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Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change


Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change

It was not my intention to post anything for at least two weeks, however, events are presenting themselves which compel me to briefly address the clear and present danger that I believe exists for anyone who is living in the coastal areas  of the Northern hemisphere and throughout Central America. These are areas that are exhibiting significant “trends” which to me, indicate that several events will be forthcoming, perhaps tomorrow, next year, but most assuredly within the next 24 months. The USGS insists that predicting earthquakes based on trends is “junk science,” and I, along with a host of other people couldn’t disagree more! It’s my contention that earthquake trends are real,  relevant,  and correlated with historical data and current scientific theory allow someone to predict with a great deal of certainty and accuracy areas that will soon experience major events. I also believe that the USGS is well aware of these “trends” and for reasons I am unaware of, has not released this information to the general public.

Our intention is to raise awareness of the danger that these events pose to the inhabitants of these high risk areas. I sincerely believe that the bulk of the public and especially the government has not learned the lessons that the Haiti quake presented to the global community. If we look at the Greater Los Angeles area,  San Francisco Bay area, and the Seattle Portland area(s), there are millions upon millions of Americans who reside in these locales that pose an extremely high probability of experiencing a geological event that would be classified as a “Mega-Disaster.” If the San Andreas Fault shifts as the USGS and some of our best scientific minds have predicted, this event could cause the fault to move as little as a couple of inches or as much as several feet (Most probable on the Southern Section of the fault, i.e., the greater Los Angeles area.), severing all of the major highways, railways, and the ports could sustain major structural damage – making them temporarily useless.

Remember Haiti! If a “Mega Disaster” strikes an area that is inhabited by millions of people, the potential for loss of life and misery on the scale of Haiti could happen to residents of these areas, and the danger to the Seattle/Portland area and Greater Los Angeles, IMO, pose the greatest danger of experiencing a Haiti-like disaster. When normal lines of communication, transportation, and food distribution are disrupted in a metropolis that houses in excess of 10 million people, the probabilities of a Mega-disaster rise exponentially. The sheer number of people such an event would affect make distributing disaster relief supplies a monumental task, and even with our sophisticated supply lines we can envision mass hunger, thirst, and disease rapidly spiraling out of control. Distributing supplies to so many individuals would present a logistical nightmare that has the potential to dwarf the challenges the global community experienced in Haiti. For those whom live in these high risk areas I believe that is tantamount to your survival to gradually increase your supplies of food and water. A three-day disaster preparedness kit is close to worthless if a major event strikes your area, and I recommend at least a two week supply of the essential, and even that may not be enough. Whatever you do, don’t forget water! These supplies are not expensive to purchase, and if you live within a budget, rice, beans, and other essentials that will provide adequate nourishment will suffice; they may not be a gourmet delight, but survival is the name of the game, and with that in mind, protecting your survival kit also has to be taken into consideration. Those that did not prepare will go to great measures to feed their families, so find a way to protect what you have accumulated – and don’t broadcast that you are storing survival supplies!

Just for a moment, forget “earthquake trends” and consider the dramatic rise in quakes and volcanic activity.

First, please consider the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. I have been following this activity for years, and it is still increasing in magnitude and frequency. Listed below is a comment I made in 2009 that reflects the change in activity which is plaguing this area:

In 1996, the frequency of Alaskan quakes were recorded with approximately 350 to 400 “events” per month. In 2008, that number has climbed to an average of over 2,000 events per month, many of them significant and registering over 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Monthly Earthquake Catalogs from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. There have also been several quakes that have registered over 6.0 on the Richter Scale, most of which have gone unreported in the American MSM. I did find one that was reported, however, it was reported by The China View, not the American Press:” LINK

Second, the assertion that earthquake activity is not rising is absolute hogwash! This is a graph that I posted on an article that I can’t locate but found the graph posted on another site:

Here are other graphs that conclusively indicate larger magnitude events and earthquake activity has steadily been rising since 1973:

The first graph displays the total number of Magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes each year from 1973 to 2010.


