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Geologically Speaking, Today Has Been Extremely Active And There Could Be More To Come… Updated

There’s no question that today has been a day to remember in geological terms. It’s extremely rare to experience two (2) Great Quakes within hours of each other as witnessed in Indonesia earlier this morning. You can examine these two quakes and exactly where they struck by viewing the two graphics below. One is the “Australia View” of the area and the other is a close-up which shows the epicenter of the quakes as well as the multiple aftershocks which will likely occur for several weeks and/or months:

This is the close-up complete with aftershocks:

North America is also experiencing an ominous amount of earthquakes, and today, a Magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck MICHOACAN, MEXICO, at a depth of 12.4 miles.

What is more worrisome to us is the Magnitude 5.9 Quake that struck within the area of the Cascadia Subduction Zone at a depth of 6.3 miles which occurred at 01:41:47 PM. We have been tracking the activity in and around the Cascadia Subduction Zone for years, and as stated in a previous post, this level of activity has not been this constant for as long as we have been monitoring the area (over eight years now…), and the magnitude and frequency appear to be on the rise. There is no reason to panic, however, there is ample scientific evidence that this dangerous subduction zone is becoming active again. We believe that it is vital that residents whom live in the danger area to prepare and stock-up at least a three (3) day supply of food, water, medicines, and package it in a tote-bag with an evacuation plan if the area does experience a Mega-thrust Quake in order to survive the Tsunami that will follow soon after the Quake. It is also of great importance that each member of the family be assigned certain tasks so that no family members are left behind, or in the alternative, that each family member knows exactly where to RUN to in order to meet-up with the rest of your family.

As it pertains to the entire West Coast of the United States, even though a rupture of the San Andreas Fault, whether it be the Northern Section, Southern Section, or both occurring within minutes of each other, preparing a tote-bag and following the same advice as we are urging to those that live in the Cascadia Subduction Zone area could also help your family to survive a Supershear Earthquake which is likely to happen if the San Andreas Fault does rupture, albeit the likelihood of a tsunami from this type of earthquake is extremely minimal. That said, it is also likely that most of the transportation links to your area will be destroyed by such a quake, so stocking-up on essentials is not only recommended, but a necessity if you wish to guarantee the safety and survival of your family. We all know that it will be a logistical nightmare to rush in supplies for millions of people, so don’t count on FEMA to be bringing in supplies in any meaningful quantity for up to three or more weeks. (IMO)

Be safe, and above all, expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.


Unfortunately, after I went to sleep last night, another Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake struck at 12:15:48 AM in the Gulf of California at a depth of 6.4 miles. These large Magnitude Earthquakes are dangerous and appear to be moving northward as we predicted in an article titled:

Update On Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Marching Northward

Volcanic Activity Appears To Be Working It’s Way Around The “Ring of Fire” UPDATED

This is not a “I told you so Post,” but what we believe is solid substantiation of our belief in Earthquake Patterns that can be interpreted by a layman if anyone takes the time to record and analyze earthquake activity over a term of several years. I do not believe that these large Magnitude Quakes are over by any means and expect them to continue their march Northward as evidenced in the USGS graphic that is the featured image for this article.

The USGS has stated that there is no such thing as “Earthquake Pattens” and that it is Junk Science. I am not a scientist nor do I claim to be. In my opinion, anyone that took the time and effort to study  the increase in earthquake frequency and the larger Magnitude Quakes that are occurring on a global basis would have easily come up with the same conclusion, and to me, it’s relatively obvious that North America is due for a Great Quake that I expect to strike either the San Andreas Fault or the Cascadia Subduction Zone by years end. I also believe there is a remote possibility that a Great Quake could strike the New Madrid Fault Zone, however, based on the patterns I’ve observed over the last eight (8) years, I still believe that it will be the West Coast of the United States that is in the most danger. No one can predict exactly when an earthquake will strike – and that includes me, but anyone that is paying attention is likely to be making disaster preparedness plans even as I’m writing this post. This spate of earthquakes traveling Northward is NOT over. (IMO)

We also believe that enough circumstantial evidence exists that the USGS and FEMA should issue an immediate warning to all of our countrymen that live on the West Coast to prepare for a Mega-disaster that is extremely overdue to strike that area. In our opinion, not taking this threat seriously based on recent events is negligent and not doing so could lull millions of people into complacency because our government is hell-bent on averting a panic, which is understandable; that said, a stern warning could motivate West Coast residents to make sure that they have enough water, food, medicine, and other essentials should these large Magnitude Earthquakes continue their Northward march. We are not attempting to create panic in any form or fashion. If you live on the West Coast, earthquakes are part and parcel of where you live, and all we are suggesting is that in order to ensure the safety of you and your family, taking the time to purchase the items necessary for surviving one of these Mega-disasters is nothing more than common sense.

Be safe and above all, be prepared.

Note:  A “Great Quake” is an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.0 or larger, and these quakes are the most dangerous earthquakes that occur on our planet (Not withstanding Mega-Thrust Earthquakes.) These events can result in a huge loss of life when they strike a heavily populated area and cause billions of dollars in damage to the infrastructure that maintain these large population centers that are present on the West Coast of the United States.

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  • William Cormier

    While I was writing this article, or busy posting it, a Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake struck directly east of Boston which appears to be on the continental shelf at a depth of 9.8 miles. This is usually an extremely stable area and has not, to the best of my knowledge and belief, experienced an earthquake in recent memory. Utah also experienced a Magnitude 4.5 Quake at 09:29:22 PM at a depth of .5 miles and was poorly constrained. (Earthquakes ARE NOT unusual in Utah.)

    It appears that Mother Earth is responding to the Climate Change we are experiencing with a vengeance; for those who do not believe we are in the midst of a climate change, I would ask you to consider why we have experienced a phenomena in 2011/2012 that resulted in the continental United States going through a winter that at best would be considered to be Fall weather throughout the entire nation. I believe it is time for the Climate Change deniers to re-think their positions and start looking at their environment(s) rather than listening to the blathering of the Koch Brothers and others whom profit from adding to what is likely another cycle that reoccurs every few thousand years here on Planet Earth. Even though I believe it is a natural cycle, it’s a lot like smoking. If you have issues with your lungs and you continue to smoke, then you have to suffer the consequences of your own actions.

    It is also our belief that even though this cycle is a natural occurrence, man-made fossil fuels are making it happen much faster than it would have if we had been kinder to nature, and a process that usually takes hundreds or thousands of years to happen has been exacerbated by the stupidity of our leadership throughout the global community for refusing to acknowledge what scientists have been stating for years.

  • William Cormier

    Please note that this post was deleted from Reddit in the Science Category because ” it does not include references to new, peer-reviewed research.” It’s obvious that I placed it in the wrong category which occurred because I failed to read the requirements for posting to the science Category. It is now in the “WTF” Category, which in some respects is well and good, as millions of Americans and the global community in general are wondering WTF is going on with the obvious increase in the Magnitude and frequency of earthquakes throughout the world.

    Since the USGS has not issued any warnings and constantly attempts to tell the public that earthquakes are NOT increasing in magnitude or frequency exept for the article that warned residents of the area in and around the Cascadia Subduction Zone in August of 2009 that a Mega-thrust Earthquake could strike the area within our lifetimes – which to me, as these events increase and appear to be working their way into North America at a frightening pace, we believe it is our duty to report upon events and recent scientific theories that the MSM has failed to report on for reasons that we do not understand.

    To view some of these most important theories/discoveries that the MSM refuses to cover, please read:

    Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate Change,

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