Voting for the lesser of two Evils – Part II |

Voting for the lesser of two Evils – Part II

By Mitch Gurney

October 16, 2010

In a current political ad in her bid to unseat California Democrat Senator Boxer Republican Carly Fiorina’s political strategists effectively tap into voter anger with both parties:

Everybody is hurting, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, your party doesn’t matter anymore. It’s fixing this mess. Boxer’s been there for 28 years and look what we got  

Brilliant and I agree we need a near complete turnover in Washington. But what are our options? Fiorina can effectively claim to be a Washington outsider while Boxers tenure and the mess we are in doesn’t bode well for her and many other incumbents. However Fiorina is hardly an outsider when it comes to the power elite who buy our elections and dish up our political choices. And naturally she is a member of the opposite party. And that is exactly the problem; there have only been the power elite and their political toadies from the two parties ever running the show in Washington. 

We often hear folks say they vote their conscience, most likely meaning their vote is influenced by moral issues and what they think is right. I think most of us probably do. Political strategists know this and that is part of the political game. Moral issues are easier for most people to understand and sometimes all they really pay attention to. If you oppose abortion for example you might align yourself with the Republican Party which as part of their platform are pro-life and want to overturn Roe vs. Wade. A family member once told me that is one reason they vote Republican and that very little else mattered to them.

Polls show Boxer and Fiorina are neck to neck so the pressure to vote for the one we dislike the least increases as Election Day draws near. I suspect this too is part of the strategy and part of the herding manipulation at work in elections:

Our elections are rigged we know it yet do nothing about it…Elections in this country are limited to wealth and party. Candidates are not chosen by the people but by an elitist group of corporate America and members of the two parties. There really aren’t two parties it’s just a mirage. There is only one and corporate American owns them ‘both’

Voting the lesser of two evils – a Losers Game

The Fiorina ad closes with:

We can change Washington. But first you have to vote to change the people we send there.

Brilliant, but sadly Fiorina isn’t a viable option either.  

Mitch Gurney

An Agenda for Real Change

What Liberal or Right Wing Media? It’s Just Corporate Media

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  • William Cormier

    Fiorina, in my opinion, will say whatever sounds good to get elected. I will never support, or even think of supporting a candidate that has been responsible for outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries. It was good for HP’s business and her multi-million dollar salary when she outsourced our jobs as CEO of HP/Compaq – and now she wants the public to believe that she will help to “protect American jobs.” This is nothing more than rhetoric and political posturing on her part – and if the voters buy it, then Boxer has failed to demonstrate that Fiorina is just another corporatist.

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