Congress: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act – S. 3804 (PDF document) Open Congress summary of the bill: This ... Read More »

November 22, 2010 ·


Patriotic Millionaires – what they want you to know

By Mitch Gurney November 20, 2010 We pick the bones of the power elite a great deal here at this site and often what we discuss is not very positive news. We would be remiss in our duties as journalist however not to share good news when it happens. And it is appropriate to highlight ... Read More »

November 20, 2010 ·


Masters of Compromise – how things get done in DC, but sometimes the public gets shafted

For politicians compromise is often how things get done but sometimes their deals lead to the public getting shafted. This all depends of course on ones perspective on who wins and who loses. Compromising isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t always produce negative outcomes but sometimes in politics it does and a good case in point is the banking deregulation in 1998...

November 18, 2010 ·


FORD Is a Four Letter Word

FORD is a four Letter Word is yet another example of the globalization strategies among America’s multi-national corporations (MNC) that are making business decisions no longer rooted in country first. As the title indicates the article is about Ford’s global strategies and in April of 2009 I wrote an article about American auto companies Moving jobs south of the Border. I’d like to point out that while we are singling out Ford here their global manufacturing strategy is consistent with most American MNC’s.

November 4, 2010 ·


Understanding the Foreclosure Mess

If you are learning about this crisis for the first time, understanding what is actually broken here is very important. For those interested in gaining a better understanding of this situation I encourage reviewing a five part series of links that I highlight here that do an excellent job in explaining this crisis on a basic 101 level by giving a brief explanation that includes charts...

October 20, 2010 ·


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