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Adam Lanza

Our Nation Is Depressed, Violence Is Rising And Now There May Be Answers In Regard Sandy Hook Massacre

Author’s Note:  This article was originally posted on March 16th, 2008 and because I was a novice using Social Networking I believe it went largely unnoticed. In light of the Sandy Hook Massacre, I believe that this article is an important contribution as we as a nation attempt to understand the rise of violence throughout this nation and the Global Community. Open your mind and note that the material I am presenting is substantiated and does provide some of the answers that we as a nation are seeking. In this Author’s opinion, it is we the citizens that can begin to stop these horrible tragedies, not the government – and I caution everyone to beware when they expect government entities to prevent tragedies that they and Big Pharma have contributed to themselves. It is extremely important to note that the Patriot Act has allowed many cities the ability to refuse disclosure of the amount of pharmaceuticals in their water supplies as substantiated below which IMO is nothing more than another abuse of government authority to hide from the people the dangers that we are facing as a nation that doesn’t originate from terrorists – but from our Congress and a Mainstream News Media that refuses to demand and publish the truth whether the government likes it or not; The Fourth Estate is effectively dead and stinking!

The day before yesterday I was reading an article on Blacklisted News written by Jon Rappoport, who was an Investigative Reporter for over 30 years, a Candidate for a U.S. Congressional seat in California, had been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, wrote for such prestigious magazines and publications such as “CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.” With credentials such as this, I felt his article was a much-read piece, however, when I began to read his article, I was struck with an uncanny sense of ‘deja vu and realized that I had written a similar piece that went into areas that Jon Rappoport failed to include in his article that adds even more validity and substantiation to his original piece, and unfortunately, demonstrates that the magnitude and depth of this problem is far worse than even Mr.Rappoport  may be aware of himself due to even tighter restrictions which are enforced by the unconstitutional abomination we refer to as the Patriot (Sic) Act.. Below are excerpts from his excellent analysis and hypothesis:

Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis in Newtown, Connecticut

December 15, 2012

Source: Jon Rappoport, Guest Post

TV americana divulga foto de suspeito do massacre

Mayor Bloomberg is leading the charge to take away guns in the wake of the Newtown child murders. The pressure is on.

Apart from grandstanding, which Bloomberg knows how to do, this is all about deflection from the main event: the killer himself.

Last night, I watched network coverage, wherein, of course, the anchors were in Newtown, standing on the street, “trying to make sense of the whole thing.”

If they’re so interested, along with the public, in figuring out why Adam Lanza killed all those children, you would think, with their enormous resources, they would find out who Lanza’s doctor-psychiatrist was in five minutes and ask him about his patient.

Of course, that’s sacred ground. Patient-doctor confidentiality.

Except the patient is dead.

So much for the networks wanting to know who Adam Lanza really was. It’s all a sham. They just want to keep asking the question over and over, pretending to be in the dark about the whole thing.

They want to “deepen the mystery” and emphasize how futile it is to get into the mind of a killer. They’ve got that rap down. They use it every time one of these mass murders happens.

They know about the psychiatric-drug connection to murders and suicides. But they won’t say the magic words. They’ll just keep biting their tongues.

And “out of respect for the victims,” the drug companies aren’t running ads anywhere near this media coverage. Translation: the companies don’t want to encourage the public to make the connection between meds and murder.

Prozac, murder. Zoloft, murder. Paxil, murder. Ritalin, murder. MUCH MORE

As you read the below article that was written in 2008, it is extremely important that you understand that what you are learning poses a National Security Risk to the health and welfare of every citizen that lives in the United States. It is only our collective outrage and action that will work to solve this preeminent danger to the health of every American alive and I urge anyone that reads this Editorial to call the White House, their Congressional Representatives and demand, don’t ask for action.

Many in the country are on their proverbial knees with stress, anxiety, and depression. Over a year and a half ago, I enjoyed the company of a prominent Psychologist in Pensacola, Florida. She advised me that one of the most frequent complaints she was treating was that people were depressed – that events on the news were making them worry and affecting the quality of their lives. That was then, over a year ago, and we’ve gone from bad to worse – and I have to ponder in regard the mental health of the nation as our economy deteriorates in a cascade of financial disasters, people worry about the possibility of War with Iran, and the subsequent possibility of martial law. Millions of families who just a few years ago who were enjoying an average American life have lost their jobs and suffered the rapid decent from riches to rags. A huge percentage of those who have lost their careers due to outsourcing are working two lower-paying jobs in an attempt to make ends meet – and the stress of coping with our core products rising so quickly in cost is having a devastating effect on the country.

