Complacency in America |

Complacency in America

When I wrote my first Blog, it was because I had an issue, an Axe to grind in regard the cover-up by the City of New Orleans and the United States Government. After posting the first Blog, I then started reading every news source to find when my story would be published, including every alternative news source I could find; Now, after reading volumes and volumes of news and Blogs, I have come to the conclusion that my issues, albeit important to me, pale in comparison to the danger America faces today.

The danger I speak of isn’t Al Qaeda, Global Warming, or Social Security reform. Even those issues are minor when compared to the loss of our Democracy and Freedoms right here in the United States. What was once the greatest country on earth is now viewed with suspicion and fear by much of the world; even Canada, a friend and ally for as long as I can remember is distancing itself from the United States. Today, the New York Times ran an article about Propaganda perpetrated by the White House and the Bush Administration. When I was a little boy, I used to hear about propaganda all the time, but back then, it was something that Russia and China used to control their citizens. “Truth” had no real place in their communist regimes, and now, truth is almost unheard of from the United States Government. Instead, all we hear are propaganda, lies, and political spin.

A few days ago, I read that the FCC is considering regulating cable and satellite broadcasting; seems they don’t want the F-word or anything they consider to be indecent broadcast in these great United States. Excuse me, but wasn’t it Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and Russia that dictated what their citizens could read or watch on TV?? If memory serves me, we condemned each and every one of those countries for prohibiting freedom of speech and expression, but now, we are attempting to do the same to our own citizens. Does anyone know how to spell HYPOCRITE?? When I don’t want to watch something on TV, I change the channel or turn it off. It is not up to the government to tell any of us what we view in our own homes nor is it up to them to regulate speech in our own homes.  Just a few of days ago, I watched a news feed showing President Bush complimenting the President of Muldovia on their view of democracy and freedom; what rang in my ears was Bush’s statement about honesty and transparency in government. Hello, there’s that damn hypocrite word again!

This presidency has the most secret White House in the history of the United States! Have we forgotten how Dick Cheney thumbed his nose at America and wouldn’t release any information in regard the people whom colluded in secret committees to set the Nation’s energy policies? I’m sorry, but that was our business and the demigods like Bush and Cheney need to wake up and remember whom they are working for!

Hmmm, not quite the right thing to say, because America knows who Bush and Cheney work for, and it isn’t the American people, but Corporate America, the rich and famous. How about Bush’s “Faith Based”  policies and agenda?? Gee, what a dummy I am; I thought the Constitution of the United States expressly states that the powers of church and state must be separated. Have Bush and Cheney ever read the Constitution?  And then this morning, I read an article from Fox 12 in Oregon that stated “Seven out of 10 Americans concerned about government secrecy.” The poll was conducted by Ipsos-Public Affairs for Sunshine Week. This shows the growing concern of American’s everywhere, but concern is just not enough.  I firmly believe that America now stands on the precipice; at the rate our civil liberties and freedoms are being ransacked, we are fast approaching the point of no return. Have we as Americans forgot what it was that made us great? It wasn’t government, it wasn’t a particular President, it was the voice of the people!

Corporate America and the wealthy now control the United States and the President. However, have we forgotten that they are the minority? Since when, in a democracy, does the minority control and dictate to the majority???? I’ll tell you when! It’s when the people of America become complacent and lazy! America has lost her voice, and it is up to the freedom fighters to re-educate America. 70% of Americans are concerned about government secrecy. Fine. What if those 70% that are concerned simply wrote an email to the White House, their Congressmen, Letters to the Editors of their respective newspapers, and maybe once in a while, actually mounted organized protests???

Then, and only then will the voice of America be heard again! Think about it; 70 % of America is concerned. If just half of that number would take ten minutes a day to VOICE THEIR CONCERN in the manner described above, the email servers at the White House would crash, as would the servers for Congress, and the Editor’s of America’s Newspapers and Networks would have to face the issues.  Don’t think the mainstream media is going to save you either; another article last week stated that many of the nation’s largest papers are reducing their investigative staffs. It isn’t that profitable – it’s easier to make money peddling propaganda and sensationalism rather than seeking truth. Folks, America is in trouble, and the only one’s that will save it is the little guy, you and I, telling our friends and neighbors to raise their voices. I also read they want to regulate the Bloggers. This may very well be the last vestige of a chance to get word to the American people in regard the loss of their liberties and a horribly corrupt presidency.

The time for action is now, and that action has to be taken by each and every American that claims to embrace the ideals of democracy. When you write a Blog that reveals information everyone should know, write a footnote and tell people what to do with the information they have. Simply stating facts helps, but will not end the tyranny. The people, you and I, acting as one, is the only hope for America. Everyone, tell your friends how to effectuate change, non-violently, and in a manner that reflects the greatness of these United States.

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