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The Second American Revolution Has Begun; Where Do You Stand On The Issue? UPDATED

Editors Note:

We wrote the below article on March 5, 2010 because we feared that The Second American Revolution had already begun, and today, more than ever, it is obvious that we were correct. Corporate America, the nation’s Elites, and the international billionaires that profit from globalization are waging a vicious class-war against the Middle-Class and poor of the United States. The recent actions of President Obama and our Congress will greatly exacerbate that war by eviscerating social welfare programs and cuts that will reverberate throughout the entire nation in far too many way to detail in this brief update. Senator Bernie Sanders has listed what some of these cuts will likely be, and this is only the beginning:

· At a time when there are long waiting lists for affordable childcare and Head Start, it is likely that these programs will be significantly cut.

· At a time when the United States is falling further and further behind other countries in the terms of the quality of our education, it is likely that tens of thousands of teachers and school personnel will be laid off.

· At a time when working class families are finding it harder and harder to send their kids to college, it is likely that there will be cutbacks in federal student aid programs.

· At a time when hunger among seniors and children is rising, it is likely that there will be cutbacks in various nutrition programs.

· At a time when 50 million Americans have no health insurance and many of them are utilizing community health centers as their medical homes, it is likely that there will be cuts in primary healthcare.

· At a time when states, cities and towns have already laid off over 500,000 public service employees, it is likely that there will be even more lay-offs in police and fire protection, and large reductions in federal support for roads, bridges, water quality, sewage and public transportation.

Further, there will likely be cuts in home heating assistance, affordable housing, support for family based agriculture, and research in finding cures for cancer and other diseases.

In addition, there will likely be major staffing reductions in agencies which are trying to protect the physical health and economic well-being of our people.  It is quite likely that the EPA, which enforces the rules regarding clean water and clean air, will be cut.  The SEC, which regulates against the greed and recklessness of Wall Street, will be undermined.  It is also very possible that the Social Security Administration, which assures that seniors and the disabled receive the benefits to which they are entitled in a timely manner, will also be cut.

The second phase of this legislation calls for the establishment of a Super Committee composed of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans from the House and 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans from the Senate.  Let’s be clear.  The mandate for this 12 member Super Committee is to look at EVERY program of the federal government and come up with $1.5 trillion more in savings.  This means that, at a time when the Republicans and an increased number of Democrats are calling for major cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all of these programs will be on the chopping block. 

If the committee is unable to reach an agreement with a majority vote, there will then be a “sequestration” process which would require $500 billion in cuts to defense spending and $500 billion more in across-the-board cuts to domestic discretionary spending.  In that scenario, Social Security, Medicare benefits and Medicaid would be spared, but even more draconian cuts would occur in programs that sustain working families.

Make no mistake, drastic cuts to social welfare programs will cause the untimely deaths of low-income seniors and the poor whom count on them for their survival – and the Presidency and Congress are aware of this fact. Furthermore, the loss of an additional hundreds of thousands of jobs will cause a cascading effect on the economy that could easily result in another Great Depression – and believe me, there will be hundreds of thousands of new job losses! The Corporate Whores at Standard and Poors, whom (criminally?) aided and abetted the very financial institutions who were responsible for the financial Crash of 2008, have joined the GOP as they engage in Economic Terrorism against Main Street America. Their initial downgrading of our credit status from Triple A to Double AA+ evidently didn’t cause the financial/social turmoil they wanted – and are now reiterating their threat to further downgrade our nations credit status to speed-up the destruction of the American economy:

S&P head: Agency may downgrade U.S. again

By David Edwards
Sunday, August 7th, 2011 — 11:16 am


The head of Standard & Poor’s sovereign ratings said Sunday that the agency may downgrade the U.S. again.

“We have a negative outlook on the rating and that means we think that the risk currently for the rating are to the downside,” Beers said.

While explaining what the U.S. could do to get its AAA rating back, the S&P official mentioned entitlement cuts but ignored the agency’s call to raise revenues.

“The key thing is, yes, entitlement reform is important because entitlement is the biggest — are the biggest component of spending and they are the part of spending where the cost pressures are greatest,” Beers replied.

