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CNN Is Self-Censoring Themselves Out Of Existence! UPDATE II

If you check-in at Raw Story, the latest debacle at CNN is prominently headlined and represents just one of the reasons they appear to be in an irreversible tailspin that is causing them to crash and burn, and sadly, they are picking up speed and need to be placed on suicide watch. I’m not a big fan of CNN, but in reality, they do provide the best International News in our nation, however falls way behind when it pertains to any matter that could cause harm to corporate America, and they are self-censoring themselves out of existence! Our entire Mainstream News Media needs to join CNN on suicide watch except for Fox News, and associating “News” with Fox is like associating “integrity” with Dick Cheney… That said, Fox News is taking market share from all of the major news channels, and no one appears to have a clue in how to battle the dreaded Fox Juggernaut:

CNN asks: ‘Is homosexuality a problem in need of a cure?’

By John Byrne
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 — 8:48 am

In a somewhat stunning segment for America’s “best political team on television,” CNN anchor Kyra Phillips had guests debate whether homosexuality needed a cure in a broadcast Tuesday.

“Homosexuality: Is it a problem in need of a cure?” Kyra asks. “Grabs your attention, doesn’t it?”

To be fair, the CNN anchor poses the question in the context of discussing a 1950s-era California law which requires health experts to seek a “cure” for gayness. But the segment elevates discredited author Richard Cohen as a serious defender of the law despite the fact he was kicked out of the American Counseling Organization and practices without a license of any kind.

Cohen was expelled from the American Counseling Association in 2002 for repeated violation of the organization’s ethics code. CNN also presents Cohen as a “psychotherapist,” which suggests he’s a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist — though he is neither. LINK

When I read the above headline, I was absolutely stunned! Based on what we have learned over the years, there is a very large Gay community throughout the United States and they exist in almost every walk of life, including our Senate and House of Representatives. We never know if our Doctor, Lawyer, or even the Police Officer that pulled us over is Gay, and to insult what is also an influential bloc of voters as well as people in very high places is one of the worst possible programming errors that CNN could have imagined, even in their worst nightmares – and I’m sure that the outrage and indignation will grow and cause a permanent rift with an important segment of our society. CNN should have learned long ago to leave the bigotry and hate to Fox, but this time, they chose to fall upon their own sword.

This is an excellent example of Karma in action, and as much as I dislike what they have become, in reality we need CNN, if for nothing else, their excellent coverage of disasters and other International news they find no need to censor. Losing CNN would further hamper the public’s ability to stay informed on issues that concern the global community, but their self-censorship and absurd attempts at picking up their ratings are exacerbating their rush into the abyss of failed businesses that are dotting America’s financial landscape. This is an excellent example of why corporations never should merge with the state or the news media, and as long as we still have a vestige of free speech and the Internet, censorship and propaganda will be rejected by the majority whom still respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, the United States appears to be taking a hard right-turn in their political and religious ideology, and the reason for this radical change is one of the many instances where CNN and the MSM in general has miserably failed the public.  Right-wing radicals, violence, vandalism, and threats against our government can ultimately be tied-in to the Mainstream News Media’s utter failure to inform the public and provide a viable counter-balance to Fox News, and as we all learned from Nazi Germany and those who honed the fine art of propaganda is that if you tell a lie enough times that eventually, it will be regarded as truth; the veracity of this statement is substantiated by a society that is divided and becoming more so every day, and when huge corporate news channels lose their credibility, even if they’re telling the truth, it’s similar to the “fruit of the poisonous tree” as described in legal terms and even scripture as the link reveals. Poison in one, poison in all…

It is obvious that CNN has been taking a gradual turn to the right, and their audience is well aware of the change. It’s often the little things that the public takes into consideration, like misinforming the public in regard Yellowstone National Park’s Super-volcano, failing to cover extremely important news events (China hacking into India’s Defense system and stealing classified documents from other nations as well), and polls that are skewed to elicit the response they want, not what is representative of the general public.

After President Obama signed the Health Care Bill into law, CNN ran a poll, and whereas I don’t remember the exact wording, it went something like this:

Question: Who will benefit from the Health Care Reform bill that President Obama signed into law?

1.    Democrats

2.    Republicans

3.    None of the above.

The GOP would not have an issue with the above poll, however, when anyone that looks at the issue is aware that Republicans and Democrats alike have issues with insurance coverage, are cast off like dirty laundry when they become sick with a major illness, and many of us have personal experience with having to cope with pre-existing conditions that make insurance costs so high that millions of Americans are denied proper health coverage through no fault of their own. CNN neglected to include “Democrats and Republicans” as an answer, which would be the correct response to those that favor the Heath Care reform bill, and their failure to include both parties turned it into a partisan poll and skewed the results.

