Some Believe That Bush's Economic Bailout Is The Beginning Of The End Of Freedom In America |

Some Believe That Bush’s Economic Bailout Is The Beginning Of The End Of Freedom In America

Many of the replies to one of my recent articles, Fortune Magazine Reveals Why There Is A Gas Shortage – And Warns It Could Get Worse! on various forums have been controversial, however, I received one comment on Op-Ed News, which I’m posting, which I believe is lingering in the minds of many of Americas most controversial writers – and even for many of you that have done nothing more than enter anonymous comments and statements disapproving of the Bush administration and their all-out assault on our constitution , rule of law and the Bill of Rights.:

Just the beginning folks …

What you’re experiencing is just the beginning of shortages. Soon it will be food, electricity and even water.

This is it. The spring was let loose some time ago, it’s just now biting into our flesh. Call it “the beginning of the end” if you wish, but it will continue to get worse at a faster rate. And before people can get outraged enough to do anything about it another “false-flag” attack will occur to fling us into another war and total tyranny.

This will happen.

How do I know? Because the American people, as a whole, have been played by cretins that have robbed and murdered them with impunity as the people foolishly believed in a system that has been corrupted long before any of us were born. I have watched, as we all have, time and time again where the so-called representatives betrayed us on nearly every level, and what have “we the people” done beyond signing petitions, making phone calls and parading in meaningless marches?


Why? Because it’s football and baseball play-off season!

We’ve known our elections are a farce since 2000, not that they weren’t before that, but 2000 election brought it front and center. And what was done?

It got worse!

Yet, foolish at it is, millions of you will line-up to vote on machines you have to know are as apt to erase your vote as Wall Street and big banks to steal your money.

Idiots! A Nation full of idiots.

Why do I say this when any one can point to the fact that 80% of the people were against this bailout?

For the same reason over 80% have been against continuing Iraq and we’ve been getting spit on for how many years now? And what have the people done about this disrespect and indignity? Grumbled and than like good little sheep went about their selfish daily lives.

Well go try to fill up your SUV’s now fools.

The powers-that-be have be laughing their asses off at just how stupid “we the people” are. After all, when they can say that airplanes can simply “vanish into a 16-ft. hole” and people believe this tripe as gospel why shouldn’t they be able to walk out of our treasury with our money and turn around and tell us it was our fault, because we were foolish enough to believe in their swindles?

It’s gotten to the point I don’t give a damn what happens to this country anymore. The people of this country deserve everything that’s going to happen to them. My only regret is that I’m not in a position to leave this God-forsaken, war-mongering, ignorant country and have to suffer along with the idiots that allowed this to happen.

Stupidity has a new definition: the mind of the American people.

And while we’re at it we might as well include that as a new definition for cowards.

Not that their isn’t a reason to be scared, but what makes the people of this country cowards is that they are fearful of action. Half-measures from afar is as close as they want to get.

Well the cretins that perpetrated this fraud aren’t afraid. They murdered 3,000 of us it broad day-light, and by any one’s definition, as cowardly an act as that was, it took some mighty big brass-balls.

But by us, the stupid American people, allowing them to bamboozle us on that, we have allowed them to do anything. We allowed them to perpetrate a lie so monstrous, so unbelievable that they were emboldened to do even bigger crimes.

Gas is the last thing we’ll be worrying about soon. There’s a reason Bush just signed a directive allowing our military to patrol our streets. The round-ups will start shortly. They’ve already been arresting journalists. Those of us that have been speaking out against this criminal organization mascaraing as a government will be next, right after H-1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Bill is passed. You can also say good-bye to sites such as these.

Think I’m being alarmist?

If so, you haven’t been paying attention. Look around. How long ago were you thinking “gee, once Bush is out of office everything will be okay”?

Well, it’s not okay! We might not even make it to an election at this rate. Not that it matters. Because if you think Obama will save you, I have another bailout to sell you and another plane that will vanish in thin air.

“Look folks, a plane – “PUFF” – there it’s gone! Terrorists did it – it’s magic! See your home, land, money – watch – “PUFF” – gone!

Now don’t get mad, just line-up and roll-up your sleeve, because we have something that will make everything okay again, it’s a “chip”. You’ll like it because you won’t need money anymore, the “chip” will take care of that. You won’t need your liberties either.”

