Open Letter To President Barack Obama And The United States Congress - Part One |

Open Letter To President Barack Obama And The United States Congress – Part One

This letter will be brief and to the point. I’m known for being blunt and honest to the best of my knowledge and belief – a characteristic that needs to be adopted by our Presidency and the Congress of The United States. I am addressing two issues in this letter, both of which are grossly misrepresenting facts which are in evidence to the American People by the Presidency, the Congress, and our corporate owned complicit Mainstream News Media. It’s time for some truth, and if our President doesn’t have the gumption to state the facts, I do, and I understand that speaking Truth-to-Power does carry its dangers, but we live in an ever increasing dangerous world and I love my country enough to risk the wrath of the Presidency along with a deeply corrupt Congress – most of whom have sought office not to represent the people but to enrich themselves through the legalized bribery that continues to this day via K-Street Lobbyists. The letter will address the so-called Fiscal Cliff Negotiations and Gun Control; the arguments presented by the Presidency and Congress on both issues are deeply flawed and as usual, fail to address the core issues that affect the American People and our nation as a whole which is also endangering the entire Global Economy and could influence our survival as a free and democratic nation.

The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations:

The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations are absolutely absurd and I’d like to know why President Obama and our Congress are refusing to address the real issues that caused this nation to arrive at this financial disaster. The American people are not stupid, however, millions of them remain in the dark because of a complicit Mainstream News Media which I addressed in an article five (5) years ago that was posted on too many sites to mention; The Enablers Of Fascism, The Mainstream News Media. When a complicit Corporate controlled MSM refuse to report the news rather than propaganda the people as a whole who do not take the time to find the truth on the alternative news are effectively being brainwashed by Corporate America and the government itself – and that is a hallmark of a fascist/authoritarian type of governance that is now being manifested in the United States!

President Obama, you are preaching to the nation that we need to engage in “shared sacrifice” to prop-up our economy that was effectively destroyed by several different methods – all of which are being ignored by you and our Congress:

1.  The survival of this nation, at least those who aren’t lounging away in complacency, needs every man and woman alive to stand-up and speak with a unified voice; are well aware that it was George W. Bush (That CNN is attempting to glorify) that helped to destroy our economy by lying us into the Iraq War and driving this nation into a debt that our Grandchildren will be saddled with if we even recover from the disaster that he and his cabal of war criminals wrought upon this nation. Where is the Rule of Law and why hasn’t he been tried and convicted for allowing some of America’s finest to die in a war that they lied us into which was fought for personal gain and to to benefit the Military-Industrial Complex as Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the country about in his famous speech in 1961?    Have you been threatened with assassination or are you too timid to speak Truth-to-Power on this matter?

2.  The American people are also aware that it was Wall Street Greed that helped to bring us to the brink of disaster, yet they are not being penalized, nationalized, or in any way being held financially accountable for their complicity in the destruction of our economy. Why? This “too big to fail” BullSh*t is just that, rhetoric designed to protect the 1% whom are still laughing all the way to the bank while you (President Obama) and a corrupt Congress are refusing to make those whom caused this financial meltdown to be held financially accountable!

3.  The Debates over the Bush Tax Cuts are flawed to the point of being a joke, albeit none of us that “are in the know” are laughing.

4.  Corporate America has been and still continues to outsource American jobs on a massive scale, yet you and our Corporate controlled Congress are refusing to address this issue in the Fiscal Cliff Negotiation(s) even though in reality, this is the one issue that is the “600 Lb. Gorilla” staring us all in the face that none of you will address; from The American Center For Progress:

1. U.S. multinationals shifted millions of jobs overseas in the 2000s. Data from the U.S. Department of Commerce showed that “U.S. multinational corporations, the big brand-name companies that employ a fifth of all American workers… cut their work forces in the U.S. by 2.9 million during the 2000s while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million.”

Furthermore, a recent Wall Street Journal analysis showed, “Thirty-five big U.S.-based multinational companies added jobs much faster than other U.S. employers in the past two years, but nearly three-fourths of those jobs were overseas.”

2. As overseas outsourcing has expanded, U.S. manufacturing has suffered the brunt of the blow. According to a report on outsourcing by Working America, “Manufacturing employment collapsed from a high of 19.5 million workers in June 1979 to 11.5 workers in December 2009, a drop of 8 million workers over 30 years. Between August 2000 and February 2004, manufacturing jobs were lost for a stunning 43 consecutive months—the longest such stretch since the Great Depression.” Manufacturing plants have also declined sharply in the last decade, shrinking by more than 51,000 plants, or 12.5 percent, between 1998 and 2008. These stable, middle-class jobs have been the driving force of the U.S. economy for decades and theses losses have done considerable damage to communities across the country.

3. The global electronics contract manufacturing industry reached a staggering $360 billion of revenue in 2011, and is expected to expand to $426 billion by 2015. This figure consists of companies, many of which are American, contracting outside firms largely in third-world countries with cheaper labor coststo manufacture their products. While this figure is not exclusively U.S. companies, large corporations such as Apple Inc., which conducts all of its manufacturing on foreign shores, and Nike Inc., which subcontracts all of its footwear production to independently owned and operated foreign companies, lead the trend.

4. Private equity firms have increased the pressure to cut costs by any means necessary, leading to more overseas outsourcing. Steve Pearlstein, a professor of public and international affairs at George Mason University and a Pulitzer-prize winning columnist, details the overseas outsourcing done by private equity firms in the 1980s, beginning with:

A wave of corporate takeovers, many of them unwanted and uninvited. Corporate executives came to fear that if they did not run their businesses with the aim of maximizing short-term profits and share prices, their companies would become takeover targets and they would be out of a job. Overnight, outsourcing became a manhood test for corporate executives. MUCH MORE

Is the Presidency and Congress complete imbeciles or have they been bought and sold by Corporate America and Multinational Corporations? When you allow corporations to eviscerate our tax base by outsourcing our light and heavy manufacturing, not to mention our technical support positions, it doesn’t take a 5th Grader to envision how that will impact our ability to pay our nations debt. I might add that all which is stated above are facts, not supposition and/or opinion! How in the heck can Grover Norquist get the GOP to pledge not to raise taxes when we are paying the lowest level of taxes since the 1950’s and we suffer from a revenue problem caused by and through a corrupt Congress that enabled Corporate America to outsource what is in effect – most of our economy?

On this issue Mr. President, how can you look yourself in the mirror and demand that the American people engage in “shared sacrifice” rather than penalizing the ones that have brought this economy to its knees? That Sir, was a rhetorical question…. 

I will address the Gun Control issue on another post, as writing this one has given me indigestion and a feeling of hopelessness for a nation that is being blinded by our Presidency and the Congress. It’s time for all of us to wake-the-heck up and demand that these issues be addressed rather than the “Red Herrings” being discussed by our President and Congress.


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