Military Attempts To Prevent Iran War - Civilians Promote It - Who Wins? |

Military Attempts To Prevent Iran War – Civilians Promote It – Who Wins?

Normally, I would view this news as a positive development as regarding the US Attacking Iran, or alternatively, helping Israel to attack, backing their play and being sucked into war buy a possible “false-flag” attack on one of our ships in the Persian Gulf – when our own military is warning Israel against staging a false-flag attack. This should have been front-page news and heard on all of our news media, but in this instance, them not covering this issue borders on criminal complicity. This was a major news item, but finding it was another matter – unless you get your news regularly from the alternative news media, you probably haven’t seen this:

US Warns Israel –There Will Be No ‘USS Liberty Pt II’

July 28, 2008 — crescentandcross

For the last 41 years, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty has been a taboo topic about which neither the Jewish state nor the US has allowed free and open discussion. Like a paid-off judge in the service of organized crime interests pounding his gavel on the bench, for the last 4 decades Israel and her supporters in the US government have bellowed ‘case closed’ and have raked over the coals anyone–including the survivors of the attack themselves–from arguing otherwise. Realizing the tidal wave of outrage that would occur if the American people were to come of age and lose their innocence in realizing what Israel did in murdering 34 American servicemen 4 decades ago in a premeditated act of war (to say nothing of the cover-up perpetrated by the US government) it has been on the list of forbidden topics……until recently.

Cutting short his trip in Europe the first week of July, recently-appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen flew to Tel Aviv along with an entourage of high-ranking US military personnel and, upon his arrival, rushed to meet with the highest-ranking members of Israel’s military establishment. While this is not unusual (as many such meetings have been taking place as of late) what was unusual was the topic discussed–Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago during the 6 day war and how ‘important’ it was that ‘history not repeat itself,’ given the present tensions existing between Israel and Iran. Considering the subject of that meeting and the well-known cover-up that has taken place these last 41 years, the meeting should have made headline news all over America. Sadly, however, it did not, just another testimony to the fact that America is now officially ‘occupied territory’ every bit as much as Arab Palestine.

The fact that the meeting took place at all is news enough, but what is of even more importance is what can be inferred from the meeting. Given the fact that this brazen 2 hour attack upon the United States has been hushed up these last 41 years, there can be little else to conclude by Mullen’s meeting other than the obvious–That someone from within the intelligence or military apparatus of the United States has looked towards the horizon and concluded that Israel is planning a ‘USS Liberty Pt II,’ meaning an attack on a US ship, most likely in the Persian Gulf, leading to a massive loss of life to be then blamed on Iran. As was intended in 1967 when Israel attacked the Liberty, Americans would be incensed into such a war frenzy that they would demand the ‘obliteration’ (a la Hillary Clinton) of the guilty party, the false identity of which the Jewish media establishment in America would be all too glad to provide. And while all players involved have been tight-lipped about the particulars of this story, what can be concluded nevertheless is that Mullen’s impromptu trip to Israel and subsequent discussion was in effect a stern warning to Israel of ‘Don’t even think about it bubba’. (Emphasis added.) MUCH MORE

When I read the above story, it felt like a breath of fresh air, that maybe through our military commanders, America was waking-up to the fact that attacking Iran would have horrendous results that our military appears to be attempting to avoid. We need sanity right now, and this was a story that should have been heard around the world, but America’s Mainstream News Media failed us again, preferring to protect Israel’s image rather than broadcasting a story that also carries huge political ramifications for the State of Israel. A high-level visit of this sort had to be brought-on by intelligence reports and some type of substantial evidence, some of it probably released to the Israelis’. There’s also a story out that predicts Bush Will Issue a Mass Pardon; this is disgusting and is an attempt to cover-up criminal behavior, however it may signal that Bush will leave office without declaring Martial Law, which has been the chief worry of the bulk of Liberal/Progressive pundits. So far, two points for the cause of saving America and not attacking Iran with all of its subsequent consequences.

