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Ad Space Available

Now that our traffic has increased and continues to grow, Ad Space is available for selected advertisers on ThePoliticalBandit, formerly known as Justanothercoverup. (Both web addresses this access the site and will continue to do so.)

We will consider any Ad, however will only allow one advertiser for any particular group of products and/or services. We have decided against Ads that pay based on the amount of “clicks” because of the rampant fraud that is being perpetrated on those type of Ads.

Ads may be purchased by the month, quarter, or year. Our rates are competitive, and if an article or story is published that is germane to the product or service that is being advertised, a banner Ad will also appear on the bottom of the page of any corresponding story/article. An introductory story or preface will be published at the request of any potential advertiser which can be written by the entity that places the Ad, or in the alternative, upon request and review of the product or service, we will write the initial introduction ourselves.

Please email any requests to [email protected] .

ThePoliticalBandit/Justanothercoverup has now been migrated to a high-capacity server and we have the capability to host a wide variance of ads without degrading our speed or availability. Even during our highest traffic spikes we do not expect to note any difference in the smooth operation of the site. We are proudly hosted at, and while hosts are plentiful and offered by thousands of different vendors, BlueHost stands-out with their world-class service and excellent record of being “down” less than any other service I’ve personally been associated with. Further, I’m not a Linux technician, and when I opened this account, I didn’t have a clue how to build or maintain a web-site. I still have a lot to learn, but admittedly, this site exists as it does today because of the excellent help and support from – a company I proudly recommend to anyone interested in hosting their own website.

Best Regards,

William Cormier


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