At first glance, it seems the overall trend in large-magnitude earthquake activity is increasing over time. However, what’s most revealing about this graph is that there appears to have been more 6.0 Magnitude or greater earthquakes in the first 3.5 months of 2010 than in any other year between 1973 and 2009! This is means that 2010 is indeed a historic year when it comes to earthquake activity across the globe.

You will also notice in the above graph that there were some years that had lower levels of earthquake activity than others even though the general trend in earthquake activity appears to be rising over time. The graph below “smooths” out these annual fluctuations so that a general trend line in earthquake activity over time can be seen.


The graph shows that there has been a gradual increase in large-magnitude earthquake activity since 1990. The trend line appears to be beginning to rise at an exponential rate which is an ominous trend. If this trend continues we would see much more large-magnitude earthquake activity than what we are seeing now. LINK (These graphs were found at a site that attributes this rise in activity to Bible Prophesy, however the data is correct and were quoted from

Also, from, I found this data which is extremely revealing:

Trends since 1986

For example, between 1986 and 1996 (incl), a period of 11 years, there were “just” 15 earthquakes listed by USGS of magnitude 7.0 or greater. This is not markedly different (albeit a slight decrease) from previous (similar periods) of 20th century, where an average of about 18 might be expected.

But between 1997 and 2007 (incl), a period of only 11 years, there were 99 earthquakes with magnitude 7.0 or greater : This is more than a six-fold increase on the previous similar period – and is a stark increase on any earlier decades in 20th century too. LINK Again, this is data from a site that also believes this rise in quakes is somehow fulfilling Biblical Prophecy, which I believe is nothing more than superstition, however their data appears to be correct.

For another look into the frequency of earthquakes, please visit this LINK for more information and please note past years and the upward trend in earthquakes.

Is Climate Change Responsible Increased Earthquake And Volcanic Activity?

Whether or not the climate change we are experiencing (Often referred to as Global Warming) is a natural phenomena or caused by humans is not an area of the current controversy that I care to indulge myself in; I do believe that mankind is exacerbating climate change, however to what extent is still up for debate. Politicizing this trend is detrimental to the entire global community, IMO, and we would be far better off to listen to the best scientific minds that have been studying this effect for decades and throw-off those opinions that are bought and paid for by conservative think tanks. Unfortunately, recent events have demonstrated that even so-called “reputable” scientists can be bought and paid for – and those that have prostituted their scientific expertise cast a pall and shame on other legitimate scientific professionals that have dedicated their lives to contribute to the greater good rather than their own financial benefit.

I do believe that the preponderance of the evidence does point to climate change as the culprit for increased geological activity and unless someone can provide evidence to the contrary, the science behind this hypothesis appears to be extremely sound, and even the Mainstream News Media from other countries have contributed to this theory:

The Earth fights back

Never mind higher temperatures, climate change has a few nastier surprises in store. Bill McGuire says we can also expect more earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis

Bill McGuire, Tuesday 7 August 2007 15.45 BST

Looking back to other periods in our planet’s history when the climate was swinging about wildly, most notably during the last ice age, it appears that far more than the weather was affected. The solid earth also became restless, with an increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes, giant submarine landslides and tsunamis. At the rate climate change is accelerating, there is every prospect that we will see a similar response from the planet, heralding not just a warmer future but also a fiery one.

Several times in the past couple of million years the ice left its polar fastnesses and headed towards the equator, covering much of the world’s continents in ice sheets over a kilometre thick, and sucking water from the oceans in order to do so. As a consequence, at times when the ice was most dominant, global sea levels were as much as 130m lower than they are today; sufficient to expose land bridges between the UK and the continent and Alaska and Russia.

Each time the ice retreated, sea levels shot up again, sometimes at rates as high as several metres a century. In the mid 1990s, as part of a study funded by the European Union, we discovered that in the Mediterranean region there was a close correlation between how quickly sea levels went up and down during the last ice age and the level of explosive activity at volcanoes in Italy and Greece.

The link was most obvious following the retreat of the glaciers around 18,000 years ago, after which sea levels jumped back up to where they are today, triggering a 300% increase in explosive volcanic activity in the Mediterranean in doing so. Further evidence for a flurry of volcanic action at this time comes from cores extracted from deep within the Greenland ice sheet, which yield increased numbers of volcanic dust and sulphate layers from eruptions across the northern hemisphere, if not the entire planet.