The Israeli Media is attacking the Bush administration for being “weak” on Iran, and they cite polls that indicate Forty-two percent (42%) of Americans say that if Israel launches an attack against Iran, the United States should help Israel. Most Americans view Bush’s propensity for war as a trait that’s despised, and this is good news for the American public, at least those who know the real ramifications that are tied to an attack on Iran:

“Shameful” meeting with Iran

If you think everybody is happy with the American decision to attend a meeting with the Iranian nuclear negotiator, think again. Here is Stephen Hayes, writing for the Weekly Standard editors:

The Iranians have certainly been paying attention to this kinder, gentler Bush administration and its sudden embrace of the thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another school of diplomacy.

Two weeks before the Bush administration announced it would be crossing the final red line in diplomacy with Iran, and sending a senior U.S. official for direct meetings with a terrorist-friendly regime, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted that the United States would acquiesce. “They know that they cannot use the language of force against Iran,” he said, “and must bend in the face of the will of the Iranian people.”

And bend they did. MORE

Normally, I’d just chalk this up to boo-hooing of the radicals in Israel that want war with Iran, but when they cite that “Forty-two percent (42%) of Americans say that if Israel launches an attack against Iran, the United States should help Israel.” Those forty-two percent of Americans who support the U.S. helping Israel to attack Iran are also representative of a public that has never had their mainstream news media reveal what the dangers of an Iranian attack pose to the general population, that our economy would likely collapse completely, which could easily usher in martial law, and that massive food shortages would almost instantaneously arise in the continental United States. We also don’t know how China and Russia will react, however, Russia has stated it we attack Iran, we attack Russia. People who are aware of the facts cringe at the mere idea of attacking Iran, however those who rely on a worthless MSM favor something they don’t understand or comprehend, and speak like the “sheeple” they are – guided by partisan politicians, a complicit MSM, and religious leaders that are certifiably nuttier than a fruitcake!

If Israel attacks Iran, 42% say U.S. should help

A couple of days ago we wrote about the previous Rasmussen poll on Iran (78% of Americans believe: Iran will soon develop nuclear weapons), and now there’s new such survey.

Forty-two percent of Americans say that if Israel launches an attack against Iran, the United States should help Israel. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 46% believe the United States should do nothing while just 1% believe the U.S. should help Iran.

Most Republicans say the U.S. should help Israel while most Democrats and unaffiliated voters say the U.S. should do nothing. MORE

When you note the divisions are split along party lines, this is stark evidence that the MSM has contributed to the dumbing-down of America – Fox News in particular. Republicans tend to choose Fox as their main news source, so they are fed a constant diet of lies and deceit, carefully packaged as news, and Republicans live in a world of their own, manufactured by their party – and unfortunately, most of them are oblivious to reality. Those that are represent the ruling elite, and what they want is what they get. For months, we have been preaching about food storage and its importance in this age of uncertainty, and now we hear that money is being exchanged as “Speculators Trying to Buy Control of Food Supply. This is a dangerous signal. Someone is putting their money where they see the highest margin of profit, and consolidation and speculation will raise our food prices to levels that will place millions close to starvation. Whenever the money begins to change hands, that’s an indicator that someone knows something the general public isn’t privy to; this is another instance where the MSM doesn’t blink an eye and we’re being set-up to fall, they sit back quiet, appeasing what can best be described as a highly partisan ownership, while speculators now have their sights set on our food supply, and when you couple that with gas and diesel prices, affect the two areas that affect each and every American alive. The county is under financial assault from Wall Street and wealthy commodity traders and our government is allowing it, in fact encouraging it in this writer’s opinion. If they are not stopped soon, the U.S. will quickly be reduced to Third-world status.

To make matters worse, we still have the influence of the religious-right, who are still preaching hate and violence to their congregations, and even approved of by some members of Congress. Joe Loserman, who can be described as America’s modern-day “Benedict Arnold”, is one of those that continues to advocate military action against Iran, and now he’s pandering to the right-wing televangelists that believe war in the Middle-East will bring about the second-coming of Christ:

Lieberman At Hagee Conference: U.S. Should Attack Iran because God Hates Israel’s Enemies

by Gustav Wynn

Despite popular outcry from the American Jewish community, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman pressed ahead with his third annual appearance at John Hagee’s summit for Christians United For Israel (CUFI), an evangelical group with powerful fundraising capabilities and long-standing ties to DC insiders including President Bush. Over 42,000 petitioners called for Lieberman to renounce the controversial televangelist as Senator John McCain did this past May when it was discovered Hagee was selling DVDs which included a speech he made implying that the creation of Israel was the result of God’s plan for Hitler to wipe out six million Jews.

