The GOP's Budget Plan Will Make The Obama Conundrum A Reality - The Only Solution Is To Vote Every One Of Them Out Of Office |

The GOP’s Budget Plan Will Make The Obama Conundrum A Reality – The Only Solution Is To Vote Every One Of Them Out Of Office

On March 3rd, we wrote “The Obama Conundrum And The Impossible Task of Trying To Exact Truth And Clarity From A Professional Politician” which attempted to delve into the reelection of President Barack Obama and his effectiveness as our Commander In Chief when the GOP has been engaging in Economic Terrorism and obstructionism to a degree that reeks of rank sedition and borders on treason (IMO). We opined that if President Obama who is now acting as Candidate Obama while attending to his Presidential duties could be an effective President even if he changed course and sided with the 99% rather than his past behavior of capitulating to the GOP, breaking vital campaign promises and representing the 1%, not by his rhetoric, but by his Cabinet Appointments as well as his willingness to slash our Civil Liberties in the name of so-called “National Security.” We also questioned whether he could effectively act as Commander in Chief without a concise plan of action to thwart GOP/Tea Party Economic Terrorism and obstructionism. We believe that he should make those plans available to the American people during his campaign speeches rather than finding out after his reelection that the Congress will be ineffective and deadlocked for another four long years.

We understand that his opposition comes from the GOP’s need to pay back years of Campaign Contributions (Legal Bribes), their overt racism, and last but not least, attempting to protect their own wealth and power rather than representing the best interests of the United States or even their own constituents. Whether or not these issues are the fault of President Obama do not play into our opinion; what does matter is that our nation adopt stringent rules and regulations for Wall Street and our “too big to fail” financial institutions and that Congress operates as it was intended, not representing Special Interest Groups and the GOP/Tea Party using blackmail and intimidation as political strategies.

Yesterday evening CNN ran an opinion piece by Tom Perriello that substantiates our view(s):

GOP budget will break the middle class

By Tom Perriello, Special to CNN
updated 5:32 PM EDT, Fri March 23, 2012

Editor’s note: Tom Perriello is president and CEO of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a progressive organization based in Washington. He is a former Democratic U.S. representative from Virginia.

(CNN) — This week, Republicans announced their new budget with a highly produced video full of great rhetoric and patriotic music, but one major piece of Americana is missing — a single mention of the middle class.

The narrator, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, had promised to offer a “path to prosperity” but instead introduces economic policies that represent a dead end for America’s middle class and American manufacturing. Rarely has a budget been so brazen about protecting the richest and most powerful at the expense of the rest.

Ryan, considered by many to be an ideological leader of conservative thought, correctly asserts that this is a moment for America to choose between different futures. He then outlines the conservative vision that Americans have rejected over and over again — increasing U.S. debt through special deals to protect the most powerful corporations and dumping that burden onto the already struggling middle class.

Though Ryan’s plan has deliberately avoided explaining how the tax numbers add up, in order to pay for the massive tax cuts at the top, everyone else would have to pay more. It’s likely that a middle-class family with two kids making about $70,000 a year would pay about $1,150 more in income tax, according to calculations made by the Center for American Progress. That’s an 80% increase over what they pay now, while millionaires will pay less. That same family currently receives about $5,500 worth of federal support from K-12 education, transportation, health and science research, consumer safety, natural resource protections and federal law enforcement. The GOP budget would cut these “nondefense discretionary spending” by about 25%, taking away a typical family’s services and protections by about $1,400 per year. To borrow a phrase from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, these budget priorities are truly “of the 1%, by the 1% and for the 1%.” MUCH MORE

To make matters worse, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget favors the 1% to the extent that in a different time and date, Congressmen posing as legislators who said one thing and did the opposite were often run out-of-town on a rail – covered head to toe with Tar and Feathers when they returned to their hometowns after voting against their constituencies. Maybe it’s is time to revert to policies that served this nation well rather than allowing a corrupt Congress to manipulate, extort, and blackmail the American people. The GOP came into power in the House claiming that they would be instrumental in creating jobs, and if you believe one word they say, I suggest that you carefully read any hyperbole that they call a Budget and respond Ryan’s UN-American support of industry and businesses that have been or will be outsourced to foreign nations to further enhance the Corporate bottom-line:

House Republicans further threaten the middle class by rewarding companies for sending American jobs overseas. They want to revive the outsourcing loopholes that Democrats, including myself, have fought hard to close. These loopholes would exempt overseas profits from taxes, creating a greater incentive to relocate investments to other countries and leaving more of the tax burden to our middle class.  LINK

Here we are, months before the Presidential Elections, and the GOP is still advocating a platform of being the mouthpiece of the 1%, which in many cases, includes themselves; how are we to expect a group of millionaires and billionaires to understand the plight of the disappearing Middle-Class and those whom are unable to fend for themselves? We have witnessed vicious attacks on Unions, collective bargaining, and an all-out war on women’s rights, mostly supported and touted by old white men that believe they have a mandate from God, but fail miserably to practice what most Americans consider to be the real doctrine(s) of Christianity. The GOP is attempting to use their religious beliefs as a weapon against our women, attempting to unravel decades of Separation of Church and State as they seek to establish the American Taliban to engage those who are “unclean” in their religious war that is being supported by Fox News, Pat Robertson, and the GOP propaganda machine to ensure that the rank and file members of the Republican Party again vote against their own best interests as they disguise the issues in religious terms that will ultimately impact America as a whole – not just Democrats, Liberals and Independents.

Now that we have an idea of what the GOP will be pushing in their budget proposals, it is becoming obvious that Mr. Ryan, who fancies himself as Vice-Presidential material, has put together a budget proposal that the GOP knows will go nowhere in Congress unless they force (?) President Obama’s inevitable capitulation to a budget that will aid the 1% while delivering the Coup de Grass to our economy as a whole and should effectively deal the final death-blow to our disappearing Middle-Class. The GOP’s unabashed support of America’s Elites and Corporations proves that when these Congressmen were elected, they immediately abandoned their constituents and decided it was more profitable to represent the 1% rather than their own constituencies.

To combat what awaits us in the future it will be necessary to mount campaigns throughout the nation to vote every Republican out of office that we can and diminish the ranks of the “Blue Dog” Democrats whom are nothing more than Republicans in disguise who have sold their nation and souls to K-Street and the promise of riches whenever they finish their Congressional service (Sic). The GOP’s behavior and actions are bordering on sedition and treason, and while we know that the FBI is investigating Wall Street criminals and other high-profile crimes, we need the Justice Department to zero in on the Congressmen that most of us suspect of corruption and are engaged in activities and conspiracies that may violate RICO statutes as well as their oaths of office. For all practical purposes, the GOP is acting like an “enemy of the state” and in this writer’s opinion, should be treated that way by our Justice Department and the general electorate of the United States. Any other course of action will only result in Congressional Gridlock, and four more years of that are apt to destroy our economy and an American Way of Life that has been relegated to attempting to survive rather than living in prosperity. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a nation where our worst enemies reside in Washington, D.C., certainly not where the DHS and NSA are waging their war(s) upon a terrorist threat that is largely inflated to make sure they can Rule by Fear rather than by Law.


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