But how can rising sea levels cause volcanoes to erupt? The answer lies in the enormous mass of the water pouring into the ocean basins from the retreating ice sheets. The addition of over a hundred metres depth of water to the continental margins and marine island chains, where over 60% of the world’s active volcanoes reside, seems to be sufficient to load and bend the underlying crust.

This in turn squeezes out any magma that happens to be hanging around waiting for an excuse to erupt. It may well be that a much smaller rise can trigger an eruption if a volcano is critically poised and ready to blow. A MUST READ ARTICLE

Below is an especially revealing post that explain some of the relationship between climate change and the increase we’ve witnessed in seismic activity:

“Climate change: Tearing the Earth apart?”

Bill McGuire, professor of Geophysical Hazards at University College, in an article in New Scientist, titled “Climate change: Tearing the Earth apart?” wrote:

“In the early 1970s John Chappell of the Australian National University in Canberra was the first to make the link between glacial advances and retreats and the rate of global volcanism. We now know that the warming that heralded the start of the current interglacial period around 10,000 years ago brought forth a burst of volcanic activity in Iceland, as melting ice caps reduced pressures on the magma chambers below. Allen Glazner of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill identified a similar pattern in eastern California over the past 800,000 years. Increased levels of volcanic activity are also recorded at mid-latitude ice-covered volcanoes in the Cascades Range of the US and in the Andes.”

“[I]t shouldn’t come as a surprise that the loading and unloading of the Earth’s crust by ice or water can trigger seismic and volcanic activity and even landslides. Dumping the weight of a kilometre-thick ice sheet onto a continent or removing a deep column of water from the ocean floor will inevitably affect the stresses and strains on the underlying rock.” McGuire said.

“Not every volcanic eruption and earthquake in the years to come will have a climate-change link…  Yet as the century progresses we should not be surprised by more geological disasters as a direct and indirect result of dramatic changes to our environment. The only saving grace is that a significant increase in volcanic activity would pump large volumes of sulphate gases into the stratosphere, which would cool the Earth’s surface and slow global warming, at least for a time. It’s a hell of a price to pay, though, for ignoring a phenomenon that could be far more easily sorted if we lived more considered and sustainable lives.” He said.

NOTE: This is another must read essay and this site contains a wealth of information to help the layman understand the phenomena that’s now manifesting itself with a vengeance.

I wish that I was an artist, however, I can barely draw a straight line, so I’ll attempt to explain the basics and the driving forces(s) that explain why climate change is causing the current rise in seismic activity. This is a brief explanation that I’ll attempt to visualize:

Another effect of global warming: earthquakes and volcanic activity

June 11th, 2006

The Wall Street Journal reports that melting of glaciers will increase earthquake and seismic activity. [How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth’s Surface, Spur Quakes, Volcanoes] The idea is that melting glaciers changes the weight distribution on the earth’s surface and that the earth rebounds:

The reason is that one cubic meter of ice weighs just over a ton, and glaciers can be hundreds of meters thick. When they melt and the water runs off, it is literally a weight off Earth’s crust. The crust and mantle therefore bounce back, immediately as well as over thousands of years. That “isostatic rebound,” according to studies of prehistoric and recent earthquakes and volcanoes, can make the planet’s seismic plates slip catastrophically, and cause magma chambers that feed volcanoes to act like bottles of shaken seltzer. (My emphasis.)

The main evidence is from prior geologic history:

That link has reared its ugly head in the past, especially during periods of rapid climate change such as the end of ice ages. When ice sheets retreated 10,000 years ago, for instance, Iceland experienced a surge in volcanic eruptions. Volcanoes in the Mediterranean, Antarctica and eastern California also seem to have been awakened by retreating ice.
When he analyzed 800,000 years of activity from about 50 volcanoes in eastern California (the age of rocks formed from volcanic ash can be determined by radioactive dating), Prof. Glazner found that “the peaks of volcanic activity occurred when ice was retreating globally. At first I thought it was crazy, but other scientists also found evidence that climate affects volcanism.” The likely mechanism: glacial retreat lifts pressure that had kept the magma conduit closed. LINK