Although it is well-known the membership of CUFI adopts an apocalyptic theology calling for the annihilation of the Jewish race as a key part of the impending rapture, Lieberman’s logic is unclear to many in the Jewish community who sincerely hope God will not exterminate them any time soon.

Lieberman was accompanied Tuesday by Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel of New York who also ignored a public outcry against his attendance at the event, claiming their affiliation with CUFI lay in the shared belief that the U.S. should use it’s military resources against Iran. Engel even abdicated his own Congressional power as part of a March 2007 war appropriation, granting President Bush authority to strike Iran without Congressional approval. Engel also also allowed the Congressional committee he chairs to become a forum for radical pro-war Israeli voices, calling for apartheid, not peace. MUCH MORE

Enter stage-left comes Pat Robertson, who also advocates striking Iran and beginning what could only be described as a “Holy War” and it’s not too hard to understand where those 42% of Americans come from who also support the US helping Israel in attacking Iran:

Robertson Advocates Israel Striking Iran Before The 2008 Election

On yesterday’s edition of The 700 Club, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson sharply criticized the “moderate tone” the Bush administration has allegedly taken toward Iran and its nuclear weapons program. Robertson advocated that Israel look out for the “survival of its nation” and “make some kind of a strike” against Iranian nuclear facilities. He also predicted that it will likely happen before the 2008 elections:

But nevertheless, I think we can look in the next few months for Israel to make a strike — possibly before the next election — because I think George Bush — to use the term an “amber light” — he’s given the amber, the yellow light, saying, “Caution, but go ahead.”

Other members of the right wing have also been unifying around the idea of striking Iran before Bush leaves. Both John Bolton and Bill Kristol have made the same argument. MUCH MORE

It’s unfortunate, but our Mainstream News Media is largely responsible for the crimes and ongoing class-war that is being fought in the United States. We no longer have a “free press”, but one that can be described as a propaganda arm of the Neo-conservatives and elitists who seek to turn America into a fascist nation. Since the MSM won’t publish the truth and by omission, fail to warn the public that Israel may have been planning a false-flag attack against American interests to engage us in a war that our military commanders don’t want, they are as criminally complicit as those that seek to overturn our democratic form of government – and should be charged as accessories after-the-fact for turning a blind-eye to what is obviously one of the most important news events of this year – but is only reported upon through the Internet.

Now, only time will tell whether the warmongers and Israel will win their bid to attack Iran, and if it entails a false-flag attack on Americans, Israel should stand guilty of criminal action against the United States and should suffer the consequences of their unrelenting pressure for the U.S. to solve their problems at the expense of our economy and American lives. This latest information that should have gone “global” is evidence that Israel is only our friend when we do exactly as they want – and when we turn from that path, they verbally attack us as if we were the enemy, forgetting that we have supported and helped them to remain safe even when they were wrong – and it’s time that people wake-up and understand that Israel is only a friend of convenience – who will bite the hand that feeds them if they are not “appeased.”

William Cormier

Footnote: When the American people are voicing an opinion for or against an attack on Iran, they should seriously look at the reason we attacked Iraq. Just today, the Huffington Post published a remarkable article that delves into the real reasons Bush had for attacking Iraq, none of which are listed as “the official rationale.” Today’s article sets the record straight, and what applies to Iran can easily be tied into our current behavior in Iraq. We don’t need to be lied to and mislead any longer.

Bush Reveals True Reason for War in Push for Iraqi Agreement

(Excerpts – A must read article!)

For five years the Bush administration has played wack-a-mole with the American people as to why we are in Iraq, with a new justification quickly spawning after the hollow core of the prior position was exposed. WMD’s was followed by fighting Al Qaeda and ultimately bringing democracy to the Middle East. Last week the proverbial mole may have met his maker and exposed the true reason over a million Americans have been put in harm’s way.

