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A Voice For Freedom and Honesty Is Silenced. Good-by To Keith Olbermann

Today is a dark day for the United States.  Keith Olbermann, a constant critic of the Neo-cons, Tea Party, and anyone else that vomited their radical political ideology had their feet held to the fire by Keith Olbermann. He spoke with passion and honesty while attempting to set the record straight in these times of political dishonesty and “spin” that was often malicious and downright dishonest.

RAW Story has an extensive article covering his departure, however, in spite of Mr. Olbermann’s popularity with Liberals and Progressives the details of his demise are contradictory and extremely limited:

MSNBC released a short statement, saying that the two parties had not apparently reached agreement on Olbermann’s contact.

“MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract,” the statement said.

It continued, “The last broadcast of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”  LINK

“In an early report, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said on his Twitter feed that Olbermann was fired. Raw Story initially reported that Olbermann had quit. In what most of us consider to be dishonest and an insult to our intelligence,   MSNBC stated that:

An MSNBC spokesperson told The Washington Post Friday night that the NBC Universal-Comcast merger this week played no role in Olbermann’s departure. MSNBC’s president would not comment.  LINK

Rachel Maddow did not address Keith Olbermann’s departure on her show which demonstrates that MSNBC is enforcing a strict policy of silence in regard Keith’s departure. Maddow stated that Keith Olbermann and Comcast/MSNBC “had cut ties by “mutual decision.” To quote Bill Maher,. who did not buy Maddow’s belief that it was a mutual decision stated “That’s always bullshit.” We concur and believe, as most of the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats on the Internet are stating through comments in response to various posts that Comcast fired Olbermann – and they didn’t waste any time doing it!

How is it that the FCC approved the merger between NBC and Comcast in spite of anti-trust laws that are still supposed to be in force but are being ignored by Obama’s (in)Justice Department? What happened to the rule of law? As usual, the corporations and Elites have no need to follow the law and are bound and determined to gain full control of every bit of news that flows through the Mainstream News Media. It appears that American Fascists have gained another advantage; there’s not much question in my mind that the Comcast/NBC merger is nothing more than another nail in the coffin of honest reporting and free speech. Anyone at Comcast/NBC that dares to be truthful will be placing their jobs in jeopardy and is evidenced by Rachael Maddow’s muted response. It’s a miracle they didn’t dump her too – but I fear that I may have spoke too soon. The next sixty days will be telling, and if Maddow delivers any type of hard hitting commentary regarding the right-wingers and the GOP – you can bet that she will also receive the boot! To borrow a phrase from Keith Olbermann, Comcast is one of the most hated companies in America. They have rates that are among the highest of cable providers and thoroughly believe they have the right to regulate who uses too much bandwidth on their system. (I.e., Netflix.) This author places Comcast in the same category as Rupert Murdoch and Fox News – Fascists whom hate democracy and freedom!

The GOP and other enemies of freedom are likely dancing in the street. For those who have not been keeping up with the dialogue in regard this issue we recommend that you follow the link to RAW Story and read the many comments that have been made regarding Keith Olbermann’s dismissal from MSNBC.

I wrote my own comment regarding Mr. Olbermann’s demise and was taken aback by one reply that was made to my thoughts. My thoughts are below and is followed by a comment from “jimthebeam:”

This is a foreboding glimpse of things to come with Comcast now at the helm with NBC and MSNBC.

It appears that we are entering into a new phase of American Fascism. If “the people” don’t wake up soon and participate in a General Strike or other acts that are legal within our rights to free assembly and speech – this rapid plummeting we are experiencing into a Fascist State will be unstoppable. It is us that get our news from alternative new sources that truly understand how fragile any semblance of Democracy actually is in what used to be the flag-bearer of human rights and democratic principles. The majority of Americans get their news from the MSM and are almost clueless as to the real state of this nation.

“The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.” Vice President Wallace, 1944

If we don’t come together soon the faux news will be reporting that they are in the process of rounding-all all of those pesky Liberals and Progressives so the government can “preserve order.” The crap is likely to hit the fan when they inexorably start slashing Social Security and Medicare. I’m sure that some of you here may have read the article about talks of raiding 401Ks and other retirement accounts.

Too much is happening too fast. THE PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE THEMSELVES HEARD!

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This wasn’t the only reply to my comment but was extremely telling:

Good job William. Well said. The quote from VP Wallace is like reading a script. The question for me and the rest is when will we hit the street?

