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January 2013 Earthquake And Volcano Update For North America – Updated


If you believe the below graphic I copied from the USGS a few minutes ago is normal for the North America I suggest that you may not understand the danger this nation is now facing. As I stated in my last post, the danger is increasing, not decreasing!

N_America 2013

Yellowstone, Sinkhole Jarred By 7.5 Alaskan Earthquake

Saturday, January 5, 2013 18:41

(Before It’s News)

The following graphs/charts show that the 7.5 Earthquake that struck Alaska earlier today also dealt a jarring blow to both the Yellowstone Supervolcano as well as to the Louisiana Sinkhole. According to the USGS, the Alaskan quake struck on 2013-01-05 at 08:58:19 UTC. The charts below show proof that the EQ was felt at both the Yellowstone Supervolcano as well as at the Louisiana Sinkhole.

The first chart below shows the Alaska EQ in blue and Yellowstone’s reaction to it in red. Purple shows the overlap. Source

This second chart shows Yellowstone’s reaction to the 7.5 Alaska Earthquake. Source

This chart shows the Louisiana Sinkhole’s reaction to the 7.5 EQ in Alaska. Source

You may also want to “Google” the Louisiana Sinkhole and the danger it poses to the surrounding area. This is quite unbelievable and again, it shows the utter contempt that our energy companies have for those whom live near their facilities.

The 7.5 Magnitude Strike-slip Earthquake that struck off the Alaska Coast at “3:58 a.m. ET, off the coast of Alaska was downgraded by the USGS from 7.7 to 7.5.” (Link) is not new news, however, there is reason for concern as this is merely the beginning of a heightened period of Earthquake and Volcanic activity we are witnessing in North America. For those of you that do no access the USGS site to track and keep yourselves informed of this mounting danger, it is important that you understand the danger is rising, not diminishing as you will discover below.

2013 Alaskan Quake

We are using the older USGS earthquake graphic because we cannot figure-out how to incorporate the newer version into our posts because they contain layers of graphic files rather than those we are familiar with copying.  If you follow the above this LINK it will take you to the new graphics they are using; it’s fancier than what we had before and has the advantage of being able to layer the areas with cities,  USGS topological maps and other interesting features. Please note that the increase of Earthquake activity in the Aleutian Islands and Alaska has been extremely dramatic and not represented as such by the USGS; when we published “Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change” two years ago please note this quote in regard the increase of earthquakes in the Aleutian Islands and Alaska:

In 1996, the frequency of Alaskan quakes were recorded with approximately 350 to 400 “events” per month. In 2008, that number has climbed to an average of over 2,000 events per month, many of them significant and registering over 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Monthly Earthquake Catalogs from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. There have also been several quakes that have registered over 6.0 on the Richter Scale, most of which have gone unreported in the American MSM. I did find one that was reported, however, it was reported by The China View, not the American Press:” LINK

Even though we are certain there will be more large magnitude earthquake activity coming to North America in the near future, after bringing your attention to another area of concern, we will discuss and provide data and substantiation that Volcanic activity appears to be rising and the USGS has ordered a heightened amount of monitoring on all active CaliforniaVolcanoes. (Monitoring all active California volcanoes may provide an early warning for some volcanoes because of earthquake swarms and ground deformation, however, approximately 10 to 15% of volcanoes erupt without any warning whatsoever, so if you live close to a “dormant” volcano, the risk is still there for an eruption and our research has demonstrated that this is particularly true with Stratovolcanoes.)