Welcome to the late-great US of A.

by Mr M (4 articles, 0 quicklinks, 11 diaries, 1337 comments) on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 11:15:01 AM LINK

On April the 11th, 2007, Senator Ron Paul warned us that the United States was in danger of falling into a dictatorship. Senator Paul also warned us that our economy would fail, and in this topsy-turvey world where truth and facts take a back-seat to spin and misrepresentation, his warnings went unheeded. When we begin to list all of the Executive Orders that we know of, and combine them with Patriot Act I & II, understand the ramifications of ENDGAME and the role FEMA’s internment camps might play in Bush’s disaster capitalism – it becomes obvious that something big is coming, but so far, none of us are able to categorically state when and where this final descent into tyranny might begin. It’s extremely sad when we look to Congress for answers, and it’s always the same few that attempt to stand-up for the constitution and the rule of law – while the rest of the cowards sit back and do nothing as Bush eviscerates freedom and liberty. In July of 2008, Ron Paul also warned that “Something Big is Going On’ as it pertains to our financial collapse, and it’s another memorable glimpse into our future and is well worth the read.

If you’re one of “those writers” that have concentrated on America’s descent into fascism, as this Blog has, it sends chills of alarm down ones back. My health is bad and incarceration is a death sentence, however, in spite of that it’s hard to quit writing. I’m an idealist. I’m hoping that another Smedley Butler will rise up and we can regain the spirit of American heroism. I love my country, most of us do, and our hearts are wrenching as we see it disintegrating into a fascist nation. It’s possible this is Bush’s last attempt at raiding the Treasury, but it’s also possible they (Bush and Cheney) have no intention of giving-up power, and this latest financial fiasco is just another segment of their well laid plans. (It could hinge on Obama willing to agree to pardon both in order to retain political stability.) Since we now know they suspected this collapse well in advance and did nothing to prevent it as evidenced by the unveiling of their pre-written bailout plans, it’s more than obvious that our own government is working against us, not for the people who desperately need help.

Bush’s recent economic bailout program has caused a populist movement to spring forth, and to sum it up, middle-America is angry and it’s growing by the day. The Corporatists, who are eying the situation are aware that middle-America is furious, and I’m hoping they come to a realization that they have stepped-over their boundaries and participated in the theft of American Taxpayer Dollars. Fortune Magazine stated:

Main Street turns against Wall Street

“A potential calamity,” predicts Democratic pollster Doug Schoen. “If the reactions we’re seeing hold, we could have real spasmodic anger directed at businesses and corporations.” And the timing will have consequences, says financier and onetime GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: “Unfortunately, politicians have seized on the politics of envy,” he told Fortune, “and they are stoking it this election year like I’ve never seen in my lifetime.”

Compared to this, Enron was a warm-up exercise. For all the public outrage over accounting scandals seven years ago, the result in Washington was limited to a financial reporting rule that most Americans have never heard of (though many in the business community still consider Sarbanes-Oxley a destructive overreaction).

By contrast, the implosion of Wall Street, followed by Paulson’s escalating series of multibillion-dollar rescues, has fired up populist sentiments that were already building in American politics, promising to reshape legislative battles over everything from tax and trade policies to federal regulation. Union leaders like the AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney suddenly sound as if they’re in the mainstream of public opinion with statements like this: “One thing is certain. No one – no politician, no investment banker, no television commentator, no economist – should be able to say again with a straight face that here in the United States we just let markets do whatever markets do and everything works out for the best.” MORE

We’re constantly seeing tax dollars being spent to rescue the rich, not to mention unconstitutional faith-based programs, and Americans are being assailed with several different instances of Taxation without Representation. We must remember that this issue was one of the primary reasons America declared its independence against England, and if it was good enough for our forefathers, who gave us this great nation, it should be good enough for us! I don’t have all of the answers. I’d like to see “the people” come together in solidarity and handle this matter through peaceful means, i.e., a general strike that wouldn’t end until Bush and Cheney resign from office, or another way to exercise our rights as citizens and demand the change that’s necessary to put this nation on the right track. In order to save this nation from insolvency and tyranny, we desperately need a change in leadership, and until Obama is elected, we would fare better if Bush and Cheney were in a position that would prohibit them from wrecking further disaster upon our nation.