My friend chose an interesting course of therapy, and it was instant! “Turn-off the damn news and forget about what none of us have the ability to change.” I’m paraphrasing her, but that was her solution, one that she actually implemented for herself. This was a well adjusted Psychologist with a PhD whom had decided the best way to cope with this particular event is to ignore it, and she advised that I do the same. She was my friend then and is now, but I disagree with her treatment for a depression that is spreading across America. She maintained that immersing yourself in the news was not worth the depression and anxiety that would accompany “knowing too much.”

I believe that many Americans have received similar advice, or just for their own peace of mind and mental health, have ignored the news and its subsequent depression/anxiety. Even with the propaganda machine at full speed, we all know its going to get much worse before it gets better, and with that reality comes depression, anxiety, and a general feeling of helplessness. The solution to the matter is that we need to “man-up” so to speak and “take it all in” so we can remain well informed and able to lend a hand whenever it’s necessary. It’s obvious to everyone that on certain occasions, we have made a difference on issues that concern each and every American alive. If there were more of us, our impact would be greater and something could really be accomplished. Instead of an impeachment petition boasting of a few hundred-thousand signatures, imagine the clout when that same petition has millions of signatures, something we can all accomplish in the privacy of our own homes – and urge our family and friends to do the same. Burying our heads in the sand will guarantee that when we do come-up for another glimpse at our nation’s mental health and political issues that are intent on destroying our constitutionally based government, matters will likely be far worse and could progress to the “tipping point” of no return!

The economy is progressively getting worse, and as I read the below article and listened to President Bush’s speech this morning, I was struck how unappreciative he was in regard the real situation in America. He appears to have a disconnect with people that makes less that “X” amount of money, or on the other hand, is the cruel and calculating shyster many believe he is that is only concerned with the almighty dollar:

Economy Hammered by Toxic Blend of Ailments

By VIKAS BAJAJ New York Times (Excerpts.)

Almost everything seems to be going wrong for the American economy at once. People are buying less, but most things are costing more. Mortgage rates are rising, the dollar is falling and prices of key commodities like oil are leaping from one record high to the next.

A toxic blend of economic and financial developments is testing policy makers and lawmakers who are struggling to contain the slump brought on by the collapse of the mortgage market, a downturn that now looks sure to push the economy into a recession. Though current conditions are a far cry from the 1970s, resurgent inflation is raising the threat of stagflation — a condition in which unemployment and the price of goods and services both rise.

Many specialists say policy makers can do only so much to protect the economy and warn that the government should be careful not to exacerbate inflation and create a new bubble like the one in housing that has burst. Lower interest rates and increased federal spending may not be enough to shore up growth, and some suggest that the only remedy for the pain may be the pain itself. A Standard & Poor’s report predicted that sub-prime mortgage write-downs at banks were nearly done, though losses in other areas might continue. Excellent Article – Click for more

On Thursday, as we predicted a few days ago, Gold topped $1,000.00 per ounce. The rise in Gold prices in an indicator of international concern over a global recession/depression, or fears of war, and from the information we have today, it’s extremely possible that famine could literally be around the corner. We have been urging people to stock-up on food, water, prescription medications and other essentials because of several scenarios that could rise to disrupt our national food supply, which is dangerously low. LINK A famine/economic crisis is but one of several events that could trigger a disruption in our food supply which would likely result in a declaration of martial law.

Could we really run out of food?

By Jon Markman
March 06, 2008

As if a bear market, U.S. credit crunch, energy crisis and city financing emergency were not enough for one year, experts say the world is now facing down the barrel of the worst catastrophe of all: famine.

The very idea that the modern world could run out of food seems ludicrous, but that is the flip side, or cause, of the tremendous recent increase in the cost of raw wheat, corn, rice, oats and soybeans. Food prices are not escalating because speculators have run them up for sport and profit, but because accelerating demand in developing nations, biofuel production and poor harvests in some areas have made basic foodstuffs truly scarce.

In energy circles, folks who warn about the beginning of the end of cheap fossil fuels talk about “peak oil” as a point we have dangerously and expensively crossed. Likewise, you can now add “peak wheat” to your political and investment lexicon. And it’s a lot worse.

Food fighting

One can always move closer to work to cut down on gasoline. But be forced to eat less toast, beer and steak? Them’s fightin’ words.