“The White House as you know is not happy with this decision and they have accused S&P of amateurism. They went through your numbers and found a $2 trillion overstatement of what the debt would be and when they pointed that out to you, you simply changed the rational and continued to downgrade the debt,” Wallace noted.  Read The Full Article Here

This is a war, and it’s being fought against Main Street America by Corporations, treasonous politicians who receive legalized bribes from Corporate America, and the forces of globalization.  If you’re still in America’s Middle-class, don’t be complacent; if history repeats itself, you will likely be next – and by then it may be too late. This is not a war that will exclusively target Seniors and the poor – it is a Class War against Main Street in its entirety, and if you believe that you are immune you have not studied history:

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


The Second American Revolution Has Begun; Where Do You Stand On The Issue?

Based on several factors, including the unprecedented mood of the body politic, Joe Stack’s attack on Austin’s IRS facility, and other associated issues discussed below, we believe that “America’s Second American Revolution” has already begun; there are no proclamations of battle-plans or a central ring-leader – but the writing is on the proverbial wall and if we don’t act and respond quickly, the violence and social unrest could escalate out of control and manifest itself in ways which may be impossible to reliably predict. Government response to a situation they are ill-equipped to respond to could also act to further erode what little is left of our civil liberties, and the necessity of preserving our constitutional protections requires swift action along with creating a cohesive pro-American mentality that has deteriorated to the point where it’s almost non-existent among a vast majority of our countrymen who are disillusioned and disgusted with our Presidency, Congress, and the elites and corporations whom bear the primary responsibility for the sorry state of our ailing economy.

First, we must work diligently to understand our current financial  crisis, its core causes, and why the financial crisis is far from over; in fact, we believe the worst is only beginning to unfold and vehemently disagree with our government and the “talking heads” that continue to report signs of an economic recovery. We did predict this particular segment of the financial crisis in 2004-2005 in a period when the economy was supposedly robust and secure, attempting to alert the general public, the government, and especially the corporations whose actions were guaranteed to destroy our economy.  Unfortunately, our dire predictions when we wrote Wal-Mart and the Destruction of our Economy, quickly followed by Wal-Mart And China Benefit – America loses turned out to be prophetic. (Coupled with a series of in-depth articles covering several aspects of the coming crash.)  – and while I wish we had been wrong, we weren’t – and the destruction of the American economy continues unabated even after millions of our fellow countrymen lost their jobs and soon thereafter, their homes and anything else of value they had accumulated through decades of hard work and savings. We don’t believe the financial crisis is the sole cause of the current dissatisfaction with the government nor is it the primary cause of  public anger and mounting social unrest, but it is one of the dynamics that must be examined.

We also fear that Joe Stack’s recent suicide and attack on Austin’s IRS Center may inspire other acts of domestic terrorism, which if carried out, would effectively play into the hands of those who have fervently been drawing-up plans for Martial Law. There is a growing discontent with the government by the average American, and a whopping Eighty-Six Percent (86%) believe that our government is broken. I too support that conclusion, but maybe for different, if not similar reasons. I consider myself to be lucky to have the time to comb through a daily barrage of propaganda, Wall Street patting itself on the back, and the Obama administration extolling the merits of the TARP Program.

But the real news is elusive, and it often is well hidden by corporate America attempting to hide any negative reporting that could tarnish their so-called “reputations” (sic). Items of interest to the general public are often hidden in the back of your daily newspaper if they are printed at all – which is more often than not the case and the true manifestation of a conspiracy.  Facing the worst financial crisis in memory has left the general public little time to sift through mountains of news reports and political commentary seeking substantiation of what you witness happening on a daily basis – but have no evidence to back up your claims and or conclusions. It’s horribly frustrating to see the country you love and the type of life you have enjoyed through most of your memory disappearing – and then tremble under the realization that your children and grandchildren are unlikely to experience anything that resembles the quality of life that once was an American tradition and icon for emerging nations to mimic and seek to attain the freedoms that democracy is supposed to provide. How could we possibly have allowed the United States, our beloved country, to become nothing more than a four-letter word to countries that hate the very breath we take or the freedom we extol – but work behind the scenes to frustrate any real attempt at attaining what true democracy entails. We don’t practice it ourselves, and those that are lured by its promises of wealth and prosperity have an abrupt awakening that for the most part – is a lie perpetrated by a well-oiled international and local corporate-controlled Media. Democracy, and the liberty and freedom it used to represent, are now as obsolete and broken as our government –  a cast of characters that taken together, represent the epitome of a failed-state attempting to resuscitate itself while an angry crowd foolishly throws more gas on the fire rather than rising-up and demanding that we honor our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rule of law.