Where is our Congress on this matter? It’s pure fallacy to keep repeating the same action and expect different results. Our Congress is stymied by refusals to comply with subpoenas, the White House’s misstated views on Executive privilege and their downright contempt for the constitution add-up to a rogue government that for all practical purposes, is a fledgling dictatorship that’s been operating under the radar until the final shoe drops. Recent events seem to indicate that the final shoe may drop at any time, and it’s hard to comprehend that thousands of innocent Americans will be gathered-up, in the early AM hours, and will be herded into internment camps or worse. The “Terrorism Watch List” for the United States is now estimated to contain over one million names, and the ACLU launched an online watch list complaint form in an effort to seek answers in regard this unconstitutional categorizing of American citizens.

With so many names, we have to believe that there are hundreds of thousands of terrorists that are awaiting their time to unleash horrendous attacks on the United States, or in the alternative, understand there may be a few the FBI is watching for real terrorist activities, however, getting placed on the “terrorist watch list” is as easy as making a nasty remark about the Bush administration or in any way disapproving of how our government is running; physically attending a non-violent peace rally or otherwise willing to show “you’ll hit the streets” is a guarantee of being placed on this list.

If you’re on the list, does it guarantee that you’ll fall into the net of “terrorism” suspects? None of us have answers to these questions, as many of Bush’s Executive Orders are so secret that even members of Congress are prohibited from viewing them. Is this the proper use of Congressional oversight, or our government operating with the full compliment of checks and balances that our constitution calls for, or are we bending to the will of an overbearing and oppressive administration? Most of us fear it’s the latter and are mystified why our Congress is not fulfilling their pledged duty. How have we as a nation found ourselves with so many rogue elements in Congress? I wish the Republicans were 100% to blame, but they are not, and Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer have been Bush’s staunchest supporter on the issues that really count – especially as it concerns impeachment. Pelosi won’t be remembered as a “Lioness” as I recently read, but instead as the first female Speaker of The House that immediately sold-out our system of checks and balances when she “took impeachment off the table.” Pelosi, by her own admission, may be guilty of crimes against humanity” for staying quiet when she first learned that the United States was torturing its prisoners. For her, taking impeachment off the table was likely a move for self-preservation – and hopefully, it will fail as so many other Neo-con plans have failed.

If the government does plan on rounding-up dissidents, I assure you, they haven’t considered the backlash of their actions. Task forces operating in the early AM hours would strike in unison, taking out as many as possible in one swell swoop. For the most part, their initial actions will go fairly smooth, but then the backlash will begin. Politics are a deeply personal issue. Many family members don’t discuss politics among themselves because of the sensitivity of the issue(s). Wait until Sheriff Smith finds out that his brother was swept-up by another task force, and police officers and the military alike find that their own relatives are among those who have been incarcerated. They will know they are basically good people, but got caught in the trap of daring to voice their opinions where they could be heard. Like it or not, word will filter down to the people, and they will be furious. They know that locking all of them up is not feasible, and the demonstrations and unrest could be far more than this nation has ever experienced.

Remember, the bulk of the population is still fiercely patriotic, and when they figure-out that they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes and the heel of oppression comes home to roost, look for some very angry Americans. I am deeply in favor of handling our differences through peaceful means, but I do understand that on this issue, I may be in the minority. Some people are even talking of revolution, whispered as if they were in the halls of a high school that didn’t allow speaking, and people all over America are furious and feel betrayed. I cannot predict the public mood, but from what I’ve read and heard on several videos, it’s black and angry. The general population know they are being robbed, and no amount of reassurances from this Congress is going to make it any better. It’s going to be politics as usual, help Wall Street and screw Main Street. My assessment may appear to be blunt, but how do you put it when the thievery is this blatant and against everything that our constitution embodies? How do we react when the thieves are rewarded for their behavior and the victims are made to pay?

