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Truth or Consequences in the Budgetary Class War Waged in Congress

The reality is that many of our elected officials no longer believe they are answerable to the people; that the Constitution is merely an outdated piece of paper; and that we the people are largely simpletons whom they mock with their political spin and tales – their smug demeanor evident all the way to the bank. And sadder still is that we mostly prove them correct as we habitually fall along our divisive party lines. Mitch Gurney

May 1, 2012 ·


The Master Of Disaster

Bipartisan Lovers when Agenda Dictates

For the really big issues, like government citizens surveillance and wars, don’t buy in on the partisan bickering between the Democrats and Republicans, for the most part it is all just theater. When it comes to critical policy matters the parties are not as far apart as it appears and often rumble in the sack together.

June 5, 2011 ·



Market Watch article: “Tax Super rich now or face Revolution”

By Mitch Gurney April 1, 2011 It’s extremely rare for the corporate media to publish an article as candid as this one, Tax the Super Rich Now or face a Revolution a commentary by Paul B. Farrell and published by Market Watch, a division of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network owned by News Corp ... Read More »

April 3, 2011 ·



Patriotic Millionaires – what they want you to know

By Mitch Gurney November 20, 2010 We pick the bones of the power elite a great deal here at this site and often what we discuss is not very positive news. We would be remiss in our duties as journalist however not to share good news when it happens. And it is appropriate to highlight ... Read More »

November 20, 2010 ·


The Second American Revolution Has Begun; Where Do You Stand On The Issue? UPDATED

Based on several factors, including the unprecedented mood of the body politic, Joe Stack’s attack on Austin’s IRS facility, and other associated issues discussed below, we believe that “America’s Second American Revolution” has already begun; there are no proclamations of battle-plans or a central ring-leader – but the writing is on the proverbial wall and if we don’t act and respond quickly, the violence and social unrest could escalate out of control and manifest itself in ways which may be impossible to reliably predict. Government response to a situation they are ill-equipped to respond to could also act to further erode what little is left of our civil liberties, and the necessity of preserving our constitutional protections requires swift action along with creating a cohesive pro-American mentality that has deteriorated to the point where it’s almost non-existent among a vast majority of our countrymen who are disillusioned and disgusted with our Presidency, Congress, and the elites and corporations whom bear the primary responsibility for the sorry state of our ailing economy.

March 5, 2010 ·



Bush-Obama Bailout and our Decaying Economy

Shared Responsibility and Accountability By Mitch Gurney May 2009 Neither party is above reproach in that each has over the years implemented policies that have not always been good ones with some being rather costly. But we have a tendency to waste valuable energy and resources bickering whose to blame when things go awry, dividing and sub-dividing ourselves between our party affiliations. Doing ... Read More »

May 21, 2009 ·


Back on Uncle Sam’s Plantation – A Critique and Second Opinion

By Mitch Gurney May 2009 Recently a family member sent me an email regarding a commentary Back on Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker. Prior to receiving the email I was not familiar with Ms Parker who is the founder and president of a social policy think tank, Coalition for Urban Renewal & Education (CURE). ... Read More »

May 8, 2009 ·



Don’t Celebrate Yet – Martial Law And A Bush/Cheney Coup Is Still A Possibility

The situation is rapidly escalating, and we must ask ourselves who benefits if Pakistan and India declare War, which could easily escalate to a nuclear confrontation. The global community must urge India to proceed with the utmost amount of caution - plus, be very suspicious of any intelligence that originates from the United States or Great Briton.

November 30, 2008 ·


FEMA Official States Bush Is Planning To Implement Martial Law – Updated

Now that we know Bush is planning on implementing Martial Law, more than likely to ensure his reign of power, what is the average and especially those who have spoken against him to do?

October 9, 2008 ·


The Global Economy Is Reeling – What Should Be Done?

Americans, through phone calls and email, have told Washington in no uncertain terms that the people are against this absurd bail-out legislation that uses taxpayer money to reward greed and criminality. The public is awakening and no one in Washington can claim that we didn't warn them; those who choose to vote against the people will be remembered and chastised in future elections for selling-out our country.

October 1, 2008 ·


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