The Coward Of The Country; President Obama Didn't Prosecute Bush Era Crimes Because He Feared A Coup |

The Coward Of The Country; President Obama Didn’t Prosecute Bush Era Crimes Because He Feared A Coup

It was just a few years ago that I constantly referred to George W. Bush as “The Commander In Thief” because of his constant “theft” of American democratic principles and processes.  Today, it was sad to learn that President Barack Obama is either a “Manchurian Candidate” or a rank coward that placed his own life and family above the values and hopes of an entire nation – and because of his fear and cowardice, democracy may have lost its “Last Stand” by the refusal of the most powerful man in the world – who was too timid and frightened to exercise his Presidential authority:

Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes

By Andrew Kreig (about the author)President-Elect Obama’s advisers feared in 2008 that authorities would oust him in a coup and that Republicans would block his policy agenda if he prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, according to a law school dean who served as one of Obama’s top transition advisers.University of California at Berkeley Law School Dean Christopher Edley, Jr., above, the sixth highest-ranking member of the 2008 post-election transition team preparing Obama’s administration, revealed the team’s thinking on Sept. 2 in moderating a forum on 9/11 held by his law school (also known as Boalt Hall). Edley was seeking to explain Obama’s “look forward” policy on suspected Bush-era law-breaking that the president-elect announced on a TV talk show in January 2009.But Edley’s rationale implies that Obama, or at least his team, feared the military/national security forces that the president is supposed be commanding — and that Republicans have intimidated him right from the start of his presidency even after voters in 2008 rejected Republicans by the largest combined presidential-congressional mandate in recent U.S. history.Edley responded to my request for additional information by providing a description of the transition team’s fears. Edley said that transition officials, not Obama, agreed that he faced the possibility of a coup.  READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Please note that even though President Obama’s transition team discussed this matter in-depth which resulted in his “Look Forward, not Backwards” policy in prosecuting Bush Era War Crimes, “Edly said that transition officials, not Obama, agreed that he faced the possibility of a coup.” Yeah, right, and I suppose that the American people are to believe that President Obama didn’t believe there would be a coup and formed his “Forward Looking Policy” because of “duty to country” or some other bullshit that will eventually be propagandized to solidify his position in the 2012 elections. There are only two possibilities that we can believe in this scenario; one is that Obama is and was a coward; or, carefully hidden behind door number two is that from the very beginning, Barack Obama was a “Manchurian Candidate” that never cared a whit for liberty, freedom, or the constitutional protections that we lost during the criminal Bush Presidency. Whichever choice you choose, the end result is the same. Barack Obama is an ineffective President and is running the country through fear and intimidation, or this was his intention from the beginning, to acquiesce and capitulate to the GOP to exacerbate Wall Street’s Class-war against the American people.

The author of the Op-Ed News article quoted above makes a poignant remark that all of us should agree with, and while President Obama may have faced some tough challanges, it appears that his decisions were based on fear and/or greed – you be the judge of that:

First, this doesn’t look like presidential leadership, no matter what the rationales. Voters “hired” the Obama team to lead the country, not fret about possible retaliation. No one wants to see an assassination or coup. But the kids fighting Mideast wars, like those in wars before them, have no guarantees — or even Secret Service protection.Our country has a long history that the President is the boss, not the military or the covert agencies. President Eisenhower stood up for this principle time and again, including in his Farewell Address in 1961 warning of the dangers of the “military-industrial complex.” So did President Truman when he fired the popular General MacArthur over different strategies for the Korean War. As for Republicans, the Democratic President Johnson knew enough not to treat them any better than his friends — whom he treated terribly many times.Second, shouldn’t such an important matter have been revealed long ago? The mainstream news organizations, courts and Congress are supposed to be ferreting out this kind of information. Here, it took an anti-war activist asking the right question during Q&A at a law school forum to bring the tale to light. I suppose that’s inspirational in a sense: Perhaps it’s like a destitute blind person stumbling on a bag of money and finally, with the help of kind strangers, being able to afford an eye operation. But is this really the best procedure?

We do not elect President’s to cow in fear when presented with situations that present a clear and present danger to the nation as a whole, the Presidency itself, or in the case of the criminal Bush cabal, the damage that was wrought upon our global reputation, our economy, and the freedom and liberty we are still losing on an everyday basis. President Obama not only failed himself and his family and their legacy – but our nation as a whole and the entire global community who are now expressing almost universal outrage in regard the income disparities throughout the entire world! The global community is beginning to fight back while our own President is cheer-leading the Corporations and Elites while watching globalization destroy the some of our most vibrant economies. Does this remind anyone of Nero fiddling while watching Rome Burn?

I’ll quote one more piece in Mr. Kreig’s excellent Op-Ed that made my stomach turn:

Dean Chris Edley volunteered that he’d been party to very high level discussions during Obama’s transition about prosecuting the criminals. He said they decided against it. I asked why. Two reasons: 1) it was thought that the CIA, NSA, and military would revolt, and 2) it was thought the Repugnants would retaliate by blocking every piece of legislation they tried to move (which, of course, they’ve done anyhow).

