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Police Corruption In The State Of Florida

Author’s Note:  I am posting this important story for the residents of the entire State of Florida for two (2) reasons.

1.  For those of you whom believe in the Rule of Law, this article may come as a shock and I believe that the Rule of Law should apply to Law Enforcement Officers as well as those who do not wear a badge. Even though this article was originally posted in the The Sun Sentinel by Lisa J. Huriash, this does not mean that the story was necessarily heard throughout the State of Florida.

2.  When I posted “A Justice System Of Corruption And Torture Designed For Corporations & Media Whores Who Profit From It – Part 1,” some of those I communicate with began to think that I was paranoid because I suspected that the State of Florida and/or The City of Pensacola would retaliate against me for revealing the truth, a phrase which is often characterized as Speaking Truth-to-Power.

There’s no question that I believe and have witnessed with my own eyes the dangers of attempting to address Police Corruption and/or Law Enforcement malfeasance. Most of you have heard rumors in regard the “Blue Wall,”and as the story below will prove, no matter who you are, when you do step-up to the plate and begin questioning authority, many as I do, and others who have learned the hard way have learned that revealing facts in regard this issue can result in losing your own life, imprisonment, or being harassed to the point of moving away from the area where the alleged incident occurred. Since I am planning on posting Part two of the Editorial on the Criminal Justice System within the next few days it seems more than appropriate to post this story in an effort to educate the public on the dangers that anyone, including Law Enforcement Officer’s themselves can and do experience when they reveal facts that those whom are in power frown upon and often retaliate against illegally as a consequence of whoever it is that dares to cross the line and publicly exposes Police malfeasance:

Female Trooper Who Pulled Over Speeding Cop ‘Fears For Her Life’

Information Liberation
December 28, 2012

The female highway patrol trooper who made headlines for pulling over and arresting a speeding cop says she fears for her life as a result of stalking and harassment from fellow police officers.

Via The Sun Sentinel:


The Florida Highway Patrol trooper at the center of firestorm after she pulled over a speeding cop at gunpoint said fellow law enforcement officers have created a “life-threatening” situation that caused her to be in such fear for her safety she has become a “hermit.”

Trooper Donna “Jane” Watts’ 69-page lawsuit, filed in federal court Friday, seeks more than $1 million in damages. She is suing more than 100 police officers and agencies, and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The suit alleges 88 law enforcement officers from 25 jurisdictions illegally accessed her personal information more than 200 times, violating her privacy.

[…]in the months after the incident, officers looked up information such as her home address, picture, Social Security number, date of birth, and detailed vehicle description in a database available to police officers, according to her lawsuit.

The suit alleges the police agencies — including the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Lauderhill and Hollywood Police — did not properly train their officers, who used the information they received to intimidate Watts.

[…]Watts said after the incident she received random calls on her home and cell phones, some threatening. Pranksters ordered pizza delivery to her house, according to the suit. Watts, who lives on a cul-de-sac, said several vehicles would also stop in front of her driveway or idle on her street.

The suit states that Watts has been so upset about the privacy violations that she has “started to experience physical symptoms to include dry heaves and nausea when performing basic activities such as opening her mailbox, starting her ignition, or when being followed by a law enforcement vehicle for no apparent reason.”  LINK To VIDEO @ The Sun Sentinel

Read the full story here(This condensed version of the above news event is available on InfoWars.com at this LINK.)

You’re only “paranoid” if you experience a fear based on nothing more than your imagination. When you attempt to protect yourself based on personal experience and the stories you read in the News, then you may become extremely cautious by refusing to travel anywhere alone, not to mention other undisclosed methods that may help to thwart retaliation – but in no way are foolproof to try and guarantee your own safety as well as that of your family. Any “push” against authority can be hazardous to your health and far too many people have been “disappeared” or died from Lead Poisoning that reinforce and substantiate the healthy respect and fear that comes when you understand that the consequences of your refusal to be intimidated and speak-out when you believe that your Constitutional rights of your own or family have been grossly violated.

The only thing I know of that is worse than speaking-out against authority is when you are sure they have violated your constitutional rights is to cow in fear and live with the realization that if only you had spoken up, your actions, even though at the time may have placed your personal safety in jeopardy, could have prevented the same thing from happening to other victims of Police malfeasance and/or brutality.


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