Please look at this representation of plate tectonics and also understand that in addition to the main plates, there are thousands of other fault zones, and some of them such as the San Andreas Fault is extremely significant as well as other major fault zones throughout the planet:

Plate Tectonics And The Ring Of Fire

Now, taking into consideration that Mother Earth, for the last few centuries, has not been perfectly round, but has been distorted by the enormous weight of the North and South Poles. The effect of trillions of tons of ice has caused the earth to bulge-out in the equatorial zones and literally distorted the shape of our world. Imagine holding a basket-ball which is partially deflated; your hands are on the top and bottom of the ball, representing the North and South Poles. Now, look at the USGS visualization of the plates that comprise earth’s crust and imagine it pasted around the basket ball you’re holding in your hands.

As you gradually decrease the pressure of the globe, please note that the plates are being compressed together at several places places on the globe, especially in the equatorial regions,  thus causing these plates to grind against one another, thereby causing some of the plates to subduct under each other which in turn causes mega-thrust earthquakes. Also, keep in mind that the earth’s crust is riddled with major and minor faults throughout the earth’s crust, and this gradual movement causes major and minor earthquakes in places that have been dormant for centuries, and at times, thousands of years.

Furthermore, as I stated in a previous post, the circumference of the earth is approximately 25,000 miles. To understand how thin the earth’s crust is in comparison with the earth itself, the earth’s crust would be correctly represented to be as thin as a piece of paper. In consideration of how thin earth’s crust is in relationship to the size of the planet, a crust that thin can easily be affected by the forces of melting polar ice caps, and in other locales throughout the world, can be affected in specific areas by the melting of glaciers.

There are still be some who deny that climate change is upon us, but the facts and evidence thoroughly demonstrate that earth’s climate is in a rapid state of climate change. The melting of the poles and glaciers has been well documented and the below image substantiates those claims:

Furthermore, the temperatures have been rising at a rate that computer models did not anticipate and even in the United States, spring is coming ten (10) days earlier than in previous years. Temperatures have been rising for several years:

Now, back to earthquake trends and whether or not they are “junk science.” (This essay was meant to be far more detailed than what I am posting today, however, because I am caring for two family members that have recently undergone major surgery and I am their sole caretaker, this article is an abbreviation of what I planned to publish. Please excuse me cutting and pasting from the body of the larger document.)

Pasted from the body of a report I didn’t have time to finish:

The marked increase in activity since 1996 illustrates that the Aleutian Islands and Alaska have become far more active as it pertains to earthquakes and volcanoes. Based on the visual maps provided by the USGS that I scrutinize on a daily basis, it is obvious that this activity is still increasing. Within the past couple of days, that activity is increasing even more in frequency and magnitude as represented in the below graphic from the USGS. After witnessing the havoc that Iceland’s minor eruption caused in Europe, a sizable eruption of several of these volcanoes could have a catastrophic impact on Canada and the United States, and I believe it’s when, not if, that we will witness chaos caused by volcanic eruptions in this chain. I also believe that large magnitude earthquakes are likely to strike in Alaska, and we may see another event that mirrors the Great Alaskan quake of 1964.

Other areas that have the potential to be Mega-disasters and strike a deep wound upon the United States is the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the San Andreas Fault. The USGS insists that earthquake trends are a fantasy – that earthquakes cannot be predicted based on “trends” that I likewise insist are credible and relevant. The rationale behind my assertion is because I have been tracking what I refer to as trends for several years. I watched with fascination as the “trend” developed in South America and almost on a daily basis, I monitored these areas and related my suspicions to my family and friends. Needless to say, within six months after I announced these trends to my family, the Great Chile Quake struck South America. Large scale events have also occurred in other areas that I have tracked on a regular basis, including but not limited to the Haiti Earthquake. Based on past experience and the success of monitoring these trends, it seems logical to me to publish these beliefs with a strong expectation that coming events will substantiate the growing evidence that earthquakes can be predicted based on current earthquake trends. (Please note that I am far from alone in supporting this theory. If you Google “Earthquake Trends” you will find a wealth of information supporting this belief and unfortunately, just as many End of Times predictions along with those who believe Biblical prophesy if being fulfilled.)

