Living in a Red State While Speaking Truth to Power Can Be Hazardous to Your Family’s Health & Welfare |
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Living in a Red State While Speaking Truth to Power Can Be Hazardous to Your Family’s Health & Welfare

Every once in a while, no matter who you are, all that you often seek is some peace and quiet. Attempting to help my disabled Sister and manage the household is getting harder to do every day as the State of Georgia appears to be retaliating against my family for what I write on my Site, and to harass a disabled woman with two (2) children is hard for me to comprehend or understand. Now that harassment appears to be aimed at my Niece, and like anyone else, I believe that adults are fair game when it comes to politics, but leave the children alone, and that goes double for a disabled woman who is so sad and depressed we wonder how she makes it through the day. I don’t exaggerate and this evening as I write this Op-Ed, the first of two, I will be adding substantiation to my claims in the hopes that Governor Nathan Deal or a Democrat in Georgia’s Legislature will take note of our situation and start asking questions. Yesterday wasn’t pleasant at all, especially when a Police Officer showed-up on our doorstep and informed me that the State of Florida was attempting to verify my address because I’m going to be subpoenaed again in spite of the fact that I have been diagnosed with a severe case of PTSD in direct relationship to what is happening to me by and through the State of Florida and other circumstances that are no ones fault except those in my family who have put me in this position. I’ll take my lumps like a man when I do something wrong, but I’ll be damned if I’ll just roll-over and die because of someone else without a fight, and by looking at what faces us in the future, the fight is just beginning!

Rather than re-writing some of the information I had written just a week or two ago, which may be why my Niece is now a target for harassment, I will copy and paste from that last piece to bring you up to speed and then add downloadable PDF documents that illustrate we are in the right and Peach State Health Plan is wrong and are more than likely acting on orders from a higher authority. (I’m making this presumption because if they are acting on their own beliefs it demonstrates they are grossly incompetent and should be fired from their jobs immediately!):

“I am the caretaker of my disabled sister, Corina A. Moksnes-Adamson. She has had six (6) major surgeries in the past three years and her physician has confined her to a wheelchair. She is on Medicaid; her SSI and/or Social Security was turned down contrary to Federal Statutes which state that any individual over the age of eighteen (18) who has been unable to work because of a mental or physical disability for a period of over two years, they are entitled to SSI benefits until such time a Doctor states they are ready to re-enter the work force. She has so many problems that I won’t even try to list them, however, she lost on the initial review of her Social Security petition, hired an attorney in Atlanta that appealed it, and when the case came up for appeal, the Administrative Law Judge dismissed it out of hand because I was not a “credible witness” because I had “disparaged the State of Georgia.” Keep in mind that no such words came from my lips during the hearing, and except for a Division of Family Services that is being worked to the bone with less staff and more people requesting assistance, it can often be a nightmare to figure out which way is up, and I have stated that in writing on this Site. It seems obvious to me that her appeal was denied because I am her brother and my politics don’t jive with right-wing Republicans, especially if they happen to be a Federal Administrative Law Judge (Sic). When we appeared at the building where her appeal was to be held, her Attorney was late and I asked the Security Officer if this was normal for her. He stated that she was hardly ever on time and her cases were thrown together where information for the appeal was often not in her briefcase. In short, she was held in contempt by the people who were hearing her appeal so my heart sank as I imagined what was likely to happen, and I didn’t expect good news. The burning question I haven’t been able to ask the Judge was what the hell did me “disparaging The State of Georgia” have to do with my Sister’s SSI/Social Security Appeal? If you believe that the answer is nothing, based on the rule of Law, you are correct. I was also told that President Obama had issued an order than any disability cases should be denied if it were legally possible, but that was hearsay and I don’t give it much validity although I won’t dismiss it out of hand either…

Her physician ordered her a motorized wheel chair and we were told that in order for her to receive said motorized wheelchair, we first had to have a ramp built to extremely stringent specifications and that was going to cost us $500.00. I have a great Landlord and I’m one of his better tenants (or so I’ve been told) because I always pay my rent on time and take good care of the property. (That doesn’t take into account my Twin Son’s burying a body in our back yard, but other than that, I couldn’t ask for a better individual to lease a home from.) He offered to split the difference with him so my rent went up a few dollars more per month until I pay our half of the cost of the wheelchair ramp. My Sister counts on Medicaid until her SSI/Social Security (Sic) is granted and was automatically enrolled in Peach State Insurance which is the organization that makes the decisions on her case. I noticed that yesterday my Sister seemed more depressed than usual and I asked her what was wrong. Peach State Health Plan, her Medicaid provider, had denied her wheelchair after first telling us we had to build a ramp for it to have easy access to the home. The woman who denied her wheelchair was named Tammy Watkins who didn’t bother to sign the letter for which she had written on behalf of Randy S. Tompkins, MD/EW, the Medical Director of Peach State Health Plan. I’d like to have both of them in our home when my Sister takes off her shoes that don’t fit right because of the braces and swell-up to the point that she is in utter agony. The surgeries on her ankles were not successful, at least in my perception, and now she is a cripple and in constant pain. Finding a Pain Management Center that takes her insurance has been a nightmare. Our “War on Drugs” had the intent to clean-up prescription drugs off the street, but now the poor, disadvantaged and disabled have to beg at times to get relief from their pain while on the streets, anyone can purchase Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Methadone, Hydrocodone, you name it and it’s for sale. Where are all of these drugs coming from? If you’re on Medicaid, not “welfare,” you are under immediate  suspicion that you are attempting to obtain drugs to sell to help the individuals dire financial situation, buy alcohol, or even sex. It is a stigma that never ends. The right-wing GOPer’s hate those who are no longer able to live productive lives and for all practical purposes, they are attempting to cut every safety net they can as they persecute anyone they can – just because they have the ability to do so. I have witnessed the “War on Women” occurring in so many Red States that it brings bile into my mouth and I see red! My Mother was a woman, and so are the mother’s of politicians that attempt to dehumanize women and take our nation, kicking and screaming, back into the 1900?s when women fought so hard to gain the rights they are entitled to now.

