TRUCKERS SHUT DOWN - The Momentum Is Building |

TRUCKERS SHUT DOWN – The Momentum Is Building

This article was reprinted with permission and the request of When we speak of solidarity and helping to help ourselves, all Liberal/Progressive sites should consider reproducing this news item – as it may be one of the last chances we have of taking back our government and forcing Congress to listen to the people – something they famously forget to do once they actually are seated for office. More on this issue at the end of the article;

“My trucking Co & thousands of others will no longer accept any loads at ANY price until such time as our FED Gov admits & puts into action a plan that will give all O/Os some help. ((Dan Little Trucking

Here is what I would like to see happen,

1# suspend ALL Fed & State fuel taxes until such time that this economy is back on its feet,

2# Fed create a FED Oversight Committee to oversee Ins Premiums Charged for Class 8 trucks Insurance,

3# Stop allowing Large Trucking Fleets to self Insure, this would make a more level playing field for all trucking Cos,

4# Fed Regulations for Brokers & Shippers that are enforced, with set max amounts they can charge,

5# Standardized Fines from Coast to Coast for safety violations. In other words if a log ticket cost $50.00 in Missouri then a log ticket in California should only cost $50.00
I will not return to hauling until our Gov. the people we put into office gets off their butts and does something to help this Industry my email address is [email protected]
Send me an email if you plan on shutting down on September 11, 2008″

Open Letter to All Truckers

“Some are asking what date is the shutdown & what will happen ?

Here’s the what, why, & when of it.

The reason for this shutdown is not to hurt this country in any way shape or form. But is in fact a peaceful method of sending a message to Washington, D.C. That we do indeed need help & our industry is the backbone of life in America as we know it.

The why of it covers issues that you & I as truckers, both O/Os & Co. drivers face on a daily basis. These problems range from excessive Regulations ie., Fuel, Federal & State Fuel tax’s, excessive DOT regulations on NON-SAFETY related items, Excessive Insurance Pre., The list goes on & on.

The when of it, is when we as an industry send a Strong message to the otherwise FOOLS in Washington, D.C. that “enough is enough”

We Will Be Heard.

I & Thousands of You have been telling people for Years now, that a change needed to take place. I have received more than a thousand e-mails from truckers who wrote to let him know they are ready to go on strike now. Among them were two drivers associations — both in Florida — with a combined total of more than 100,000 trucks.

Well, here’s your chance to Stand Up for Yourself & let The World know We will Stand Strong. “One for all and all for one”

Thank You & God Bless each & Everyone of you,
Dan Little
Little & Little Trucking LLC”
Truckers Plan Strike on September 11th

This message is to all people who don’t think they can do without trucks and trucking in general.

If you don’t already know trucking move 95% of the items you buy in the store everyday.

The rising fuel costs and the lower rates that some “brokers” give to carriers is the reason behind the strike.

If you think that you don’t need trucks…imagine how hard it will be to get gas from the corner store if there isn’t any.

Show you’re support for truckers…if you see a driver …thank him for bringing the stuff he hauls to your store.

I’ll add more later.

A Footnote from Justanothercoverup:

This is a matter that I personally advocate. Unfortunately, the “people” will not band-together in solidarity unless so much pain has been inflicted upon the general population that no one can “take it anymore” – and by the time that happens, the American way of life and the world’s premier democracy is likely to be in shambles. Those whom seek to dismantle our constitution and refuse to honor the rule of law are working a plan, one that has been decades in the making. Our Mainstream News Media is compromised, and criminals like Rupert Murdoch regularly transmit on-the-air “News Reports” that are misrepresentations of the truth, some which are downright false, and others which mirror the governments view, known throughout the world as “propaganda.” Once the MSM has been compromised, the hardship of waking-up a population that has been lulled into complacency by a criminal and complicit Mainstream News Media is a daunting task – but little by little, we are succeeding!

On April the 29th, I published “An Open Letter To The Truckers Of America.” I am certainly not responsible for the upcoming strike, but admit that I advocate and believe this is one of the last hopes we have in shutting-down the “Corapacy” and fascists that seek to dominate all of our lives, beginning in America and impacting the entire global community. You will note there is a map of Britain at the beginning of this piece – but make no mistake, this “Trucker’s Shut-Down” will be international in scope, and several European countries are making preparations to deal with store shelves that may wind-up being empty because of the hundreds of thousands of participants that are signing-on to protest in the only way that we will be guaranteed to achieve results – and that’s by altering the “status quo” and demonstrating that “the people”, here and abroad, have had enough of being robbed and gouged by the global “Corapacy” that now is ruling our lives.

Please note that the author of the above article is the owner/operator of Dan Little Trucking, a U.S. based company from Carrollton, Mo.; he has been in the news himself, and rather than just the Europeans taking part in a “Truckers Shut Down”, this could easily be an event that will impact several of the governments of the western world, and IMO, has been too long in coming:

Truckers ‘going broke’ and threatening to strike

By Barb Ickes | Wednesday, March 19, 2008 7:16 AM CDT

What started as a small, online grassroots effort now appears to have the potential for something bigger.