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We as a nation and people are not attempting to hold the government accountable for their actions. Fascism is dominating our lives and it will get far worse – not better! The American people seem to be utterly complacent and are not raising their voices in response to the many liberties and freedoms that the Feds are constantly reducing or taking away. If the American people remain complacent and refuse to challenge the government for holding corporations above “the people,” our nation will soon resemble that of Hitler’s Third Reich. This was my response to “jimthebeam’s question:”

All of us need to remember what we did in regard Senate Bill S-1959, otherwise known as the “Thought Crime Prevention Bill.” The Bill began as HR-1955 and was then fast-tracked through the Senate as S-1959. There was a press blackout on the Bill and Congress was attempting to pass it under the radar believing that no one was watching.

Several Blogs, including my own, were deeply involved in writing articles and advising people to sign petitions and call Congress. For a short while I was proud to be an American again. Thousands upon thousands of people signed the petitions and WE shut down Congresses email and phone systems. For days they couldn’t use their phones and even the White House phone lines and email were overloaded. I was only one site of many that continually wrote Op-Eds and articles and urged people to email a copy of our petitions/articles to their Representatives and then to keep calling Congress and the White House.

Much to my surprise “we the people” stood together in solidarity and S-1959, one of the most egregious Bills ever to hit Congress died with barely a whimper in Committee and our efforts saved the country from a Bill that would have left each and everyone of us in jeopardy and the ridiculous “Thought Crime Prevention Bill” was hardly ever mentioned again. That was then and all of us were proud that the public finally stood together to defeat legislation that could have easily imprisoned thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of citizens whose only crime was believing in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately that was an extremely rare occurrence that to this day has not been repeated. Millions of Americans have had their jobs shipped off to other countries and still remain unemployed. Millions more have lost their homes and to this day, some are still destitute and homeless. Can we do it again???

Yes, but each individual has to ACT rather than talk about it. As bad as we’ve been mislead, deceived and even robbed blind – attempting to get “the people” to again stand together in solidarity has proved to be as elusive as the Holy Grail. I never condone violence and believe in solving issues by exercising Free Speech and attempting to educate those whom are unaware of the threats that are constantly menacing our representative democracy. We stand on the abyss of Fascism and still – hardly anyone raises their voices or seem to have the propensity to stand up for our country and the American way of life.

I know that it can be done – I’ve witnessed it firsthand and was part of the solution rather than the problem. Is there anyone here that can explain to me without one-liners WHY everyday citizens seem unable to stand together to save their homes, lifestyle, and protect themselves and others from the fascists that are destroying the United States? The astounding complacency that has gripped our population has literally made me sick to my stomach. I constantly hear that there’s nothing we can do about it and everyone is burying their head in the sand. How is it possible that just three short years ago we defeated one of the worst Bills ever to be brought before Congress and now no one believes we can do anything to bring about change???.

Wake up people. We did it then, and if people would take this situation seriously we could do it now. Quit whining and begin organizing and emailing your friends; that’s where it all starts. Become outraged that our country is being destroyed and start sending letters to your favorite site and ask them to begin preparing to fight for our lives. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people have to email Congress and then pick up the phone and demand answers. It’s a pain in the butt, but when we all join in together “we the people” have the ability to demand and receive real change. Based on personal experience that the best idea that I have. It worked before – and if we would all show a little courage and determination – it could work again.

How Could We Forgot The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act? http://ThePoliticalBandit.com/…

Now We Know Why There’s A Press Blackout On S 1959 – It’s Called “ENDGAME” By DHS – Updated 7/20/08 http://ThePoliticalBandit.com/…

The American people have faced adversity before and overcome the yolk of oppression – but to do so we must stand together in solidarity. Collectively speaking we have watched with morbid fascination this war on the people by Corporate America and the wealthy Elites of The United States. To call them “Corporatists” is refusing to acknowledge what they really are; why is the MSM and many commentators attempting to lessen the blow by refusing to call them what they really are? Enemies of freedom, i.e. Fascists, have been taking over our government and the MSM refuses to address this extremely dangerous precedent.

It is once again time for the American people to raise their voices in dissent and demand that we return to the rule of law. I firmly believe that our representative democracy is hanging on by a thread. Millions of Americans have been driven into poverty by those that are destroying our Middle-class. Millions of other citizens are on the verge of descending into poverty, they have no one in Congress standing up for them and yet “we the people” remain silent and oblivious to the cancer that is destroying our nation. If we do not address this situation through exercising our right to free assembly and speech, our children and grandchildren will have no Social Security, no liberties and freedom, and the Fascists whom are hiding in plain sight will have taken over this great nation without ever firing a shot.

The time for raising our voices is now! Anything less will spell the demise of a great nation whom our forefathers fought and died for – and to allow that is to spit in the face of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in liberty and freedom and pursue what used to be the American Dream.

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