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Earthquakes Are Marching Northward And More Activity Occurs Today; What Does It Mean? UPDATED

Based on comments I received on Reddit when I submitted this article, I believe that it’s time to submit some background information that many of you who have not followed our series on Earthquakes and Volcanoes could be unaware of if you haven’t been with us since the early days of this site. Even though I am not an expert, several years ago I became interested in this subject because I began witnessing what I believed were “Earthquake Trends” and a strong increase in earthquake activity in and around Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. The USGS was claiming that earthquake activity was not increasing, and rather than take their word for it, I accomplished my own research, and they don’t make it easy to compile; this is an excerpt from an article I published on June 5th, 2008:

In 1996, the frequency of Alaskan quakes were recorded with approximately 350 to 400 “events” per month. In 2008, that number has climbed to an average of over 2,000 events per month, many of them significant and registering over 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Monthly Earthquake Catalogs from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. There have also been several quakes that have registered over 6.0 on the Richter Scale, most of which have gone unreported by the American MSM. I did find one that was reported, however, it was reported by The China View, not the American Press: Excerpt from: Disaster Lurks On Our Doorstep, And Americans Shrug!

Also, this was an article that was written before I understood the complexity of earthquakes and volcanoes and how to incorporate my data/research in a meaningful way that could help to educate those who live in high-risk areas that whether you believe it or not, we believe the USGS is not correct and there is substantiated documentation and evidence that earthquake activity is increasing in frequency and magnitude throughout the global community. As you take into consideration that the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Southernmost section of the San Andreas Fault Zone are overdue for major events, based on historical data, the rapid progression of larger magnitude quakes moving northward takes on a different perspective – and failing to understand the changes in seismic frequency and magnitude as it may pertain to our own nation is burying our head in the sand and hoping for the best rather than preparing for what most scientists consider to be an inevitable event. We are not attempting to print sensational or misleading information and rely heavily on documented facts and historical data, most of it from the USGS and other sources that monitor earthquake and volcanic activity on a worldwide basis. We are providing this information for one reason only – to prepare and understand the panic, devastation, and loss of life that will occur if people are not prepared for a major West Coast geological Event.

Remember Katrina, how unprepared FEMA was, and what happened to the people that had to be relocated from New Orleans. What will happen when a major quake hits the West Coast and then FEMA has to provide for MILLIONS of hungry and desperate people, many of whom will be injured or in extremely poor health once authorities are able to reach them. Whether such a quake hits the Cascadia Subduction Zone or the San Andreas Fault, there will be millions of homeless people, not thousands as there were with Katrina. Has anyone given any consideration that the government is activating FEMA Internment Camps that have been set-up and staffed throughout the United States are to house hundreds of thousands or even millions of disaster victims that our government believes will occur in the near future?  Does anyone remember the mess when FEMA tried to incorporate Katrina Victims in Stadiums and other venues after the initial disaster? This is why we are attempting to distribute this information as far and wide as possible, not to instill panic nor provide sensational titles for our articles and OP-Ed’s. (Please note that our advertising hasn’t worked for months and we receive absolutely not one single dime for any traffic that this site generates until we one day fix our files that control advertising.) We also didn’t anticipate that “What Does It Mean” was not taken as a rhetorical question which is another reason to include data that proves earthquakes and volcanoes ARE increasing in frequency and magnitude.


Today there were two earthquakes off of the coast of Mexico which cannot be termed as aftershocks from the Magnitude 7.4 – OAXACA, MEXICO Quake which struck on March 20th, just a few days ago.  The two quakes that occurred today began with a 5.0 shock centered on the westernmost boundary of the Cosos Tectonic Plate which was soon followed by a larger 6.0 earthquake:

We believe that this series of quakes is providing evidence for three important points:

1.  That our predictions were correct and that higher magnitude earthquakes are marching northwards, and in geological terms, extremely fast.

2.  That the hypothesis is correct that Earthquakes larger than 7.0 are now known to trigger other quakes nearby or even thousands of miles away.

3.  The other issue is that these large earthquakes can also trigger an increase in activity at nearby volcanoes up to at least 500 km away.

It is also possible that these quakes along the Cosos Tectonic Plate are pre-quakes as evidenced by the first 5.0 Magnitude event closely followed by a 6.0 quake, however there is no conclusive evidence that this could be the case. What is evidenced to even the casual reader is that these larger magnitude quakes ARE moving northward, and in my opinion, at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, when we take into consideration that Earthquakes larger than 7.0 are now known to trigger other quakes nearby or even thousands of miles away, the possibility/probability that quakes will also be generated further northward in the near future, IMO, are greatly enhanced. When I speak of “near future” in regard the northward march of these geological activities, including volcanic activity, I am speaking in terms of months – not necessarily today or tomorrow, and it could be years, however that is doubtful. There is still no accurate way to predict the time and/or date of an earthquake, and while we believe that the Earthquake Patterns that we observed and thus predicted two (2) 7.4 Quakes and at least one (1) magnitude 8.0 Quake in the Northern Hemisphere for 2012. Based on recent activity and the rapid Magnetic Pole Shift we are experiencing I’m tempted up up that prediction by at least another 7.0 quake and will await further evidence before I officially change our previous prediction(s).

For the obvious visual effect, I am adding another image of North America taken at the time of this writing to visually show where these quakes are and how close they are to home:








Finally, please do not panic nor misrepresent in other publications what we are attempting to convey to the general public. After posting an earlier article concerning recent (unprecedented) activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, one reader posted that the event was to occur that day. In matters that pose grave consequences to the general public, posts that tend to scare rather than inform people can result in a real warning being disregarded – and that could cost lives. We post this information to bring attention to the uptick in recent earthquake and volcanic activity, and especially the danger that it poses to the United States and the subsequent impact on the global community. We believe that the information we have and are providing is self-evident to anyone that spends the time to compare past and present earthquake activity in the Western Hemisphere, and in the near-future will attempt to post a visual representation of the data that too many people are still completely unaware of…

We also do not represent ourselves as professionals, just ordinary people that have studied and watched the occurrence of these quakes and related geological events increasing on a global basis, and report upon activity that the MSM largely ignores.

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