Harman says that she approached Edley privately after the forum closed and said she appreciated that Obama might have been in danger but felt that he “bent over backwards” to protect lawbreakers within the Bush administration. According to her account: “He shrugged and said they will never be prosecuted, and that sometimes politics trumps rule of law.”

How about that? A Law Professor casually states that “sometimes politics trumps the rule of law.” Unfortunately, that’s a reality that has become far too clear to the people. We know that citizens are being incarcerated for petty crimes to improve profits in the Prison Industrial Complex. We know that the War on Drugs is an utter failure whose only benefit has been for job security for “law enforcement agencies” whom are rising to support America’s Police State. We know that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are both failures but must continue ad infintum to benefit the Military Industrial Complex – and when those wars finally halt, others will be created to prop-up the dominating cabal that is controlling/destroying our nation.

We have also learned far too quickly that the Obama Administration believes that “politics trumps rule of law” when it comes to Big Pharma and their planned takeover of the medical marijuana industry when he abruptly changed his policy in regard medical marijuana. We have also learned that politics trumps EPA recommendations by his own appointees when he rolled-back tough new standards for smog control. As you await President Obama’s Job’s Speech today, read the full article reference above and then look back on Obama’s dismal track record. For all practical purposes, President Obama is wholly ineffective as President, and in this author’s opinion, he has two choices:

1.  Resign immediately from the Presidency. We don’t need a “Coward in Chief” – we need the “Commander in Chief” to lead our nation forward against any and all adversity that he may encounter, and that includes “domestic threats” as well as foreign threats to our national security.

2.  Address the nation and admit his mistakes. Tell us the challenges that he faces, including but not limited to the possibility of a coup orchestrated by the “CIA, NSA, and military.”  The President of the United States holds an enormous amount of power that can be exemplified through his use of the Bully Pulpit and National Radio Addresses. If the President of The United States explained in detail to the American people what was actually going on in Washington, and that he was going to prosecute Bush era war criminals and the devil be damned – the people would stand behind him. None, including the military itself, would dare to face the wrath of the people when we know for a fact that we have been wronged. Have we forgotten the legacy of Smedley Butler this quickly when Prescott Bush was busy helping to orchestrate a fascist coup against the nation in the 1930’s?

There is one fact that is undeniable which has come out of these revelations. The Obama Presidency, unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat is effectively dead. The only “change that we can believe in” is that Obama will continue to protect his personal interests, not “we the people.” We can also expect President Obama to present Bold New Plans that the GOP will never approve and will once again, intimidate and illegally hold the nation hostage while extracting every last penny from Main Street that they can – and our President will capitulate again as he has time and time again. In fact, the GOP has already laid out its strategy to thwart his jobs program before the speech was even made.

For you President Obama, I have one final thought. The GOP and their Tea Party Traitors did hold the United States and the global community hostage when they effectively blackmailed Congress and the American people. I and millions of other Americans believe that their actions were and continue to be criminal. Like it or not Mr. Obama, you are facing a revolt from the fascist Republican Party, SCOTUS,  and no matter what you do, at the expense of our economy and liberty, the GOP will take the whole county down rather than allow you to succeed. This is not politics, it’s extortion and blackmail, and the people know it. President Obama; Grow A Pair And Charge Boehner And His Fascist Brethren With Economic Terrorism.

As you mull over your choices President Obama, consider these words that were made by an American Patriot. Perhaps you could learn something from a true American hero:

Stand Your Ground.

Don’t fire unless fired upon.

But if they mean to have a war let it begin here.

Captain Parker, Line of The Minutemen, April 19, 1775

Believe this President Obama. IF you really came out and were honest with the people and set forth the battle lines, “we the people” would stand behind you. We are the most heavily armed nation in the world, and if the fascists that are taking over our nation understand that we are serious and if a hair on your head is harmed, the dogs of war could be unleashed on all of those who seek to destroy democracy and liberty. If you fail to uphold your Presidential oaths and duties, it is “we the people” that will help to push you out of office and forever blemish and disparage a Presidency that chose cowardice over liberty and freedom.

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  • Dana Lee

    pschwartz…. you serious need to have your brain removed… oh wait… you are brainless already!!! you are a coward. A scared little man who lives in fear and ignorance. You have little to no education and speak lies as if they are the truth. Immoral? That is what the right wing has done to the average American. Their money has been taken away so that companies do as they wish. This is a fact, not an opinion. What is wrong with you? Just stupid? Liberals help people and give freedom. Your side takes it all away. You lied so badly in your message. You should be thrown out of America for cowardice.

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  • Pschwartz909

    This is nothing but typical Liberal propaganda. Liberals are the most ignorant individuals to walk the planet. They believe that turning this nation into their immoral playground will improve the state of things, however, when all their toys are gone, will they be singing the same tune. When we are in a full blown Depression and standing in breadlines as a result of their failed Liberal policies, will the Leftists still believe that communism is great?

