Five To Life, The Judge he said! |

Five To Life, The Judge he said!

Poetry from long ago, which expresses a different mindset and person than he who walks in those shoes today; unfortunately, our Justice System is worse off now than it was thirty years ago as Fascism grips the former democracy of the United States.

Five to Life, The Judge he said,
Just turn around, and bow your head!
You’re going to Prison, as you know you must,
And Lord have mercy, because the law is Just!

I walked away with hate in my eyes,
I was going to prison, and there I might die.
I robbed a store, and kicked-In a door,
Now my life will be no more!

I’ll be like an animal, sitting in a cage,

As time passes on, just building my rage.
I’ll be waiting for the day, when they will set me free,
And I’ll walk on out, as an animal should be…

The Murderer’s and Rapist’s, are being set free,
While all that’s in prison, is lonesome old me.
They had their money, and their freedom they bought,
But I was poor, so here I rot.

You talk of Justice, and you say you’re free,
But Judge and Jury, you ain’t no better than me!

William J. Cormier

Written over thirty years ago… Another life, another time, but still a condemnation of a Justice system that hasn’t worked for decades.

Photo compliments of Flickr &  watchingfrogsboil

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