The United States is being dismantled by corporate America, their unwavering commitment to Globalization, and a Federal Judiciary System that is rapidly declaring our constitutional protections to be null and void. If this in itself wasn’t bad enough, our complicit Mainstream News Media has been turned into a gigantic propaganda machine anchored by so-called “Journalists” who rake-in  multi-million dollar contracts for ignoring the real issues and problems that are dooming our nation to Third World status. Our entire system of government, the Courts, Congress,  and even the Presidency have been turned into corporate puppets who, in their quest to seek public office, have to accept massive contributions from special interest groups, but most of all, the blessing and money that corporate America offers them for their subservience and treachery. We constantly elect new public officials that promise change and smaller government, but once they arrive in Washington and become accustomed to our system of legalized bribery by K-Street Lobbyists, their campaign promises vanish and they begin voting against their constituencies and favor whoever showers them with the most money. I call it subversion and treason, and until the public fully awakens, those who choose money over their duty to serve the people who elected them to office will continue to worsen and if we don’t act now, with force and conviction, the destruction of our economy, government, and our entire way of life will forever be lost to the forces of fascism.

The rising of Nazi Germany and the subsequent war that followed should have been the death throes of anyone else attempting to build an empire based on lies and propaganda – but instead of learning from one of the worst psychopaths in modern history, one fact was acknowledged and now is mirrored by governments throughout the world: If you tell a lie often enough and enlist the News Media to parrot those lies, truth and reality no longer prevail, and an unsuspecting population begins to accept whatever lies and distortions of fact that their respective governments endorse as an indisputable truth – even if it is against their own best interests!

Our march toward fascism began in 1933 when a coup attempt was made against our government. It wasn’t Nazi Germany that was behind the coup, but “respected” politicians and “industrialists,” the elites and corporate America who almost succeeded. It’s extremely important for us to remember who were the main instigators of this failed coup, and then after refreshing ourselves with proven historical facts, can easily understand that the coup attempt did not end in 1933, but has been operating “under the radar” and has progressed beyond their wildest expectations. The people behind this coup were wealthy businessmen and politicians:

The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression. LINK

We have always believed that to predict and not make mistakes that history has proven can be detrimental to society, it is an absolute necessity to research and understand our past. When we ignore history, it is an absolute matter of fact that we will make the same mistakes of past generations, and time and time again, history itself has demonstrated that it (history) always repeats itself. We also believe that by refusing to prosecute those who engage in war crimes, lie to Congress and refuse to abide by International Treaties only emboldens others to continue breaking our own laws and furthers the erosion of law and order to the point that the “law of the land” is no longer respected, the courts lose whatever credibility they once had, and our international image becomes so tarnished that the United States is now viewed by a majority of countries as an aggressor, imperialistic nation that respects no law or nation and poses a threat to world peace. It’s especially disquieting when we learn, after the fact, that war-mongering right-wing politicians in the Bush administration were willing to risk engaging in a conflict that could easily have escalated into World War III:

Book: Cheney pushed for military conflict with Russia

Daniel TencerRawStory

Friday, February 19th, 2010 — 2:48 pm

A new book suggests Vice President Dick Cheney pushed for the US to engage militarily with Russia when Russia invaded the US-allied Georgian republic in 2008.

Ronald Asmus’ A Little War that Shook the World, published last month, says that in August 2008, as the South Ossetia War between Russia and Georgia was raging, the White House looked at the possibility of taking military action to prevent Georgian forces from being routed by Russian troops.

“The sheer scale of the Russian attack did lead several senior White House staffers to push for at least some consideration of limited military options to stem the Russian advance,” Asmus wrote. “The menu of options under discussion foresaw the possibility of bombardment and sealing of the Roki Tunnel as well as other surgical strikes to reduce Russian military pressure on the Georgian government.”

Asmus paints a scenario in which Cheney appears to be the most vocal proponent of the idea of engaging in the South Ossetia conflict, even as other members of the administration, including the national security adviser and the president, resisted the idea.

