Open Letter To President Obama, by Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D. |

Open Letter To President Obama, by Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.

by Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.


(He is with us / We are with him)

Mr. President are you still with us?

Mr. President you know well about the awful situation in Iran .You have better access to the information regarding Iranian prisons, you know Ahmadinejad and Khamenehee’s atrocities better than all of us. You are aware of the gross human rights violations in Iran. Our hope was that you would get elected and we would see the reformers winning in Iran. We hoped that there would be a rapprochement and that with time both countries set their differences aside and that eventually the relationship between Iran and the US get better and normalize.

In the beginning everything was going right. You were elected to office, you said the right things, and you gave us real hope when you talkedat theUniversity of Cairo.

But then there was the Iranian election. People who where supposed to make it easier for you to normalize the relationship with Iran cheated in the election, then there was the uprising in Iran and everything fell apart. They killed many good people, thousands of people got arrested, and now there are show trials in Tehran. People are being tortured; there are many reports of rape and other sadistic behaviors. Our people cannot do anything to stop this, they are under severe oppression. We need your help. Even gods are not listening to our cries.

It looks like the entire world has forgotten us .Most countries prefer to deal with demons and ignore the wretched because the wretched have nothing to offer except, their tears.

Mr. President we need you, there is nobody else who can help. Iranian political prisons are filled with the best and the bravest. The country is being run by the worst of sadistic animals .They have the power in their hand and no scruples.

We were hoping that once the forces of good would fill the streets of Tehran that things would turn around. Things did turn around alright, but not for the better. Seventy million of my friends, my cousins, my neighbors , and my classmates,who happen to be the kindest, most educated and freedom loving people of Iran are being brutalized in the hands of self-proclaimed religious fundamentalists, who are not religious or fundamentalist. They are just criminals, guilty of the most heinous crimes of human history. They are, without any doubt, guilty crimes against humanity and crimes against people of Iran. Is there anything in the world that is worse than falling in the same family as those in Nuremberg trials? In the history of human conflict is there any thing worse than being in that family?

Mr. President the demons have everything. They are using the treasure of Iran against the people of Iran. They have got so vicious they are killing their own along with the rest of the populations. Mr. President if they have no mercy on their own people, what could be waiting for those teenagers in prisons?

Mr. President I have seen what happens to parents whose children get raped and executed in the first 48 hours of arrest. It is just heart wrenching to watch, and it is imprinted in the brain. It never leaves you alone. Believe me Mr. President death is easier and much more honorable than living , when you know that during every second of your life an honorable human being is being tortured or raped in the dirty hands of an animal whose existence is an insult to humanity.

Mr. President there are rumors that you have sold us out. There are rumors that since you need Ahmadinejad in the war against the Taliban, you have sold us out. I hope I am wrong .But please remember we were chanting in the streets O BA MA/ MA BA OO

(He is with us, we are with him). Mr. President we are still with you but are you with us?

I bragged to my friends in Iran that you are different ,and that you are not an everyday politician .We worked very hard to get you there , now my brothers and sisters are dying by the dozens ,are you going to help? Or you are just going to be like the other presidents and impose some silly sanctions and forget us. We do not need measures which just makes life difficult for us, while they continue to live in the Shah’s palaces.

We do not need sympathy or money. We need the moral strength of United States articulated by you, to publicize the plight of the freedom fighters in Iran.

Please believe me Mr. President; we need your leadership to get rid of this menace of humanity.

Mr. President while my cousins are being tortured and killed, suddenly there is no mention of them any where, the silence is deafening, the pictures are gruesome the hearts are broken, my cousins are waiting for you Mr. president. Please believe me when one is in a dungeon, with a bunch of animals as his warden, the only hope which keeps him alive is the hope of generosity and humanity of the people who are on the other side of the wall.

Mr. President please do not fail us. We have no one else to turn to. We are still with you, are you still with us? I hope you recognize the level of our despair when we say that even the gods are asleep.

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Free Iranian Political Prisoners

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My name is Dr Abbas Sadeghian. I Am a Clinical Neuropsychologist. I work mostly with people who have suffered from stroke. My minor in college was History, and I love politics .I have published a controversial book on Islam called “Sword and (more…)

Editor’s Note: I have published this Open Letter To President Obama to demonstrate solidarity with the courageous people of Iran who are being tortured to death on a daily basis by the dictatorship of Iran, an administration that was recognized by our nation. Such courage in the face of torture and death deserves recognition by the world community, especially if the forces of Iran’s population, which seek to dispose of their cruel and illegal regime can be aided in any way, thereby eliminating the threat Iran poses to the stability of the Middle-East. It is also published with the express consent of the author, Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.

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