Dan Little, the owner/operator of a livestock hauling company in Carrollton, Mo., estimated Tuesday that at least 1,000 other truckers from across the United States have committed so far to joining him in a strike on April 1.

Although none of the truckers interviewed Tuesday at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop, Walcott, which is just off Interstate 80 west of Davenport, has heard of the intended strike, some said they would shut down, too. MUCH MORE, Another Must-Read Article!

I still disagree with an intended shut-down date of 9-11, especially now since President Bush has “green lighted” Israel’s plans to attack Iran, which would instantaneously bring the US into martial law and destroy what is left of our fragile economy. We can all be assured that Israel’s war planners are paying close attention to international politics, and since they have demonstrated that attacking Iran is their goal and most important military objective, it makes sense they will alter their attack plans to ensure that a “Truckers Shut Down” or anything else which could interfere with their plans will be rendered moot and ineffective if they have the ability to carry-out their plans on or before September 11, 2008.

To all Americans and Europeans that are reading this post – make sure that you begin stocking-up on essential food stocks, and do it gradually, adding to your reserves every time you shop. Don’t panic buy! If you have ever lived in a hurricane zone and seen a storm barreling its way toward your locale, then you’ve witnessed the shock of seeing stores that run out of essential items in a matter of hours, not days. Plan on keeping at least a three to four week stock of rice, beans, and canned goods that will ensure that your family doesn’t go hungry – and be kind to those who are doing the same; If our power grid should do down for reasons I’m not privy to, make sure you have the means to prepare those foods, and keep your food reserves private – even from your own children. Those who foolishly ignore making preparations for the worst will take what they need – and it’s important that you also make sure that you have the ability to defend what you own. Remember one saying that has become as true as the criminal activity in our government; “No good deed goes unpunished”, and if you decide to feed a family that has ignored the writing on the wall, rather than going hungry, they will likely be back when you least expect them to feed their own families – at your expense!

Do not be angry at America’s Truckers or those who reside in other countries; they are going broke, and while we believe that times are hard for us, independent truckers are being forced out of business on a daily basis, and in order to survive, they must take action to guarantee that they will be there for us tomorrow after the smoke settles and the criminals have been purged from our respective governments. For all practical purposes, the Truckers of American and Europe are the “freedom fighters” that we have prayed for years, but it takes an extraordinary set of events to begin such a shut down – and now it’s time for action while we still have the ability to make a difference.

Show your solidarity; this strike will hurt each and every trucker that participates, and they are working for the common good, something that has been lost in this world of lies and deceit. Embrace their courage, and above all, email them and request that they move-up their schedule so that Israel cannot attack before we are forced into a situation where nothing exists except “how we will survive” becomes our primary endeavor, and believe me, there will not be enough food to stop the imposition of martial law and millions will go hungry because our MSM refuses to tell the truth and explain the danger that our nation will face if we do not prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

If the truckers do not “shut-down” their operation(s) and Israel attacks Iran, the same scenario will take place. Gas will be priced so high, that average Americans will not be able to afford it, and food costs will rise to the point that an evening meal may consist of Marconi and Cheese – and millions will be grateful that they are able to provide something that is filling, but as far as nutritional value, borders on starches and other ingredients that will do nothing more than provide a feeling of nourishment, but lacks in those items that help to keep our population healthy and have enough energy and stamina to engage in other activities that will become necessary to take-back our nation from the crooks, criminals, and fascists that are intent on destroying our country for the only reason that is viable – greed and power. The is time is nigh to participate in an action that will bring back out constitution and the rule of law – what may seem like a dream today, but could become reality in a future that is rapidly descending on the United States and the entire global community. Remember, only a “dreamer can have a dream come true.”

Be a patriotic American, and rather than comment on threads that our “Decider” and “Darth Cheney” regularly ignore and sideline because it doesn’t impact their plans, place your energy and writing talents in supporting a cause that actually could bring-down the worst Presidency in America’s history!

William Cormier

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  • Remus Griffin

    It would appear that since Chris Rice is a member of the OOU, the OOU would kick his butt to the curb for posting false statements involving the OOU unless membership numbers and dues are more of a piority.

  • Remus Griffin

    It would appear that since Chris Rice is a member of the OOU, the OOU would kick his butt to the curb for posting false statements involving the OOU unless membership numbers and dues are more of a piority.

  • Dan Little

    I AM NOT calling for another shutdown , the quotes from me above are from the April 1st shutdown.
    This crap was started by a man named Chris Rice & he has been told time & time again to remove my name from his so called sept 11 shutdown.
    please remove any reference to myself or OOU or uscattlehaulers from the above story ASAP
    Thank You
    Dan Little

  • Dan Little

    I AM NOT calling for another shutdown , the quotes from me above are from the April 1st shutdown.
    This crap was started by a man named Chris Rice & he has been told time & time again to remove my name from his so called sept 11 shutdown.
    please remove any reference to myself or OOU or uscattlehaulers from the above story ASAP
    Thank You
    Dan Little

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