Asmus added: “There was a clear sense around the table that almost any military steps could lead to a confrontation with Moscow, the outcome of which no one could predict, and which was not in the US interest.”

The book indicates that President Bush was told of the suggestion that the US should interfere militarily in Georgia, and rejected it. (Emphasis added) LINK

Note From Justanothercoverup: As much as we despise George W. Bush and his policy(s) of subverting our rule of law and constitutional guarantees, and his relentless drive to favor the wealthy while helping to destroy America’s Middle-Class, and misleading Congress and the American people to support a war which was a gross violation of the public’s trust and was legally an act of treason, I do commend him for finding the courage to reject Cheney’s desire to start another war.  That one act of disagreeing with Darth Cheney may have saved us from a global catastrophe, however, if The Hague were to ever get their hands on him and other U.S. citizens that have committed crimes against humanity, I doubt that one sane moment in an eight-year run of causing war and death would likely do little to mitigate his responsibility for causing the deaths of an untold amount of Iraqi civilians or the patriotic American soldiers whom were also lied into a war that has been universally condemned by the international community.

It appears that the Federal Judiciary System is acting in concert to completely gut our Constitution and established rule of law. The behavior of the Supreme Court in overturning established precedent by allowing corporate America to affect our election process is truly breathtaking in its obvious support of fascism/Corporate America. The majority of Americans have made it clear that they disagree with their disrespect for established precedent, and I personally believe that any and all further decisions rendered by the Supreme Court should be looked upon with suspicion and downright contempt! How are we as a nation to respect and uphold the law when our own Supreme Court has engaged in an act that has been labeled throughout the Internet as an obvious act of treason? Unfortunately, it’s getting worse, and the “rule of law” is now nothing more than a joke, a tool used by law enforcement to oppress and trample on the rights of those whose mandate was once to “protect and serve,” but now are nothing more than proponents of further evolving our country into a full-blown police-state. The most recent ruling by a Federal Appellate Court is so shocking that it undercuts the very foundation of freedom and liberty – and if it’s allowed to stand, democracy in the United States is effectively dead!

I found an interesting discussion of our 4th Amendment Constitutional rights being effectively abolished in California (a decision that is likely to reverberate throughout the US Judicial System) on a forum which provided an incredibly articulate view of how the Federal Courts are eviscerating our constitutional rights, and the decision under discussion is one that poses a shocking trend of the Federal Courts unabated refusal to protect our constitution and the rule of law. Rather than rewriting what has already been posted, I’m quoting directly from individuals that have summed-up the matter extremely well:

Last week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied an en banc rehearing of the case United States v. Lemus, which dealt with a warrantless police search of a suspect’s home after he was arrested outside of it. As a result of the 9th Circuit’s denial, the search will stand, which has left Chief Judge Alex Kozinski none too happy. In dissent, Kozinksi basically accused his colleagues of abandoning the Fourth Amendment: LINK

This is the dissenting opinion by Chief Judge KOZINSKI, with whom Judge PAEZ joins, dissenting from the denial of rehearing en banc:

This is an extraordinary case: Our court approves, without blinking, a police sweep of a person’s home without a warrant, without probable cause, without reasonable suspicion and without exigency—in other words, with nothing at all to support the entry except the curiosity police always have about what they might find if they go rummaging around a suspect’s home. Once inside, the police managed to turn up a gun “in plain view”—stuck between two cushions of the living room couch—and we reward them by upholding the search.

Did I mention that this was an entry into somebody’s home, the place where the protections of the Fourth Amendment are supposedly at their zenith? The place where the “government bears a heavy burden of demonstrating that exceptional circumstances justif[y] departure from the warrant requirement.” United States v. Licata, 761 F.2d 537, 543 (9th Cir. 1985). The place where warrantless searches are deemed “presumptively unreasonable.” Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 586 (1980).

Government encroachment into the home, which I lamented three years ago in United States v. Black, 482 F.3d 1044, 1045-46 (9th Cir. 2007) (Kozinski, J., dissenting from the denial of rehearing en banc), has continued, abetted by the creative collaborators of the courts. This is another example: The panel goes to considerable lengths to approve a fishing expedition by four police officers inside Lemus’s home after he was arrested just outside it. The opinion misapplies Supreme Court precedent, conflicts with our own case law and is contrary to the great weight of authority in the other circuits. It is also the only case I know of, in any jurisdiction covered by the Fourth Amendment, where invasion of the home has been approved based on no showing whatsoever. Nada. Gar nichts. Rien du tout. Bupkes.

