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The Political Bandit’s End of Year Update – Updated


I will keep this Update short, however just noted that a 5.1 Quake struck Japan relatively close to Tokyo, Japan, at 07:19:32 this morning followed by another larger quake of with a magnitude of 5.5 at 14:59:35 in the same proximity; it’s important to note that this is the scenario we  witnessed when Japan experienced the Great Quake which created an International health risk at the maimed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Complex. Aftershocks are usually smaller than the initial quake, and when another quake, or multiples occur in close proximity to each other these are often pre-quakes that can signal that a larger event could be forthcoming. The science is by no means exact on this matter, however, this is what we witnessed earlier in Japan that resulted in a tragedy of a magnitude that may eventually affect every living being that inhabits Planet Earth. (Also, in the same general area, at 16:11:22 yesterday, a 4.8 Quake also struck. This is extremely disconcerting as these quakes in this general locale are building in magnitude rather than diminishing and I believe that for safety’s sake, Japan should issue an alert whether these turn out to be nothing to worry about at all, or the beginning’s of another Great Quake located in close proximity to one of the World’s largest Cities.  USGS LINK


My first thoughts are relief that this horrible year is almost over; secondly, we wish everyone out there a Happy New Year and apologize that we have been so inactive in posting new articles this year. I find it reprehensible that we have been hacked again and noted that some articles have had the comments closed while others, especially those that are extremely critical of the government and/or cover recent events have a message that comments are closed and I am working to resolve that problem. For a short time the DISCUS commenting system was completely disabled and as of this date it is again up and working except for those essays that still remain “closed to comments.” (DISCUS is back up again and I’m working to open-up all of the comment threads which had been disabled by ???????)

Most of all I’d like to thank the loyal readership that we have and in spite of all that occurred this year, we still managed to receive over a million page views – and no, that does not include bots and other “not viewed traffic.” For the first time I am releasing some of our statistics and please note that this has been an off-year for Mitch and I and it hasn’t quit pummeling both of us with issues and problems, many of which are experienced by the general public as we witness a Congress that is dead-locked by domestic terrorists that I and even some of our Congress are labeling as “Economic Terrorists.” I believe it was us whom first branded these traitor’s as Economic Terrorists, however, I could be wrong but have attempted to hammer this concept into the body politic and to anyone who has read the numerous articles I have written on that subject as referenced by the link highlighted in red. If you haven’t read those essays/editorials I urge you to take the time to understand why some of our Congressional Democrats have now begun to raise the alarm for what was once only whispered about in Washington and I commend those who are now beginning to speak truth-to power. Cowering in fear of GOP obstructionism will bring disaster upon this nation of unimaginable magnitude and if our Congress and Presidency do not classify and use the Rule of Law on these Domestic Terrorists with the same vigor that they have wrought upon International Terrorists I believe they should be branded as complicit themselves and treated in the same manner.

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Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2012 6,954 16,307 143,353 611,658 7.34 GB
Feb 2012 6,140 14,642 105,680 435,137 4.69 GB
Mar 2012 7,868 16,710 126,939 512,304 5.44 GB
Apr 2012 9,027 17,623 139,992 619,221 8.05 GB
May 2012 7,442 16,248 127,876 572,836 6.06 GB
Jun 2012 5,498 12,368 88,771 309,393 3.47 GB
Jul 2012 4,992 12,151 51,692 204,708 2.73 GB
Aug 2012 4,956 11,188 60,897 213,707 2.63 GB
Sep 2012 5,730 11,138 60,262 232,885 2.62 GB
Oct 2012 7,058 12,705 79,898 421,278 4.92 GB
Nov 2012 5,490 10,495 45,799 221,697 2.59 GB
Dec 2012 4,686 9,022 63,924 273,695 3.00 GB
Total 75,841 160,597 1,095,083 4,628,519 53.55 GB


We have maintained a strong International presence in spite of numerous hacks and personal tragedies, and I’d like to thank those nations whom constantly read our articles and hopefully will learn that “Freedom is not Free.” I’m extending a special thanks to Russia for the many contributions their scientists have made to the global community which are often played-down or ignored by our MSM that I have used in many of the scientific and political articles I have posted. Make no mistake, I’m a full-blooded American Patriot and I believe in our Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law; that said, I also believe in attempting to defuse international strife/tension and there are too many of us who have forgotten that Russia was the only nation on Earth that sent the United States a beautiful memorial to mark the 911 tragedy which was largely ignored by the MSM. When a nation extends an Olive Branch to us in a time of national tragedy and it’s largely ignored by the MSM, it sends a message that their gift and condolences were not appreciated and thus adds unnecessarily to the tension between our nations.

Finally, I’d like to extend my thanks to the Winder Police Department who acted with compassion and professionalism during the incredible ordeal that our family recently experienced. It’s not very often that I offer thanks to a Police Department, however, that’s one of the reasons that I choose to live in rural Georgia. People treat people like people around here, and even if you’re a new-comer, conduct themselves like the Police of yesteryear’s whose mandate was “To Protect and Serve.” After this incident shattered the tranquility of this closely knit community and the residents found out that what was left of our family had nothing to do with what happened in Pensacola, Fl., they reached-out and did everything they could to make us feel at home, and I’m also extending my thanks to the residents and community of Winder.  I do understand that I’m a Liberal/Progressive Independent living in a sea of Republicans and I hope they understand that my animosity toward the GOP is directed at the leadership of the GOP and has nothing to do with the rank and file membership that desperately want the fiscal Crisis we are witnessing to end in a positive manner, not in the destruction of our economy.

I’m wishing a Happy New year and a belated Merry Christmas to all. My religious beliefs may not mirror those of everyone else, but again, I’m a proud American and somewhat of a traditionalist. I believe in what used to be the “American Way” and grew-up with my family celebrating Christmas and we will do so until the day I die. I also believe that the so-called “War on Christmas” is a terrible exaggeration created by GOP right-wing operatives to create dissent between our two political parties and right-wing Christian Radicals, none of which I have had the displeasure to meet while living in Georgia for far too many years to mention… It’s been my experience that there are good and bad people in both political parties, and to lump everyone in the same category as those whom are causing upheaval within our nation is simply wrong; if I had a Christmas wish it would be that all of us respect one another for how we treat each other and cast away those that seek to cause hate and dissent in a time when we all need to band together – not engage in fighting amongst ourselves which could in the long run, help to destroy our beloved nation.


William J. Cormier, Jr.



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