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Compliance Page

I’m not sure what a “compliance page” is supposed to consist of, however, I have noticed that more than one DOD site has searched for a “compliance page” on Justanothercoverup, therefore am posting this brief statement of intent and what I believe is our duty to comply with the rules and regulations of ICANN.

We are compliant with ICANN, and our domain registration is up-to-date as per ICANN’s rules and regulations. This site does not attempt to gather information from minors, and in fact, profanity is generally frowned-upon because of the high volume of educational facilities that access this site. We do reproduce profanity when it is uttered by a public official, i.e., “Go F**k Yourself” Cheney, and I believe it’s appropriate to quote public officials, especially when it’s the Vice-President of the United States or a member of Congress.

The political opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the advertiser’s that appear on this site and are exclusively those of the author/owner of the site, William Cormier. I do not knowingly allow comments that are racially charged and when one does appear, I usually post a comment of my own seeking clarification, and at times, condemnation of anyone that chooses to incite or condone violence or any protest that is not expressly guaranteed by the United States Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights. We believe in freedom of speech, however, do understand that yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater is not a “protected right” and seek to convey a view that legal protests, strikes (which are an American tradition), and other forms of civil disobedience which have been traditionally recognized as an inherent right to protest inequities either real or perceived by our government are a protected form of free speech guaranteed to all citizens of the United States by our constitution and the rule of law.

William Cormier

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