Whatever may have been left of the Fourth Amendment after Black is now gone. The evisceration of this crucial constitutional protector of the sanctity and privacy of what Americans consider their castles is pretty much complete. Welcome to the fish bowl.

Now we return to the case of Joe Stack’s recent suicide and attack on Austin’s IRS Center. I believe that Mr. Stack’s violence and murder which occurred when he crashed his plane into Austin’s IRS Center was a deplorable act of domestic terrorism; on the other hand, if Mr. Stack would have simply crashed his plane in the desert, his “Manifesto” would have been viewed differently – and rather than being viewed as a villain, he likely would have been considered a martyr by the increasingly huge numbers of Americans who have also “had enough…” The frustration aimed at a government that most of us consider to be broken beyond repair is mounting exponentially, and it is with great sadness that I now believe that these type of acts will increase dramatically, and could become far more violent than Mr. Stack’s incident. We can stop the violence, and it’s our duty to do so, but incidents such as this have to be addressed from their source – not after the fact when all that is left to do is grieve for the innocents who are likely to lose their lives.

Just a few days after the Stack Incident, another act of civil disobedience made the headlines:

Facing Foreclosure, Man Screws Bank by Bulldozing Home

Posted by Joshua Holland at 11:40 am

February 19, 2010

Hoskins said he’s been in a struggle with RiverHills Bank over his Clermont County home for nearly a decade, a struggle that was coming to an end as the bank began foreclosure proceedings on his $350,000 home.

“When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn’t going to stand for that, so I took it down,” Hoskins said.

Hoskins said the Internal Revenue Service placed liens on his carpet store and commercial property on state Route 125 after his brother, a one-time business partner, sued him.

The bank claimed his home as collateral, Hoskins said, and went after both his residential and commercial properties.

Hoskins told reporters he was sending a message and wanted to “make banks think twice before they try to take someone’s home.” According to the article, he’s thinking about razing the building housing his business as well. (Emphasis added) LINK

Yesterday, another alarming incident took place in a Manhattan Train Station:

Homemade Explosive Found in Manhattan Train Station

Updated 8:16 PM EST, Thu, Feb 25, 2010

A homemade explosive was found at a Harlem train station, and one man has been taken into custody.

The device, found in front of a ticket window at Metro-North’s 125th Street station, consisted of fireworks taped together with 30 bullets, metal objects and a fuse in a bag – and was capable of igniting, authorities said.

Officials said people could have been killed or injured.

Authorities say they do not suspect terrorism was a motive but the investigation continues. LINK

It’s extremely unlikely that we will  ever know the true facts that surround this latest “bombing attempt.” It’s possible this was the work of a disgruntled individual who was denied medical care or had other serious, unmentioned conflicts with local or federal governmental agencies, or, in the alternative, it may be under investigation and we will eventually learn the truth in regard the motivation for planting such a device. I did take note that the FBI attempted to keep Joe Stack’s Manifesto from the public, however, in that case, fast thinking people quickly made copies of his Manifesto so that people would have some chance of understanding what would drive an individual who appeared to be “normal” to his friends and co-workers to engage in an act that shocked the entire nation. It’s refreshing to understand first-hand why such an act was even contemplated rather than reading whatever “spin” that our News Media would have eventually labeled the matter as rather than simply telling the truth. We believe the FBI attempted to suppress the document to avoid other people taking up Joe Stack’s cause and also committing acts of terror, which could still happen.  This is an issue that law enforcement agencies themselves cannot stop from reoccurring;  ultimately, it is “we the people” who have the power to stop other instances like this from happening, and in order to accomplish that goal, it will require us to work together and address the root cause(s) of such a large percentage of U.S. citizens whom believe that their worst enemy is their own government.