Based on these trends, which are coming true because earthquake trends are relevant, or in the alternative, by coincidence or taking into consideration that many of these areas are past due for major events, their significance and danger cannot be denied. When we view the global earthquake graphic provided by the USGS, it strikes me that a definite “trend” has been developing along the entire area of the San Andreas Fault. The economic and physical damage will be one of the great tragedies of the 20th Century.

The trends that I am referencing are manifesting themselves as a straight-line of smaller quakes as demonstrated by the increased activity along the entirety of the San Andreas Fault, and a curved line of activity indicated through the Aleutian Island chain of volcanoes. These same areas of activity were present before the Haitian and Chilean quakes. The activity itself is not the sole indicator that a large event is about to occur and has to be correlated with other factors that indicate large magnitude events such as historic records of the fault lines and/or subduction zones and other triggers that are now becoming clear.

The one scientific theory that indicates earthquake and volcanic activity will be increasing now and throughout the coming years now appears to be fact rather than theory, which was demonstrated above It was once “theory” that large quakes triggered other events throughout the world, just as it was theory that melting glaciers trigger volcanoes. The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland catapulted the hypothesis that melting glaciers could trigger volcanic eruptions into the forefront of the Mainstream News Media even though this eruption was not blamed on this theory due to the minimal size of its glacier. LINK

Please note that the USGS graphic will change as new earthquakes occur and old ones will disappear after seven days. I am specifically taking notice of the increased activity in the Aleutian Island chain, and in Central America that this graphic does not show. There has been a specific “trend” that has been emerging in Central America and I believe large magnitude and/or subduction events (Mega-thrust Earthquakes) are likely in the near future, as well as on our West Coast. It’s certainly well within the current spate of activity that we’ve witnessed to expect two 7.4 or above events and at least one Great Quake in these areas within the next 24 months, and any of those events could happen as early as today or tomorrow.

The events which are described herein are inevitable. Whether they occur within the time frame I have specified remains to be seen, but whether or not they will happen is not debatable. It’s only a matter of time, and there isn’t a geologist on earth that would disagree with that assessment. Our saving grace is that the eruption of several volcanoes, which I believe are on the agenda sooner rather than later, could cause earth’s climate to enter a prolonged period of cooling which could replenish our ice caps and the glaciers that are melting throughout the globe, thereby restoring some semblance of balance to our climate. It is an extremely delicate process, and too much ash/aerosols ejected in our atmosphere could cause a mini-ice age, or in the alternative, if a super volcano erupts, a full scale ice age.

I tend to be an optimist, however, we all all subject to Mother Nature’s wrath, and sadly, we have not been good stewards of the environment that we all depend on for survival.

William Cormier

Katla Update:

Even though the Eyjafjoll volcano appears to be cooling down, the danger from the Katla Volcano is not over. The Katla volcano is still being monitored by experts, and with its history of erupting soon after the Eyjafjoll volcano, people in the know are still not underestimating the much more dangerous Katla volcano:

Pitt expert keeps eye on second volcano in Iceland

Saturday, May 01, 2010
By Sean D. Hamill, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the Icelandic volcano that shut down European airports for a week last month continues to calm down, attention has turned to a neighboring mountain that is potentially much more devastating.

Photo compliments of Photobucket:  LINK

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  • Vincent Maldia

    this website also shows earthquake graphs, but starting at year 1900. They disagree with your graphs

  • Rtapani

    I agree with your assumptions. We were supposed to take care of this planet and we are abusing it. We are a high maintence civilization that wants much more than it needs. The earth has a way and the power to correct our actions and it will. This negligence is addressed in the book of Genesis and is the reason that Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden. Note that this book of Genesis exists in the Muslim scriptures also. This cycle would eventually happen, but we have accelerated it aproximately a thousand years by our greed and waste. That falls within the lifetime of all of us. We are depleting our supplies of fossil fuels with no reguard for future generations on this planet. Same with the polution that we are creating which poisons our food supplies and inevitably will destroy our species. You did not bring up the relation of seismic activity created by nuclear testing up. A well unknown fact of our desire to have more power. These cycles of human negligence are evident throughout history and we have paid the expensive consequences for destroying our environment before in this country. Anyone interested will have to research it themselves. Man will never learn, I guess our inherited flaw of wanting more than we need goes back right to the beginning.