The President’s handling of our economy and our energy resources demonstrates that this administration is incapable of handling this nations day to day business and obligations. The harsh reality of the situation is that America is broke, and Bush and Cheney, via their bailout plan, and transferring the last vestiges of America’s Middle-class wealth to the elitists that actually dictate Bush policy. Vladimir Putin stated that Bush was the “Kingmakers” mouthpiece, and I may be para-phrasing, and to that extent, I agree with President Putin. Americans have been tricked into giving-up that which made them Americans because of threats and the politics of fear the Bush administration is waging against an unsuspecting America, and finally, there is evidence the population might be waking up!

I know that I’m only one voice among thousands, however, I have presented the implications and the evidence that supports allegations that this is another segment of the Bush Family Plot to turn America into a fascist state one of the primary themes of this site. We hear the President speak of appeasement, and what a horrible thing it is, but what if his Grandfather Prescott Bush wasn’t “appeased? If the full power of our law was applied as it should have been, Prescott Bush, among a number of famous “household names” would have been executed for treason back in 1933. Please, follow the link on Prescott Bush and be introduced to three generations of treason which appears to be a Bush family tradition. We can all thank the MSM for not properly introducing us to a prospective President prior to the 2000 elections. – and utter complicity since then on so many different occasions it would take three books to document.

From what I’ve been watching and reading, “the people” want what’s left of their country back, and 80% do not favor the bailout plan. We can bet our Congress will acquiesce to the Bush administration, they always do, but remember the paragraph from Fortune Magazine from the last article that describes what the final version of this bill will look like:

Despite the changes made during an intense week of negotiations, the heart of the program remains President Bush’s original idea: spend billions of taxpayer dollars to buy mortgage-backed securities whose value has plummeted. LINK

It’s Sunday afternoon at 5:PM Eastern time and CNN is reporting:

Rescue bill revealed
Proposed legislation details plan to enact historic bailout of nation’s financial system.

Last Updated: September 28, 2008: 4:37 PM ET

Pain on Main Street, risk to taxpayers

The chill of the credit freeze has been felt far beyond Wall Street, as well. Businesses large and small have seen the cost of borrowing spike higher.

At the same time, the scale of the administration’s plan – and the quick pace of the debate over it – has given pause to many Americans and lawmakers worried about its potential cost to taxpayers.

“We begin with a very important task, a task to stabilize the markets, to protect all Americans – and do it in a way that protects the taxpayer to the maximum extent possible,” Paulson said early Sunday morning. MUCH MORE

I only posted the last three paragraphs of the article, however it’s almost a guarantee that our Congress will once again rush into action, guided by threats of national security and potential national emergencies to give away more taxpayer dollars to the corporations and the wealthy, proof positive that none of them who vote for this bailout give a damn about the average American. Just as they did with the Patriot Bill, they rushed and signed a Bill that only two or three actually read, a bill that had been prepared by the government prior to the 911 attacks. Now, another crisis, and Congress is getting ready to sign a Bill that is essentially what Bush requested in a Bill that was written far before this co-called collapse happened, and instead of taking the time that Bush and his cronies put into planning for this event, it seems our Congress should place an adequate amount of time investigating and at least grasp the financial implications entailed in this bill rather than caving-in prematurely before they truly understand its financial implications and the real costs to the Taxpayer.

When the Bill was initially presented, it was just two (2) pages long. The vultures descended from “K Street”, and that same Bill is likely in excess of 200 pages by now, and I’m only guessing. The financial buzzards will pick at our financial corpse, helping it to implode even more quickly with pork and waste, traitors in their own right as they buy support rather than earning it – engaging in a practice that is nothing more or less than legalized bribery. This demonstrates that our financial institutions are fighting for their share of the money, on their terms – and they all want as much of it as the Bill will allow. Wall Street will benefit and Main Street loses again, this time in a magnitude that will forever change America’s “free market” (sic). You’ll also notice the timing of this crisis; Congress is ready to adjourn, so along with Bush’s scare tactics, we have Congressmen that just want to go home, and that doesn’t always equate to fair representation from Congress. All of our Congressmen that vote for this measure need to be reminded when it’s election time that they were co-conspirators in the largest theft of taxpayer money in our country’s history – and they share in the shame for their complicity in the robbery of America.