Wheat futures prices have tripled since 2004, corn prices have almost tripled since 2005, and soybeans have tripled since 2006. Meanwhile, crude oil is up merely 60% in the past three years, which makes it seem very bearable in comparison. U.S. stock prices have barely eked out a 10% advance since 2005, underscoring the diminishment of our buying power. A large pepperoni pizza these days costs about as much as a share of Citigroup (C.N). Citigroup finished Wednesday at $22.15. MUCH MORE

To make matters worse, we have all witnessed what appears to be a trend of rising violence in our nation and are presented with graphic details of crimes that make many of us cringe in disbelief! A daughter aiding in the murder of her family because of a “dating ban”, sons who have murdered (or tried) to murder their entire families, senseless deaths in our country’s colleges and schools, and a general feeling that people are acting-out with violence in senseless crimes that cause many individuals to question “why” the country appears to be on a “hair-trigger” which exacerbates the general atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, therefore adding to the growing depression that has become endemic in our culture. The question we’re all asking is “why” – and so far, there haven’t been any logical answers.

Now, in a revelation that no one can predict what effects it will have on humans, we know that the water supply in the US and throughout the world has become contaminated by pharmaceutical by-products. What we eat and drink on a daily basis is proving to be harmful to fish and other creatures that inhabit our lakes and rivers – and if it is so concentrated that it’s causing deformities and other destabilization’s of our ecology, what is the effect on human beings?

Prescription drugs found in drinking water across U.S.

(AP) — A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Contamination is not confined to the United States. More than 100 different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams throughout the world. Studies have detected pharmaceuticals in waters throughout Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe — even in Swiss lakes and the North Sea.

In the United States, the problem isn’t confined to surface waters. Pharmaceuticals also permeate aquifers deep underground, the source of 40 percent of the nation’s water supply. Federal scientists who drew water in 24 states from aquifers near contaminant sources such as landfills and animal feed lots found minuscule levels of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs.

Perhaps it’s because Americans have been taking drugs — and flushing them unmetabolized or unused — in growing amounts. Over the past five years, the number of U.S. drug prescriptions rose 12 percent to a record 3.7 billion, while nonprescription drug purchases held steady around 3.3 billion, according to IMS Health and The Nielsen Co. MUCH MORE

This is one time that I applaud CNN for publishing an article that could have drastic ramifications to America and the entire global community, and in my opinion, is a must-read article. Even the experts are in disagreement as to the seriousness of the problem, however, when it affects fish and wildlife, it seems ludicrous to believe that it isn’t affecting humans, especially in the long-term! These are other quotes from the same article – which should raise the alarm to every person and government on earth, yet as important as this story is – Congress and the medical community in general have not attached the priority and importance to this ecological crisis that threatens humanity across the globe:

Ask the pharmaceutical industry whether the contamination of water supplies is a problem, and officials will tell you no.

“Based on what we now know, I would say we find there’s little or no risk from pharmaceuticals in the environment to human health,” said microbiologist Thomas White, a consultant for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

But at a conference last summer, Mary Buzby — director of environmental technology for drug maker Merck & Co. Inc. — said: “There’s no doubt about it, pharmaceuticals are being detected in the environment and there is genuine concern that these compounds, in the small concentrations that they’re at, could be causing impacts to human health or to aquatic organisms.”

Also, pharmaceuticals in waterways are damaging wildlife across the nation and around the globe, research shows. Notably, male fish are being feminized, creating egg yolk proteins, a process usually restricted to females. Pharmaceuticals also are affecting sentinel species at the foundation of the pyramid of life — such as earthworms in the wild and zooplankton in the laboratory, studies show. (Emphasis added.)

USA Today, along with a variety of other MSM news sources, printed several variations of the same study, however cited 911 as the rationale for some communities in refusing to identify what pharmaceuticals, if any, were contained in their local water supplies:

AP: Drugs found in drinking water

In several cases, officials at municipal or regional water providers told the AP that pharmaceuticals had not been detected, but the AP obtained the results of tests conducted by independent researchers that showed otherwise. For example, water department officials in New Orleans said their water had not been tested for pharmaceuticals, but a Tulane University researcher and his students have published a study that found the pain reliever naproxen, the sex hormone estrone and the anti-cholesterol drug byproduct clofibric acid in treated drinking water.

Of the 28 major metropolitan areas where tests were performed on drinking water supplies, only Albuquerque; Austin, Texas; and Virginia Beach; said tests were negative. The drinking water in Dallas has been tested, but officials are awaiting results. Arlington, Texas, acknowledged that traces of a pharmaceutical were detected in its drinking water but cited post-9/11 security concerns in refusing to identify the drug.