Even as I’m attempting to write this Op-Ed, more information is pouring in that demonstrates the American public is becoming fed-up with our current form of government. We have been writing this Op-Ed to point-out that we believe that a second “American Revolution” is now beginning, and recent polls seem to suggest that this is probably true and has become a matter of necessity to protect the values and constitution most of us love and respect, and the “tipping point,” IMO, is that Americans are tired of losing their fundamental constitutional rights and are alarmed that the United States is rapidly becoming a police state:

Government a ‘threat to rights and freedoms,’ majority says

By Raw Story

Friday, February 26th, 2010 — 4:28 pm

A majority of Americans believe that the federal government is “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,” a new poll suggests.

According to a poll conducted for CNN, 56 percent believe the federal government has grown so large and powerful that it poses a risk to rights and freedoms, while 44 percent disagree.

If accurate, it would suggest that anti-government sentiment in the US is not confined to Tea Partiers or libertarians, as neither of those movements enjoy similar levels of support.

This is the second CNN poll in less than a week to suggest deep antagonism to — or at least disappointment with — the federal government. A poll earlier this week found that 86 percent believe the federal government is “broken.” LINK TO FULL STORY

If this is truly the beginning of another American Revolution, which I’d bet my last dollar it is – we cannot be successful until we identify who “the enemy” actually is, and that entails multiple people and entities. I am not comfortable in describing my own government as the enemy as many are doing, however, there are enemies of freedom out there, and we have to look at them individually and target those responsible in order to minimize violence and make it clear that as a nation, we have indeed “had enough,” and will no longer accept the loss of our civil liberties, our way of life, jobs, financial security, and a government that appears hell-bent on turning our nation into a police state without a fight.

First and foremost, history has demonstrated that no democracy can survive without a free press! It is impossible for people to make logical decisions if they are not in possession of the facts; not political spin, speculation, or commentary that is so slanted that it becomes inflammatory and dangerous to the survival of our Republic. Rupert Murdoch and his right-wing empire have acted in concert to deceive the American people as well as the global community. Fox News is not a News Outlet in the conventional sense of the word, but a conglomeration of “talking heads” that constantly lie, deceive, and support right-wing America. Republicans would certainly disagree with me on that point, but history and facts support my contention that Fox News is nothing more than an extension of the GOP’s talking points and the courts have ruled that they are not legally bound to tell the truth. Furthermore, the most rabid talk show hosts reside on Fox News, and rhetoric that is constantly undermining public discourse has no social value whatsoever! It would also be unfair not to mention that corporate control of the news is not limited to Fox News, but covers the full spectrum of what we refer to as “The Mainstream News Media.” Other media outlets may not lie and distort the truth on the scale that Fox is notorious for – but nonetheless, the MSM in general has abandoned true Investigative Journalism and instead parrots the political philosophy and corporate needs of their parent companies, all of which owe the people of the United States an apology for failing to adhere to the rigorous principals of non-biased journalism.

Corporate America may be the foremost threat to the American people on several different levels! Their mouthpieces in addition to the Chamber of Commerce are obviously their corporate owned complicit MSM outlets whom refuse to identify and subsequently editorialize and criticize those who knowingly helped to destroy our nation’s Middle-Class.  As we noted in the first paragraphs of this Editorial, the loss of our Middle-Class was completely predictable – and it was us who began ringing the alarm bells eons before our Middle-Class was all but destroyed. Anyone could have predicted it if they only had the time to analyze and sift through substantiating evidence that was abundantly available and then connect the dots – and in this case, it was not an oversight, but an attempt to cover-up their unabashed treason and wholesale disregard for our economy and the probability/possibility of maintaining anything close to what used to be our standard of living and wages that are now an insult to America’s working class, an entire subset of Americana that is disappearing faster than Antarctica’s Ice Shelf.

Notwithstanding the sub-prime meltdown and Wall Street’s greed ridden financial institutions which caused that segment of our economy to collapse, the decimation of our Middle-Class was well-planned and again, was implemented to raise corporate bottom-lines even though it would deliver a set of circumstances that make it close to impossible to revitalize Middle-Class America.  Once again, our corporations have vividly reminded us that “the people” don’t count, only their profit margins, and that too trumps the health of our economy and even impacts national security – more treason and sedition piled upon mountains of the same by the Bush administration and other equally seditious actions by entities not yet named.