The three (3) major surgeries on her ankles were not successful and the ligaments are stretched so far out of place that her foot “flops” rather than acting like a normal foot. She is unable to walk any distance without falling, has to wear braces, and we are worried that she will hurt herself worse than she already is, but to expect any type of compassionate behavior in a bright Red State with my political ideology is obviously too much to ask. I have watched her Social Security Appeal denied and now this. I’m no idiot and am aware that my Sister is being discriminated against because of my politics, just as her Social Security Appeal was also denied for reasons that make one wonder what it takes to be an Administrative Law Judge. I’m still searching for the box of Cracker Jacks that he received his degree in, but alas, it appears that the rest of the GOP leadership has already beat me to the punch.”  LINK

This is the “Notice of Proposed Action”(IMG_0004IMG_0001 ) that my Sister received from Peach State Health Plan. Yes, we are appealing their decision, however, when a woman has to crawl to the bathroom at night because she is so unsteady from the medication she is prescribed, it’s often hard to get there in time before an accident happens which embarrasses her to the point of tears. To make matters worse, her new Physician prescribed a medication that makes it easier to control her bladder, and after taking the samples her physician gave her at the office she discovered that the medication worked far better than even she had hoped. One thing I’ll say for Peach State Health Plan is that they never miss an opportunity to make someone beg or grow closer to utter despair; yes, you guessed it, Peach State Health Plan refused to allow her to have that medication even though it effectively makes her wear undergarments to bed that cause her more expense and discomfort – not to mention the loss of her pride and dignity. The next two (2) Links are for the prescriptions her physician recently wrote for her Wheelchair, and that doesn’t include the one her General Practitioner called in himself in an effort to resolve this situation. IMG_0002 IMG_0003

For any individual that is unable to stand for any length of time without falling, thereby risking further injury to herself (which has happened multiple times), one of the small motorized wheelchairs designed for the corners and tight spaces in your home is the only way that she can function on her own to any degree of success. Her Physicians as well as other health professionals in Georgia are aghast at Peach State Health Plan’s decisions and have urged her to appeal their decision and/or consider a Federal Civil Rights Action. Their refusal to provide basic necessities to someone with her health problems is cruel and unusual at best, and downright mean and nasty at worst – which is what I believe the situation is as I believe it’s designed to make me quit writing about politics, and that’s not a singular opinion that only I believe in. It is shared by other people who have gone through similar heartache and strife just because they chose to exercise their right to Free Speech. Frankly, we knew that when her SSI/Social Security was denied on Appeal by a Right-wing Administrative Law Judge that ignored the statutes he was obliged to uphold, the road ahead would be rough, and that’s turned out to be an understatement… Think about that for a moment; six major surgeries, confined to a Wheelchair and hasn’t been able to work for at least six (6) years and still, her SSI/Social Security has not been approved. What’s wrong with this picture? This isn’t a case of her Doctor’s stating that nothing is wrong with her, but her Physicians stating that she is 100% disabled and it isn’t going to get any better! If this isn’t a case of a Federal Law Judge abusing his position I don’t know what is!

Even though I am my Sister’s caretaker, she is a woman and there are some issues dealing with her healthcare that I cannot accommodate. Last year my Niece made the decision to drop-out of High School so she could be of more assistance to her mother. After her condition stabilized to the point that it was no longer necessary for her to stay out of school, she re-started her High School this year as the High School Counselor had advised. When we moved into this country they were aware of her Mother’s situation and why she wasn’t in school. When I would go to the school they would often ask how her Mother and my Niece were doing which is what brought me into the Counselor’s Office during the final part of last year’s school year. I wanted her back in school and the Counselor stated it wouldn’t be a problem and applauded our decision to get her back in school.