The AP also contacted 52 small water providers — one in each state, and two each in Missouri and Texas — that serve communities with populations around 25,000. All but one said their drinking water had not been screened for pharmaceuticals; officials in Emporia, Kan., refused to answer AP’s questions, also citing post-9/11 issues. MUCH MORE

In this writer’s opinion, 911 has absolutely nothing to do with the contamination of our drinking water from pharmaceuticals- and to even suggest that 911 is a logical rationale for not divulging information is a blatant lie perpetrated to keep as many communities in the dark as possible to the growing threat of our nations contaminated water supply. As a nation, we should vigorously protest anyone that suggests 911 is somehow a logical rationale for refusing to address the contamination of a vital resource that was undoubtedly contaminated years before 911 ever occurred.

The nation in general is suffering from anxiety, depression, and despair; as the violence escalates and people continue to act-out with seemingly unexplained instances of mass murder and acts of violence that no one can explain, I believe it’s time that our scientists and free-thinkers start correlating the inadvertent “drugging of America” with the general mental state of the country, and attempt to factor in the effects of these mind-altering drugs on the human psyche and the general health of the entire country. Are we poisoning ourselves and causing our own demise by failing to understand and regulate the mass prescribing of anti-depressants and other mind altering drugs? The most prescribed drugs in the United States are anti-depressants, which CNN addressed in July of 2007:

CDC: Antidepressants most prescribed drugs in U.S.

By Elizabeth Cohen – CNN

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Dr. Ronald Dworkin tells the story of a woman who didn’t like the way her husband was handling the family finances. She wanted to start keeping the books herself but didn’t want to insult her husband.

She got the antidepressant, and she did feel better, said Dr. Dworkin, a Maryland anesthesiologist and senior fellow at Washington’s Hudson Institute, who told the story in his book “Artificial Unhappiness: The Dark Side of the New Happy Class.” But in the meantime, Dworkin says, the woman’s husband led the family into financial ruin.

“Doctors are now medicating unhappiness,” said Dworkin. “Too many people take drugs when they really need to be making changes in their lives.”

For Dworkin, the proof is in the statistics. According to a government study, antidepressants have become the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. They’re prescribed more than drugs to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, or headaches. MUCH MORE

I’m 57, and if you’re my age, you’ve probably shook your head as you witness middle-school and high school girls that didn’t come close to the physical maturity they display now, and believe me, when I was in school, there were always a couple “early bloomers”, but generally speaking, the girls of my day didn’t look like they do today. We’ve been told it’s due to the additives that are now present in our food and the wide spread usage of vitamins, however, looking at the “feminizing of fish” and other signs that indicate the water itself is the culprit, I’m more inclined to believe that our women are maturing sooner than they should based on the amount of estrogen related by-products that course though our water supply – and none of us are aware of the long-term effects this altering of nature will impose upon humanity whether we choose to participate or not; like it or not, humanity is now part of a grand experiment perpetrated upon the public by greedy pharmaceutical companies that advertise mercilessly to entice the public to find their happiness in a pill – but have failed to tell us that our happiness is likely short lived, and the profits of today are resulting in changes to humanity that may be irreversible.

William Cormier

Footnote:This knowledge has been brought to the forefront by an intensive Associated Press investigation, but the government knew about this danger far before this report became available, but thanks to a MSM that wasn’t paying attention, once again the alarm is being raised after the coral has long been empty – a hallmark of a government that favors profit over the environment and even the fate of the human race itself. I’m not sure how many years the government was aware this danger existed, but I am sure the alarm should have been raised when frogs, considered to be “the canary in the coal mine when it comes to water issues”, were showing symptoms of distress:

Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supply Are Causing Bizarre Mutations to Wildlife

By Greg Peterson, E Magazine. Posted August 9, 2007.

From inter-sex fish in the Potomac River to frog mutations in Wisconsin, federal officials are spending this summer studying the effects of pharmaceuticals such as pain killers and depression medicine on the environment, because the drugs have turned up in America’s drinking water.

The cumulative effect of trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and personal-care products in the water on humans isn’t yet known, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking preventative measures. Pharmaceuticals have already been linked to behavioral and sexual mutations in fish, amphibians and birds, according to EPA studies.

Better sensors have revealed that trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, including narcotics, birth control, antidepressants and other controlled substances, are in the drinking water and in U.S. rivers, lakes and streams. The growing public debate on pharmaceuticals in water will heat up this summer as experts on both sides of the issue try to convince the public that it’s either much ado about nothing or another example of humans ignoring early warning signs such as deformed frogs — the amphibian considered the canary in the coal mine when it comes to water issues.

A 1999 (EPA and German) study of pharmaceutical and other personal-care products concluded the “undetectable effects on aquatic organisms are particularly worrisome because effects could accumulate so slowly that major change goes undetected until the cumulative level of these effects finally cascades to irreversible change — change that would otherwise be attributed to natural adaptation or ecologic succession.” (Emphasis added.) MORE

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