Ever since this economic emergency materialized this site has been extremely busy. Most of the searches are for information on martial law, FEMA internment camps, FEMA coffins, and subjects that have to do with losing our liberty and freedom. The air is charged and millions are waiting “for the next shoe to drop.” The wealthy have captured most of our money, although admittedly, there’s still some left, and in the natural progression of a fascist society, now that the government is in control of the money, the last vestiges of our freedom is exactly that, freedom itself, and I’m hoping that we don’t reach that low in our history – and even more importantly, help to ensure that we don’t go quietly as the majority of the Jews did in Hitler’s Germany.

UPDATE: I just read CNN, and our Congress has every intention of passing this egregious Bill, even though it is objected to by approximately 80% of the public. Once the legislation is signed into law, Bush will issue a “signing statement” to interpret how he will react to the Bill. It may remain secret, and the public may never know how and exactly where we were robbed during the execution of this financial bailout, and the subsequent execution of America’s free market.

Rescue bill released

Legislation details plan to enact historic bailout of nation’s financial system.
By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer
Last Updated: September 28, 2008: 6:22 PM ET

NEW YORK ( — The federal government would provide as much as $700 billion in a far-reaching plan to rescue the nation’s troubled financial system, according to a bill posted online by leading Democratic lawmakers on Sunday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she hopes the House will take up the bill on Monday. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he believes the Senate can move on the legislation as early as Wednesday.

“We sent a message to Wall Street – the party is over,” she said at a press conference with Reid and other Democratic leaders from the House and Senate. MUCH MORE

Sure, the taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill… If you buy that one, I’ve got millions of acres of swampland for you too. “Pelosi said the provisions added by Democrats will protect taxpayers from having to pay for the bailout.” That’s IF everything goes as planned, and in that regard, we know it won’t. Here we go again, a Congress complying with the same President that helped to create this mess as if somehow, the worst President in our history will atone for his crimes and govern this nation with the people in mind instead of his corporate cronies and the wealthy the Bush family represents.

It’s time to ring their phones off the hook again, write to your local and national editors, and generally, tell the politicians that are so quick to sell us out that we aren’t interested – and the people that got themselves in this mess will have to suffer the consequences. We, as a nation and people have suffered the consequences of Bush’s folly in Iraq and Afghanistan (the latter of which we could have won.) and a once strong nation is almost on its knees, brought there by the greed of corporate America and the complicity of the Bush administration. If this were local, we would call 911 and report an obvious robbery; this has to be against our constitutional rights, as it constitutes Taxation without Representation – and somehow, the crooks in Washington want us to roll-over and accept that we’re going to pay for the greed and criminality of Wall Street. This morning, CNN ran another story where the President is urging quick passage of his bailout for the wealthy and Corporate America – a Bill that will drive America’s Middle-class into obscurity and change our financial landscape forever; welcome to fascist America, where nothing matters except money and power, all of which is being taken away from the people and is being handed to those who helped to destroy America.

Bush, Fed chair push for rescue
President, Fed Chair urge support of $700 billion bailout measure. House poised to vote.

William Cormier

UPDATE: Today, Bush’s Bailout Bill was temporarily defeated. Americans gave a huge collective sigh of relief as round one in this battle goes to the people, but don’t underestimate Bush or the GOP’s ability to circumvent the law when it’s to their advantage, and finishing-off the US Treasury is still Bush’s prime objective and he usually gets what he wants.

Remember that NSPD-51 may be in effect and could have been since the last National Emergency was declared, and if Bush doesn’t get what he wants from Congress, with the White House’s warped sense of “what” constitutes the law and their belief in a “Unitary Executive” – I believe it’s “legal (sic)” in the Bush White House for him to appropriate the money via an Executive order backed-up by NSPD-51. We know, by American troops being deployed on American soil for the possibility of “crowd control” and other such duties, the government is expecting massive protests about something – but at this point none of us are aware of what the flash point will be and how serious the issue will impact America. To familiarize yourself with NSPD-51 and the power it gives to Bush, read:

When Bush Declared A National Emergency, NSPD-51 Gave Him Dictator Power. Freedom May Be An Illusion

I’m sure this fight isn’t over yet, and the vultures already smell money, so we know that by hook or crook, bush will do anything to figure out a way to profit from the misery of Americans.

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