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The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled – Was It A Hoax, Real, Or A Combination of Both? Updated

For those of you who have expressed interest in HOAX, The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled, I received a “Letter to the Editor” from the Author of this non-fiction book. Through many communications with P.J. Dowers , I learned that the publication of this book was fraught with obstacles and the disinformation that is a part of every government coverup is exceptionally high and quite sophisticated in regard this matter. Those of us who “are in the know” understand that our government despises it when their secrets are brought into the public forum, and disinformation and ridicule are their only tools – which too often, serve their purposes far too well. Tell a lie often enough and people will come to believe it. That was Hitler’s strategy throughout his reign of terror prior to and during WWII and it proved to be reliable beyond anyone’s ability to imagine, and to this very day, fascists use the same tools in their never-ending web of deceit and coverups that dot the history of this nation. It is only though persistence and at times, pure unadulterated stubbornness and commitment  that wins over the disinformant’s, and in this writer’s opinion, P.J. Dowers possess those qualities – and more, thus we are rewarded by her ability to persevere when faced with an all-out campaign to discredit her work which does solve some of the questions that we all want answered in regard The Philadelphia Experiment!

Dear Editor;
I’m most pleased with your review of my book, “HOAX:  The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled.”
I would like your readers to know that this non-fiction book is not the usual garbage or untamed imaginings put out by persons (mostly online) who leave you with more questions and few answers.  This book is about an awful experiment that the Navy  covered up, and is keeping covered even yet.  HOAX shows how the Navy lied about a battle ship, how the CIA switched the identities of two men and disposed of a Communist’s body. 
HOAX’s chapter sixteen is all about disinformants and how they work.  I have already had a run-in with one of those people after a review of my book was posted on Alternate Perceptions <>. You will find his letter to the editor in that magazine’s issue #180, and my response in issue #181. The man says that the entire Philadelphia Experiment tale was a fabrication from Carlos Allende’s mind.  That is  not true, it was written about in books previous to Allende appearing on the scene.  I believe the man is ignoring the most important aspect of that nasty story, the horrendous results to Naval personnel involved in that test.
Many people have complained to me that they could not access HOAX at the Book Patch’s Book Store.  I remind your readers that your review has a direct link to my book at the Book Patch. 
However, I would like to offer your readers a special deal.  If they will email me at the address below, I will send them the first chapter of HOAX absolutely free.
Thanks again, Mr. Cormier, for your excellent review of my book.
P. J. Dowers
HOAX:  The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled

Editor’s Note: I have added the appropriate links to Alternate Perceptions so that researching the statements of P.J. Dowers are far easier than if you had to find the information yourself. I find it extremely distasteful that a work of this nature that is highly substantiated is still being attacked by those whose only goal is to keep us, the American public, from the truth(s) we all deserve to know about. I’m extremely tired of being treated as a dunce and plied with lies and disinformation rather than truth and facts.

Every once in a while being the co-owner of my own website has it’s perks, and this was one of those times. I heard from an author who was seeking advertising space to promote her new book, “HOAX, The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled.”  When I read one online review of the book and had its contents explained to me by the author, P.J. Dowers, I changed my mind in regard charging her for advertising. This site was primarily started in an effort to reveal government and/or state coverups of any sort which we have tried to do whenever possible and then evolved to cover other matters as well, hence the name change from Justanothercoverup to The Political Bandit. In keeping with the spirit of my original mission, I requested a copy of the book from the author and told her that if I liked it and it fell within what I believed was a genuine government coverup that could be substantiated – there would be no charge for me reviewing the book and then helping her to promote it. I saw and enjoyed the original movie, The Philadelphia Experiment and have watched numerous other short stories on television throughout the years that left me wondering what had actually happened, as no one appeared to have definitive answers that satisfied my natural curiosity.

When I received the book from Ms. Dowers, I then embarked on an adventure of a coverup that wasn’t really a coverup, individuals who never existed, plus evidence that there was not just one, but at least two, possibly three (or more) U.S.S. Eldridge’s. Are you confused yet? If not, you will be when you take the time to read this fascinating story that included Albert Einstein and referred to Nikola Tesla, the individual who was responsible for A.C current which powers our cities and homes to this very day. Historians have tried to write Mr. Tesla out of the history books and almost succeeded, and to this date I credit the Internet and his family for stubbornly sticking to their guns and attempting to protect his legacy that may even be one that contradicts Albert Einstein as being the originator of “Einstein’s Bridge Tunnel Starship Propulsor.” (You won’t find this theory exactly as described in Wikipedia in this precise terminology, and that may be one of the reasons that this coverup that references events that were alleged to have occurred in 1943 still remain a mystery and are covered-up by the United States Navy and the CIA until this very day.)

The rear cover of “HOAX, The Phidelphia Experiment Unraveled” by P.J. Dowers described the content of the book in this manner:

The Philadelphia Experiment Is Playing A Different Tune

This isn’t the same old song and dance.

Here’s the story of the two main characters involved in that 1943 experiment and how the Navy covered its tracks.

Carlos Allende was not Carl Allen.

Jessup did not die in a Florida Park.

Three men and one Social Security Number?

Three dead men and only two graves? How many Jessups?

This old man, he played us; and so did the Navy.

How many U.S.S. Eldridges?

The author and her son were acquainted with Carlos Allende. Dowers is retired and resides in Weld County Colorado.

If you want to find out how our government actually works when there is information they don’t want people to know about, this is a must-read story! Ms. Dowers and her son had their residences broke-into multiple times and it was only through previous warnings by one of the book’s main characters that they managed to hold on to the wealth of substantiation that is included in this book.  The reason I am helping to promote this excellent story is because at the rear of the book is sixty-two (62) pages of documentation that largely substantiates the contents of the book – and when you begin to try and unravel this event that has a significance that may be unparallelled as we look at events that are happening even as I’m writing this review, I believe that you will enjoy it as much as I did and then begin to wonder just what the U.S. Navy, the CIA, and the United States Air Force are actually up to – and how this story may intertwine with some of the alleged current events that are beginning to become commonplace but still have no logical rhyme or reason for their occurrence.

I won’t spoil the story for you but I’ll promise you this; after you read this book with it”s excellent documentation and find Ms. Dowers writing style to be as bold and descriptive of the events she is describing, I believe you will agree that it may be one of decades most decisive publications that describes just how far our government will go to coverup events and experiments that should be in the public record! In her Epilogue, Ms. Dowers quotes a Journalist that none of the younger generation is likely to remember – but her quote is as memorable as the book and author wherein you will find it:

“Distinguished journalist, Adela Rogers St. Johns told an “up-pity” (her words) Navy admiral who was bad-mouthing the press, “You seem to have forgotten that you work for me. I own your navy. I buy your goddamn ships. And I pay your salary and the salary of every man on those ships. And the only way I can call you to account for how you run my navy and how you spend the money on your battleships is through the press.”


And Ditto you to Ms. Dowers for affording me the pleasure of reviewing this great story and book.

You can purchase this book by visiting this link at

HOAX, The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled

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