The death-blow to America’s Middle-Class was directly caused by American corporations outsourcing our light and heavy manufacturing and Tech Companies relying on HB-1 and other types of work VISA’s that allow foreigners to enter into the United States to compete against what’s left of our workforce, and these foreign VISA recipients work for an average of $12,000.00 less  per year  than their American counterparts. As with virtually everything that guides corporate America, patriotism and caring about the health and welfare of our own country hold little or no significance to businesses that have demonstrated without doubt or question that they are an enemy of the people of the United States. (BTW, if corporate America believes I am unfairly accusing them of acting against the best interests of the United States, then I challenge them so sue me for defamation of character and allow the courts, even as corrupt as they are, to decide who’s telling the truth!)

Our corporations cannot claim that they did not realize that their outsourcing of our light and heavy manufacturing could utterly destroy America’s Middle-Class. I was not the only individual who raised the alarm, but it was those same corporations and “talking heads” that accused us of being “alarmist” and “reactionary” for writing countless articles and Op-Ed’s attempting to awaken the people as well as our corporations of the grave danger we were facing. This is by no means to be taken as a “I told you so” moment; instead, it is pure unmitigated disgust and hatred aimed at those who tout their so-called patriotism while working behind the scenes to destroy a Middle-Class that was the backbone of our consumer-driven economy. As many of my articles echoed, Sam Walton demonstrated that Wal-Mart could enjoy huge profits while selling goods that were primarily “Made in America” – so the false premise that our labor costs are too high to compete is an absurd rationale for justifying outsourcing our economic lifeblood to other countries. Again, it was nothing more than greed and the refusal to do anything meaningful that would benefit our country if it pared even a penny off of their profits. Corporate America and their minions are the Jackal’s of America’s low-life’s we once labeled as “Carpetbaggers,”  but now, engaging in sedition and treason against the people of the United States is certainly a fitting label of their behavior.

We can’t forget to mention our pharmaceutical and health care giants, more soulless companies that are nothing more than parasites that have killed innocent human beings by deliberately withholding care and benefits in a process that is often long and drawn-out, so when such an issue comes up for a review on a level that could mitigate the situation, the patient has often passed-away while our insurance companies intentionally dragged their feet to “save money” at the expense of a human life. As most of us whom have followed the health care debate, we watched in horror as Americans were deliberately misinformed and “Town Hall Meetings” were routinely disrupted by people bringing up issues and misconceptions that were delivered by Health Care employees sent to these meetings by their employers who were given company “talking points,” but advised not to disclose they were health care workers. Corporate America’s manipulation of the people on issues that could strengthen our economy and bring down rising health care costs is being sabotaged by those whose only interest is profit and power. It should be a crime that the American public was never able to hear the true benefits/draw-backs of revising our current health care system.

The Health Care industry spent hundreds of millions of dollars effectively dismantling any and all meaningful public discourse on the issue, and now, evidently to recoup some of those lost dollars spent on Lobbying, in California we are witnessing rising insurance rates that are representative of gouging the public and committing an act of robbery without a gun. To witness the unconscionable gouging of the public by health-care providers is truly heartbreaking; some people are bound to lose their policies, and some of them could also lose their lives if they lose their policies:

Health insurance hikes stun small businesses

Victoria Colliver, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, February 26, 2010

While Anthem Blue Cross has been taking the heat for proposing rate increases of up to 39 percent on individual consumers, other health insurers have stunned some small businesses with hikes that in some cases exceed 75 percent.

Tom Simmons, president of an Oakland design and consulting firm with four employees, said he had just read about the Anthem increases when he opened a letter from his insurer, Blue Shield of California, informing him his monthly family premium would go up to $1,596 a month from $908, a nearly 76 percent increase.

“This industry is getting out of control. It makes me fearful of future years and what could become of things if something doesn’t change,” said Simmons, whose business health insurance policy also covers his family of three. LINK

Our system of “lobbying” is nothing more than a form of legalized bribery and is partially responsible (Maybe as much as 80%.) for our government’s obvious inability to pass any legislation that directly benefits the American people! Do you ever wonder why we elect new Representatives and Senators who, as soon as they arrive in Washington and “settle-in,” seem to immediately forget their campaign promises and begin voting against the will of their constituencies and instead of fulfilling their oath of office,  vote in favor of special interest groups and other organizations that are addressed by an army of K-Street Lobbyists. Lobbying, in its present form is compromising the essence of our “representative government” and is the financial mainstay for Congressmen who need massive campaign contributions to keep their seats and get reelected. There is too much hard evidence that demonstrates K-Street is bribing members of Congress, and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by lobbyists to effectively kill important legislation that is vital to the survival our our people.