CNN’s transgressions are so many that it would take an entire book to list all of them, so I won’t waste anyone’s time in naming each and every example of the silliness and downright bias that reeks from their programming like rotten eggs. They know where their salvation lies, and it isn’t turning to the right! For now, Fox News is doing one heck of a job in stirring up hate, fear, and resentment, and telling the truth and reporting on matters that the public wants to hear about rather than what CNN wants us to hear is their obvious flaw; however, as long as corporate shills decide what is and isn’t news, CNN and the rest of the MSM might as well pack their bags and get out of the business! The inevitable future in regard their collective ratings will prove that “no news will be good news” as long as they persist in serving their corporate master’s instead of the people. I take no satisfaction knowing that CNN and our MSM in general are aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom, and for that, I will never forgive those that helped to divide our country in a time when the problems we face can only be solved by standing together in solidarity, not taking cheap political shots and fanning the flames of discontent.

William Cormier


Sadly, CNN’s desperation in attempting to appeal to segments of the population that are not Mainstream America are further alienating themselves from the majority of our country. While I’ll admit that not all Tea Party members are radical right-wing conservatives, there are enough of them whom are; when you lie down with dogs you get fleas, and from most of the news that we’ve read, there is a large percentage of the Tea Party that do support a radical ideology that is contributing to the destabilization of the United States; From Raw Story:

CNN producer: Tea Party stereotypes belied by ‘colorful smiles’

By Muriel Kane
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 — 2:13 pm

The popular stereotype of the Tea Parties is that they represent the conservative fringe of the Republican Party mixed in with extreme right-wing independents and consist overwhelmingly of angry white men given to violent rhetoric and displays of firearms.

According to CNN, however, nothing could be further from the truth. The Tea Partiers are just regular folks — people from all walks of life, warm and friendly and accepting of diversity.

Critics of the Tea Parties have been skeptical of both Travis’s claims and CNN’s heavy promotion of the latest tour. In a post last week titled, “CNN pimps Great American Tea Party Express PR and Propaganda Tour,” Crooks and Liars suggested that “CNN is serving as a built-in PR machine for the Tea Party Express. … CNN has embedded a small press corps in their custom-painted ‘CNN Express’ press bus for the sole purpose of following teabaggers around the country, reporting 3-4 times daily on the activities of the corporate-funded, RNC-connected Tea Party Express.”

Dave Weigel, who is now the Washington Post’s resident expert on the right, adds that CNN’s decision has “befuddled the right and left alike. He suggests that CNN is attempting to assuage the anger of the Tea Parties last year when “CNN’s Susan Roesgen became tea party public enemy No. 1 for a combative segment she filmed at an event in Chicago.” MUCH MORE

CNN’s recent attempts at appeasing right-wing ideologies is not impressing those who seek non-biased news, and if they don’t wake-up soon, I’m placing my bets that it won’t be long until CNN has to make staff cuts to compensate for their loss of market share and profits.

In case CNN is monitoring this story for any comments, might I make a suggestion; three (3) hours ago, I posted a news article titled “Geithner And Government Protect Wall Street And Dump Main Street For India.” This is a story that is NEWS; I can’t even find an honorable mention in the MSM regarding Tim Geithner making these outrageous comments in India as he “pledged that our government would “not (to) harm India’s IT outsourcing sector as it battles to create jobs at home in the worst labour market since the Great Depression of the 1930s.” – and this is the type of news that affects a huge segment of our nation, and based on the traffic I’m receiving, this is the type of story that concerns the entire country!

Give it a try CNN, publish some news that we want to see, not what you want us to read, and there’s a strong possibility that if you make it a trend, battling Fox News won’t be nearly as hard and you would actually be doing a service to the people of America. Go ahead, give it a whirl, and you might be surprised at the positive reaction you’d receive from people whom are negatively impacted by outsourcing.

Update II:

To be fair CNN, RAW Story is reporting that:

Humbled CNN backpedals on gay ‘cure’ segment

By David Edwards and Daniel Tencer
Friday, April 9th, 2010 — 3:19 pm

CNN’s Kyra Phillips didn’t exactly apologize for devoting a segment of her show to a widely-discredited theory that homosexuality can be “cured,” but her declaration Friday that she is an “unswerving” supporter of gay rights came pretty close.

“I would like to take a moment to address many of you who e-mailed me about our Tuesday segment on this topic,” Phillips said.

“Personally, I thought the absurd nature of the California law we discussed would speak for itself, but unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way. Richard Cohen was not the most appropriate guest to have on, but it is a decision that we made and the result of that is our continued discussion today.”

On Tuesday, Phillips reported on a little-noticed California law from 1950 that asserts homosexuality to be a deviant act and orders medical professionals to seek cures for it.

But that turned out to be little more than a segue to an interview with Richard A. Cohen, an author and “conversion therapist” considered to be a leading voice in the movement to “cure” homosexuality. As Raw Story noted, Cohen was expelled from the American Counseling Association in 2002 for repeated violations of the organization’s ethics code. MUCH MORE AND VIDEO

I’m not sure that CNN is humbled, but what was obvious to anyone that possessed a minimum of political savvy was that a backlash would develop almost immediately – and CNN’s quasi-apology didn’t surprise anyone.

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