  • Brenda

    I agree the climate warming is a lie. People who have died and experienced a NDE have seen this coming. That men would come and make millions off these lies (Al Gore). The reason why this is happening is easy to see when we look at people who have died and experienced the NDE’s. We have completly corrupte our earth with war, violence, self-ego’s, and have come out of harmony with God and his plan. We are not even being judged. We inflict our own consequences for ourselves. Just check out Lou Famoso’s NDE experience. The earth will be completly wiped out if we head the direction we are are in.. The easy awnser is Love God, and Love your neighbor as yourself. If we follow this basic rule we can start restoring harmony on earth

  • William Cormier

    We will be releasing another report (Hopefully this week.) on the eventuality/probability of Iceland’s Katla Volcano erupting in the near future. Based on historic data this volcano is likely to erupt at any time and if it follows historic trends an eruption can be expected by the end of this year or early in 2011. Our essay will correlate all of the known data, current earthquake information and links as well as what scientists are stating that the general public is not aware of, but should be paying close attention to.

  • Anonymous

    “Remember when the buzz word was global warming? Then those official emails leaked out admitting it was a sham…and then climate change was born.”

    I would have responded earlier to this comment, however have been recovering from an illness for over two months and never saw this comment arrive. I suppose that for me, it worked out better that way.

    In light of the severe drought and high temperatures in Russia, the horrendous flooding in Pakistan, not to mention China, India and North Korea – I’d say that the naysayers are now reevaluating their position(s) on being climate change/global warming deniers. The bulk of the material in the above article is well substantiated; what part of Climate Change affecting volcanoes and earthquakes didn’t you understand? If you didn’t understand the material, then I can only blame myself for not being as articulate as I should have been when writing the essay.

    Then again, there are those that still deny the Holocaust…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the compliment. Mitch Gurney and I attempt to back-up everything we write with as much substantiation as possible. (There are far too many Blogs and “Political Commentators,” especially within the GOP and their rabid fringe, that distort, misinform, and generally deal in allegations and political spin that has absolutely no basis in fact.

    As it pertains to earthquakes and volcanoes, I believe we know much less than we think we do. Also, the dissemination of information on issues that we do have knowledge of is often misrepresented and/or distorted, depending on the source.

    A good example is that so-called News Sources often advise the public that volcanoes almost always experience earthquakes and/or ground deformation prior to an eruption, often giving the public a false sense of security. In 85% to 90% of the cases that’s true, however, in those ten to fifteen percent of the cases, volcanoes can erupt without any symptoms/warning what-so-ever and when that happens, there is often a higher amount of damage and death because the people believed they were safe.

  • Ciscoagent

    Excellent blog containing a lot of very good work. Congratulations. I happen to think that even now we do not understand much about the geo-electromagnetic nature of the Earth and its relations to the sun and planets. And we underestimate the effect of geo-magnetism in deformation of the Earth’s crust and molten magma.

  • Apayne

    Blaming climate change for eq and volcanic activity increase is absolutely ridiculous. This was a cover that was created many years ago. Remember when the buzz word was global warming? Then those official emails leaked out admitting it was a sham…and then climate change was born.
    Why would our leaders go to such extremes? Because as long as we feel we are the cause of all of this, then we will feel there is something we can do to stop it. The truth is we are not the cause and there is nothing we can do to prevent what is about to happen.

    • brenda

      I agree the climate warming is a lie. People who have died and experienced a NDE have seen this coming. That men would come and make millions off these lies (Al Gore). The reason why this is happening is easy to see when we look at people who have died and experienced the NDE’s. We have completly corrupte our earth with war, violence, self-ego’s, and have come out of harmony with God and his plan. We are not even being judged. We inflict our own consequences for ourselves. Just check out Lou Famoso’s NDE experience. The earth will be completly wiped out if we head the direction we are are in.. The easy awnser is Love God, and Love your neighbor as yourself. If we follow this basic rule we can start restoring harmony on earth.

