Economic Terrorism Is a Weapon Of Mass Destruction - For Our International Audience |

Economic Terrorism Is a Weapon Of Mass Destruction – For Our International Audience

For those of you whom are in our international readership, we ask you to consider these important facts; Economic Terrorism is a weapon of mass destruction as defined by the unconstitutional U.S. Patriot Act. The Patriot Act does not specifically define Economic Terrorism as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, however, for the economies of the Euro-zone, Asia, and other economies throughout the global community whom are suffering through austerity, food shortages and other economic woes – all of you know that destroying the global economy brings about death and destruction that could result in more casualties than another conventional World War. Once our respective economies are destroyed it will take decades, if not more, to revitalize our respective nations ability to fend for its own citizens – and that will bring about massive death and misery throughout the International Community.

Unfortunately, the economy of the United States is tied to every economy throughout the world, and if our economy fails, so will yours. We are appealing to the citizens of the Global Community to demand that the United States respect its own rule of law, and as much as I believe it is unconstitutional, the Patriot Act is law, and as defined and examined in the articles cited below, Tea Party and GOP extremists, partially funded by the Koch Brothers, have used blackmail and extortion on the United States Congress, the American people, and the entire global community. These so-called “patriots” refuse to understand that politics does not entitle them to engage in blackmail and extortion. As it pertains to the Koch Brothers, whom I believe are fascists, have financially supported these Economic Terrorists and in fact were the driving force in organizing and supplying the Tea Party with financial support, talking points and a cause of action – all in an effort to undermine our representative (Sic) democracy. As you know, the Patriot Act specifically empowers the prosecution and incarceration of those who provide “material support” for terrorists – and that includes Domestic Terrorism.

Even though I do not support the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign nations – in fact I am outraged that our corporations, built upon the blood, sweat and tears of the American population have abandoned their own citizens in the name of greed and profit – we now find ourselves in a huge ship that is quickly sinking. This site has launched a petition to Charge the Tea Party/Gop extremists and the Koch Brothers with Domestic Terrorism, specifically Economic Terrorism, and we are now appealing to the global community to urge President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to apply the rule of law against those whom have dared to hold the global economy hostage to support corporations and the Elites in the vicious Class-war that is being waged on a global basis.

We are requesting that each and every country that was impacted by the blackmail and extortion perpetrated by these criminals follow the above/below links and sign our petition to charge these terrorists under the Patriot Act and apply the rule of law equally – not just when it involves foreign entities.  We are specifically requesting that citizens and diplomats from China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, Russia, and the many nations that are experiencing economic difficulties tied to the United States’ recent downgrade by the corrupt Standard & Poors Corporation to join us in demanding that the United States enforce its own laws against those whom have harmed citizens and governments throughout the global community.

We have noted that there have been protests and riots in several nations which are tired to their economic struggles, all of which is tied to Globalization and the greed of American and Multinational Corporations. Furthermore, even though the corrupt, corporate controlled U.S. Mainstream News Media is not giving the protests on Wall Street much coverage, we know that it is being reported by other news organizations throughout the world. The American people are beginning to rise-up and are assembling in peaceful demonstrations and we are not likely to quit until our demands are met. In our representative democracy, it is the will of the majority that is supposed to dictate policy, not Lobbyists and Corporate controlled politicians – and “we the people” of the United States have said enough is enough – and we mean it.

During the so-called “Arab Spring” we witnessed President Barack Obama condemn several nations for violently suppressing peaceful protests, stating that it was the right of the people of all nations to peacefully assemble and protest inhumane conditions and fight for their right to live in a nation that was governed by the people, not dictators. Even though our protests have been peaceful, as they spread to other cities throughout the United States, we believe that the government will begin to break-up these protests by any means possible, and even in the beginning stage of peaceful gatherings on Wall Street,  the New York Police Department has often responded with violence and attempted repression of these protests. We are requesting that the International Community condemn these actions and apply the same standards that our President demanded of those nations whom were involved in the Arab Spring. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and as we supported the free assembly of other nations fighting for their freedom, we are now requesting that these same nations and others throughout the global community demand the same of the United States of America. If the people of the United States are not allowed to peacefully assemble and engage in protests, strikes, and other lawful activities that are traditional in this nation, our President’s condemnation of those who suppressed peaceful demonstration becomes nothing more than hypocritical rhetoric – and the global community should engage in supporting the American people while we work to get our own house in order before we tell other nations what they should or should not do.

Please read the supporting articles and Op-Eds that we have filed and join us in our “American Autumn” as we too seek to throw off the yoke of oppression perpetrated by American and Multinational Corporations and the Elites who seek to lower global wages until all nations are living in serfdom to their Corporate Masters. For the residents of France, my last name is “Cormier” which speaks to my French/Canadian heritage, and I have been carefully watching the politics and issues with the French people and ask you to join me in working to mitigate the influence that is being exerted on our specific nations and join together in solidarity to fight globalization and the greed and criminal actions of the Corporations which are perpetrating these criminal activities.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter – and don’t forget to urge your respective governments to weigh-in and demand that the United States support and enforce their own rule of law.

President Obama; Grow A Pair And Charge Boehner And His Fascist Brethren With Economic Terrorism

Support Our Petition To Charge Tea Party/GOP/Koch Brothers With Domestic Terrorism Via Patriot Act

Petition To Charge Tea Party/GOP/Koch Brothers With Economic Terrorism Is Now Live on CARE2 Petition Site – UPDATED

Remember, whatever happens to the economy of the United States will affect the entire global economy, and while you as a nation may not support the United States, to allow our economy to fail is condemning your own economies to crash and burn along with ours – and that could easily result in a global catastrophe.

Respectfully submitted,

William Cormier

Senior Site Administrator

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