In a post that covered the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the San Andreas Fault we attempted to discuss the danger that North America is facing is our near future, however, failed to mention another set of Earthquake Patterns (which the USGS labeled as “Junk Science” when we claimed they existed) we observed prior to the 2010 catastrophic Haiti Earthquake that took 316,000 lives and caused immeasurable suffering and financial damage.Unfortunately, those same “patterns” have reemerged and are now located around Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; this does not in any way exempt Haiti from another disastrous geological event even though it appears to be centered around the two aforementioned nations:

Puerto Rico

Central America is experiencing volcanic activity as well as elevated earthquake activity which we will not cover in this update, however, when you link to the USGS you will be able to see the unusual amount of seismic activity that is also occurring there on a daily basis; instead we are concentrating on a danger that our Mainstream News Media is not covering that we discovered at Before It’s News that is well documented and poses a sizable danger to Southern California and perhaps Arizona s well, depending on the air currents when this scenario plays-out:

Alert ~ 4 Salton Sea Volcanoes Prompt Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors

Friday, January 4, 2013 19:52

The Salton Buttes, contain five volcanoes at the Salton lake’s southern tip,they last erupted between 940 and 0 B.C., not 30,000 years ago, as previously thought, according to a new study.But they are monitoring only four? Perhaps because only four of them are displaying signs of a future eruption at this time.

 Why Would They Consider Such A Close Eye On This If There Was Nothing To Worry About ? $200,000 For A Smell Of Fish ?? Come On Now ..

Back In October 2012 ~Confirmed Volcanoes~Earthquake swarms and a region-wide rotten egg smell recently reminded Southern California residents they live next to an active volcano field, tiny though it may be.

At the time, scientists said the phenomena did not reflect changes in the magma chamber below the Salton Sea. But now, researchers may need to revise estimates of the potential hazard posed by the Salton Buttes — five volcanoes at the lake’s southern tip.

The buttes last erupted between 940 and 0 B.C., not 30,000 years ago, as previously thought, a new study detailed online Oct. 15 in the journal Geology reports. The new age — which makes these some of California’s youngest volcanoes — pushes the volcanic quintuplets into active status. The California Volcano Observatory launched in February by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), already lists the area as a high threat for future blasts.

“The USGS is starting to monitor all potentially active volcanoes in California, which includes the Salton Buttes,” said study author Axel Schmitt, a geochronologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “With our results, I think this will further enhance the need to look into the system,” Schmitt told OurAmazingPlanet.

Schmitt and his colleagues dated zircon crystals in the hardened lava of the buttes with a relatively new technique, a “helium clock” that starts ticking once the minerals begin cooling at the surface.

Rifting brings rising magma

In fact, that Obsidian Butte rises above the Salton Sea is what first attracted Schmitt’s attention. A 30,000-year-old butte should have been buried by a combination of sediment and subsidence by now, he said. “It had to be very young,” Schmitt said.

The buttes exist because California is tearing apart, forming new oceanic crust as magma wells up from below. The sinking Salton Trough is the landward extension of the Gulf of California, and marks the boundary between the Pacific and North America tectonic plates.

The lava source for the volcanoes is a magma chamber beneath the Salton Sea, which also heats water for a nearby geothermal plant. Decay of uranium isotopes in zircon crystals show magma built up underneath the volcanoes for thousands of years before the latest eruption, the study shows. [50 Amazing Volcano Facts]

If another eruption occurs at the Salton Buttes, it will likely mimic past breakouts, Schmitt said. The volcanoes are made of sticky, slow-moving rhyolite lava. At Obsidian Butte, the lava cooled so quickly it turned into glass. However, pumice and ash found nearby means past breakouts started with a bang. LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE CONTAINS MUCH MORE DATA AND VIDEOS

There is mounting evidence that we are entering a period of increased seismic and volcanic activity not only in North America, but throughout the Ring of Fire and other locales in the global community. The Earthquake Patterns are undeniable (IMO), and all of us would be well advised to take note of these events and if you live in any of these active and/or dormant earthquake/volcanic zones, having a plan of action for yourself and family is not only advisable – but mandatory if you are seeking to ensure the safety of those you love and care for. Once again, there is absolutely no reason for panic; our tectonic plates are simply readjusting themselves and nature is exhibiting what it has been doing for eons – adjusting itself to compensate for forces that we still do not fully comprehend nor have the ability to change.  That said, we do have the ability to prepare for what it inevitable, not a figment of my or anyone’s imagination.

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