  • Apayne

    Blaming climate change for eq and volcanic activity increase is absolutely ridiculous. This was a cover that was created many years ago. Remember when the buzz word was global warming? Then those official emails leaked out admitting it was a sham…and then climate change was born.
    Why would our leaders go to such extremes? Because as long as we feel we are the cause of all of this, then we will feel there is something we can do to stop it. The truth is we are not the cause and there is nothing we can do to prevent what is about to happen.

  • Glenn Berg

    Dear William Cormier,

    I agree that Volcanoes and earthquakes are increasing, though others don't believe. Do you have some numbers I can use as evidence that Volcanic activity around the globes is increasing?


    Glenn Berg

  • Philip Sampson

    Or the increase in traffic could be due to the fact that people are aware that the earth is about to split open.

  • wjcormier


    Actually, your theory has already been proven to be correct. For instance, man made lakes and reservoirs have been proven to cause earthquakes. The weight of the water pressing down in several of these man-made lakes has unequivocally been shown to cause earthquakes and also changes the earth's magnetic field; the latest example of that is the Three Gorges Dam in China. If you read my latest article on quakes and their relationship to climate change, I'm sure you noted that scientists are close to 100% positive that melting glaciers can also cause volcanic activity and it stands to reason that it's simply another instance where the weight and distribution of the earth has been changed.

    The Great Chile Quake as well as the Mega-thrust quake in Sumatra caused the earth to wobble on its axis, and that is fact; any time there is a huge redistribution of the earth's weight, centrifugal force causes the Earth to wobble, so removing countless millions of barrels of oil also has to cause the globe to redistribute its weight, and it's a long cycle that doesn't necessarily manifest itself immediately. Oil comes out gradually whereas a lake or reservoir fills up rather quickly. In short, there is solid scientific evidence that mankind can cause earthquakes and using that same rationale, volcanoes.

    That said, the oil industry has enough influence and money that oil will likely never be blamed for causing geological activity, but if lakes and glaciers melting can cause it, large quantities of oil has to have the same effect. A factor I didn't realize until the BP spill was how pressurized some of the larger oilfields are as manifested by the force of the gusher in the Gulf – so there are two factors to take into consideration, weight and Lbs. per square inch of pressure, which appears to be immense.

    The scientific community has to know this as it pertains to oil and we haven't heard about it because of their political power and money. Using fossil fuels, including coal, has far more ramifications that we've been told. Thanks for bringing that out in the open.

  • Jon

    I'm not sure why this hasn't appeared on these discussion boards before but is it only myself that considers a possible relationship between the removal of oil and gas from within the earth and the increase in volcano and earthquake activity?
    I've raised this before and been told things like “it's ok, they pump sea water in to replace it” and “if it was a problem we'd know about it”.
    Truth of the matter is, we humans do lots of things that have consequences that we didn't predict. We tend to be quite arrogant.
    Put it this way, when i pose the fact that oil and gas exit drilling sites 'under pressure' i am never offered an explanation as to what causes that pressure and what the possible results are of releasing it – it is important here to realise the scale at which this is happening.
    Another key point is that sea water is substancially less viscous than oil and as such would permeate certain rock types when oil would not – which makes sea water a very poor choice of substitute.

    To conclude, i would add that given our use of what we remove from the earth, i.e. we burn it, I would expect see a 'relationship' between earthquakes/volcanos and global warming however i feel this is more of a correlation. The actual relationship is between oil/gas drilling and earthquakes and volcanos.
    Does the scientific community really believe that oil and gas is something that is there without reason, purpose or function? Interesting…..

  • coolio

    when are people going to look at solar phases and put that into the climate equation? the sun is going into a cooling phase. a cooling phase will have more impact on the earth than people in my opinion. global warming is a way of the goverment taking your hard earned money. dont be cheated think for yourselves.

  • coolio

    when are people going to look at solar phases and put that into the climate equation? the sun is going into a cooling phase. a cooling phase will have more impact on the earth than people in my opinion. global warming is a way of the goverment taking your hard earned money. dont be cheated think for yourselves.

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