Today, her Mother answered a call from the school and they stated they wanted to set-up a meeting and/or have a “conference call” to discuss “why” she wasn’t in school last year. This may not sound too ominous except that we have been through this before. “No Child Left Behind” pays schools on students attendance and grades which is why we have all read so much about Principals and even School Superintendents cheating on their School’s test scores, much of it centered here in the Greater Atlanta Area. I was living with a College Student who was working on her degree to become a teacher in Kansas approximately ten (10) years ago when it was first implemented. My friend was attending Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas, the 4th highest rated teacher’s college in the United States and know from personal experience and an article I wrote back then when Professors and other Staff at ESU cursed President Bush and his “Idiot Librarian Wife” for royally screwing-up America’s educational system. The qualifications for Teachers was changed to the point that some of our best and brightest students who had chosen teaching as a major were changing their majors to Business Management or anything else that was not affiliated with teaching.

Approximately five (5) years ago we went through something similar when we lived in a Mountainous region of Georgia and my Niece was having Migraines so severe that only Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital could break them when they started, a health care issue I was not familiar with but found out at Scottish Rite’s Hospital that it wasn’t that unusual. They stated that in time they would simply go away, and that’s exactly what happened. In the interim, we were called into Court by a Juvenile Court Judge that stated even though we had the proper Physician excuses the law gave him the ability to ignore those excuses and rule her absences to be excessive. He threatened her Mother and my Niece with Jail Time if the absences didn’t stop. We moved to Gwinnett County because of financial reasons and had to appear before another Juvenile Judge who saw that her grades were absolutely excellent and didn’t see why it was even brought before his attention. Thankfully, that was the end of that until my Sister and Niece both had to have several major surgeries on their ankles.

The situation has changed somewhat now because my Niece just turned 18 years old. Medicaid rules state that children can be kept on Medicaid until they are 19 years old, however, we received a letter from Georgia’s Department of Children and Family Services that stated she was being dropped from Medicaid because of her age, and that is not the way the statutes are written. The School knows full well “why” she was out of school which they knew from the moment we moved into this county. In fairness to the school she is attending now, this could be originating from the last High School she attended in Gwinnett County. We were told that she had passed everything during her Freshman Year except Biology and she began school the next year as a Sophomore except for Science, which she still had to attend Freshman classes in until such time that she was caught-up with her grades in that subject. I do know that all of her classes except for Science were Sophomore classes. I am looking at the possibility that her last High School reported her as “passing” because of the money they would have received from “No Child Left Behind” funds, and when she quit school to help her Mother they may not have thought that she would return to High School. I do know that because of past experiences we are extremely wary of Georgia’s Educational System as well as the Juvenile Judges in some Counties where they punish “Special Needs Children” because they were out of school for physician approved absences. (We saw this happening to children in the Mountainous County I wrote about previously, and it happened particularly to Special Needs Children whose parents, if they had the money, moved them directly out of state when the Judge overruled their physician and along with his law degree, appeared to have added a medical degree to his credentials without anyone being aware of his new-found medical abilities.)

For those of you who get your news from Alternative News Sources, there has been a lot of Republican Politicians who have stated the SNAP Program is being abused and that recipients are receiving far too much money in Food Stamps. Some have gone as far to state that everyone on the SNAP Program should be taken off the program and made to fend for themselves. We also have to consider that the Department of Children and Family Services here in Georgia are placing pressure on the school in an effort to take another individual off of the SNAP Program, however, that would be a surprise to me, as for the most part, their only real issues are attempting to run a department which is constantly adding new clients while their funding is being cut to the bare minimum. Budgetary consequences such as this are sad but unavoidable; it’s a shame we don’t have a President who would make those who caused our financial crisis to pay every penny they defrauded the people/government out of rather than making the “little guy” bear the brunt of the load.  These are usually the attitudes of our newly elected “TeaBaggers” who only got into Congress because of the racial prejudices the GOP holds against Barack Obama. It’s been my experience that these Jr. Congressmen who are likely one-term wonders will not be elected again as the GOP seeks to return to their roots of true conservatism, not radical zealots that pride themselves on how outrageous they can get on the Congressional Floor or attempting to one-up whoever it was that made the last crazy statement that makes the GOP Leadership cringe in embarrassment. I do know that Georgia’s GOP is attempting to distance themselves from right-wing radicals that will cost them another election, and they are doing it by minimizing their public appearances and refusing to attend “Town Hall Meetings” until after their next Congressional break.

BTW Georgia, if you don’t like our family living in this state, that’s your business. Give us the money to move and we’ll be gone so fast it will make your heads spin. We do like the town where we live and except for a few people who believed I was somehow complicit with what my Sons are alleged to have done, have been treated with kindness and respect. If you believe that you can run us out of the state simply because you don’t like my politics, think again. We cannot afford to move, and we don’t plan on dumping what little we have just so we can receive proper medical care for my Sister. We will be in your face and exposing you to the rest of the United States rather than allowing anyone to succeed in what is nothing more than an attempt at fear and intimidation – and people in high places abusing their positions of power and authority.

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