From the start of the occupation, the Bush administration has shown little regard for Iraqi sovereignty and international legal prohibitions against making significant changes to the legal and political institutions of an occupied country. Instead, the administration pursued what, former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz characterized as “an even more radical form of shock therapy than pursued in the former Soviet world,” as it completely reshaped Iraq’s legal and economic regime to turn it into a Club Med for corporate interests.

The current spat over the SoF Agreement once again raises the question of why we fought this war to begin with. After five years of war at a cost of approximately $539 billion, 90,000 Iraqi lives, over 35,000 American soldiers wounded or killed, we now know what we suspected all along — that Operation Iraqi Freedom was never about liberating the people of Iraq but instead about liberating its assets for foreign exploitation. Naomi Klein was right four years ago when she described the Bush mission as “pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia.”

That is why with or without the SoF Agreement, Bush’s legacy is secure. The hollow echo of Operation Iraqi Freedom reminds us that while other presidents may have failed the American people in one way or another, no president has failed, deceived or betrayed the American people like George W. Bush. MUCH MORE

When you accept reality, you’ll note that gas prices have gone down the last few days as people believe Bush has backed-off on his decision to attack or aid in the attack of Iran. The war rhetoric is one venue the speculators rely upon to keep oil prices high. As fragile as our economy is, we must do everything in our power to give the American people some relief – and lower gas prices are critical in achieving that goal. Lower fuel prices also equate to lower food prices. I don’t believe that Bush has suddenly become a compassionate or caring President, but believe that the corporate interests he represents have expressed their alarm at the consequences that go along with a new war in the Middle-east, and large swaths of corporate America would suffer tremendously, if not fail completely, if our economy completely crashes – something war with Iran is guaranteed to accomplish.

Those who support an attack on Iran based on the recommendations of Liebermann, Pat Robertson or John Hagee should consider the source and understand they are using religion and fear to advance a political agenda, misusing their power and influence to advance religious and corporate interests. Joe Loserman is voting for Israel, not the US, and has proven that he is a warmonger and is nothing more than a Neo-con in Independent’s clothing. The religious segment in our nation that believe a Middle-East war will help to usher-in the second coming of Christ need to re-read their bibles and throw out the fantasy of a “Rapture”, created through a series of fictional books; Left Behind & End of Days. Religion mixed with politics can start wars that everyone loses from, and when man believes that he can influence God’s “plan” be becomes enormously arrogant and apparently doesn’t comprehend what they read in their own Bibles.

The news keeps coming, and today, the Pentagon made clear their objective for Iran to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. This article also mentions the trip to Israel and that meeting, so it’s being substantiated by another news organization. Where’s the MSM on this?

Economic, political pressure on Iran is best: Pentagon

Washington believes economic and political pressure are the best ways to dissuade Iran from seeking atomic weapons, a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday, following an appeal by Israel’s defense minister to keep “all options” on the table.

The comments followed a closely held meeting at the Pentagon Monday between Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

“I think the Israelis are keenly aware that we believe the best possible avenue of dissuading the Iranians from pursuing nuclear weapons is through economic and political pressures,” said Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon press secretary. Much, Much MORE

If Iran is Attacking It Might Really be Israel

Posted on July 24th, 2008 by Philip Giraldi

The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional weaponry to avoid using nukes later was clearly intended to push the United States to do the attacking. The likelihood that Dick Cheney is almost certainly supportive of a US pre-emptive strike and might well be pulling strings behind the scenes, possibly without the knowledge of the Great Decider, makes the next several months particularly significant if a war is to be avoided.

Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could insert a commando team in the Persian Gulf or use some of their people inside Iraq to stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement.

Those who argue that Israel would never do such a thing should think again. Israel is willing to behave with complete ruthlessness towards the US if they feel that the stakes are high enough, witness the attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the US Consulate in Alexandria in the 1950s. If they now believe that Iran is a threat that must be eliminated it is not implausible to assume that they will stop at nothing to get the the United States to do it for them, particularly as their air force is only able to damage the Iranian nuclear program, not destroy it. LINK

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