    • William Cormier

      Your comment doesn’t make sense in relationship to the commentary, and, as usual, the GOP/Republican, Tea Bagger, or whoever you are that made the above comment did so with an extreme slant on the facts.

      It’s common knowledge that Bush drove the final nails into the coffin of our economy, and while I don’t like Obama, insisting that it was the Obama Administration that is responsible for this economy is a downright lie. Communism? Where do you get that from? You talk about a full blown depression and fail to mention that it was Corporate America that outsourced over thirty million jobs during the past few decades and thereby eviscerated our tax base – collusion between both sides of the aisle – so don’t blame this on so called Liberals. It’s your fascist corporations, crooked politicians, and an Elite that feel entitled are those whom are to blame, however, I do understand that in your reality, facts don’t matter.

    • William Cormier

      One thing is certain – this comment demands an answer! I am sick to death of the GOP/Tea Party attempting to re-write history and use the Mainstream News Media to spread their message of propaganda and downright lies. Please explain where the article you referenced was “pure Liberal Propaganda.”

      First, we don’t have many “toys” left; with the economy in dire straits we are sometimes ignoring Christmas and Birthdays, and when it comes to health care -appointments with Specialists, many of those have to be ignored because of the co-pay. Yeah, life is great when we have to go Christmas Shopping for the children only if we can secure a small loan from another family member, and put-off what could be life-savings diagnostics simply because the co-pay is too high. Contrary to popular belief, Medicare is not a walk in the park, albeit so far it has kept me alive. That could change sooner rather than later if I don’t find a way to come-up with the deductibles, and at this point in time – that won’t happen for months.I need to stick around and continue caring for my disabled Sister and her two children but have now taken a slightly different outlook on my future. I’m disgusted with this country as it pertains to both sides of the aisle and the Presidency itself. I don’t worry about health issues that have already been diagnosed, instead choosing to expire whenever something that could have been prevented was cancelled because of lack of funds. I won’t go out on my knees begging for a handout when my disgust with our current political system is constantly depressing and causing me a great deal of stress and shame pointed at our Presidency and a Congress that forgot to represent the people because they are far too immersed in accepting bribes, engaging in Insider Trading, and generally selling out the 99% in favor of Corporate America and the Elites whom are dictating policy in these United States.

      Make no mistake, whether I like President Obama is beside the point. The majority of the country is aware that our economic collapse was partially fostered-in by the Bush Tax Cuts, Two wars that were not funded, and a well-intentioned Medicare Prescription Program that was necessary, but through the political process became bloated and far more expensive than it should have been. If this economy collapses entirely, it won’t be the fault of Liberal/Progressives, but the GOP and their unwillingness for the Elites and Corporate American to pay their fair share of taxes. The one issue that is being avoided by the MSM is that our greedy corporations are still outsourcing American jobs to foreign nations, further eviscerating our tax base. It wasn’t the Middle-Class and the poor who profited from and crashed the economy, it was the Criminal Banksters and the Elites who would rather pay lobbyists top dollar to help and bribe our Congress for favorable legislation rather than pay their fair share of taxes. I don’t approve of Communism and never have. Making assumptions is something that right-ring radicals such as yourself are Masters at – it’s just the truth and facts that never escape your lips.

      Everyone in this world is aware that it takes money to make money. The banks are only loaning to those who still have unblemished credit and/or another form of collateral for the loan. Listen Troll, the OWS Protestors, including myself, personally want no part of the 1%’s money except as it pertains to paying their taxes. They got wealthy – good for them. Their crime against the American people is that they also believe they are “entitled,” and now with the Fascist Five on the Supreme Court, our election system is saddled by huge donations from Corporations, who the Fascist Five found in their parallel reality to be constitutional, but these same “persons” also are exempt from liability, therefore if a corporate entity murders someone through negligence, they may have to settle in a lawsuit – but the corporate perpetrator that caused the death in the first place faces no personal criminal liability. Is that a reasonable definition for a “person” under American Jurisprudence?

      Finally, in regard the Bush Tax Cuts which are due to expire at the end of 2012… Allowing a Tax Cut to expire cannot be construed as “new taxes.” Furthermore, we learned a harsh lesson from these exorbitant Tax cuts. Bush sold them to us with the belief that Corporate America would invest in equipment for their factories thus creating new American Jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was a mad rush to continue outsourcing American jobs, and the Corporations paid for their new oversea factories with Taxes paid into the government by the 99% and through their new tax breaks.. The unmitigated greed exhibited by our major corporations is almost completely fascist in nature as they buy politicians by the handfuls to vote against the people and support their agenda to keep the Elites firmly entrenched as our Masters. How will these same Elites feel when they find it impossible to travel the streets without bodyguards as an angry public seeks to punish those who stole our nation and their version of Shared Sacrifice is for the poor and Middle-class pay for their mistakes and extravagance.

      Please tell me someone is in charge of purchasing the tar and feathers….

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