One of the best examples I can cite offhand is the Health Care debate. Look-up who were the main opponents of the “public option” and those that are against any realistic measures that would help to reign-in health care costs and you will find that these Congressmen were the largest beneficiaries of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and backing by K-Street Lobbyists.  These Representatives and Senators would like us to believe that it’s merely a “coincidence” and will claim that the millions of dollars they received did not influence their votes – and I hereby call them liars and charlatans who have the nerve to insult our intelligence by making claims that are patently absurd! It seems obvious to me that our Congress is routinely selling-out the people and instead of demonstrating any visible ethics or morals have instead chosen to sell their souls (and votes) to the highest bidder! I believe that’s it is impossible to have any semblance of a properly functioning government as long as we allow our members of Congress to accept what can only be described as legalized bribes. During the past few months, our Congress has demonstrated ethics and morals that resemble a pair of alley-cats in heat, yowling and creating a fuss while ridiculously stating they are engaging in the effective governance of our nation, all the while allowing their personal vendettas to compromise Congress at a time when we face several extremely serious issues and problems that must be addressed if our remnants of a government are to survive. The manner in which politicians have to survive and hold their seats creates an atmosphere that encourages our Congress to agree with Lobbyists when such actions are directly against the public’s health and welfare:

Candidates consumed by fundraising? Two generations ago, candidates barely raised money at all. Once nominated, a candidate would turn to his party apparatus to provide the money and expertise needed to contest an election. But the maximum contribution by a party organization was capped in the 1940s, and it has not been raised significantly since.

This cap was supposed to clean up politics by weakening party bosses. Instead, it has forced every individual member of Congress to spend the bulk of his or her time begging for funds — the very opposite of clean politics.

Lobbyists everywhere? In 1950, a lobbyist who wanted a tax measure would have very few targets. The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee could help, ditto the ranking member of the opposition party. The senior members of the Senate Finance Committee would likewise be worth talking to. Maybe some of the upper level officials at Treasury. The days of concentrated power have ended. Today, almost any one of the 535 members of Congress could help — and so of course the interests must employ many more lobbyists to woo them all. LINK TO CNN STORY

How do we force Congress to legislate changes that would break corporate America’s strangle-hold on our election process? This is the number one sticking-point in attempting to clean-up our election process. In essence, Congress would be asked to vote against a system that reeks of corruption and back-door deals – but effectively allows them to have the funds which are often necessary to win elections that become more expensive year after year. The use of electronic voting machines greatly reduces the trust of the people, especially when these privately owned companies often have political goals of their own and vigorously try to protect their so-called “proprietary information” from an exhaustive review by any openly recognized branch of the government that engages in consumer protection. Personally, I would be in favor of creating a private entity, which by Washington standards would be extremely small, funded by the government to examine and declare with 100% certainty that these electronic voting machines are safe and cannot be hacked or otherwise compromised, nor should they have the ability to “throw an election” because of a so-called software glitch.

Naturally, there are plenty of Washington Lobbyists who champion the use of their electronic voting machines, so any legislation to offer the American citizen a guarantee that our election process is not compromised by using various systems throughout the country and crossing our fingers that the final tally was not rigged before the election even began is causing suspicion to be cast upon any important election. The DOD and other sensitive government entities haven’t been able to adequately protect their own networks; why is the public expected to have any faith in systems that seen to invite the corruption of our election process? Prove to us they are safe, from an independent commission, or return to paper-ballots where there is always a viable paper trail to follow if election tampering allegations arise.

As a public that is tired of run-a-way government and a system that most of agree is ineffective and corrupt to its core, we are faced with an interesting Catch 22, and in attempting to bring about change that actually reigns-in corruption in the  government and other important issues, even if we could get the bills to be introduced in the House – any such restructuring of Congress that threatens the hold on America’s Executive Branches by our corporations would be met with a barrage of campaign contributions from Lobbyists and other sources that would flood every section of our Legislative Branch to the point that we would guarantee that those we seek to replace would instantly have the funds to effectively put the sheep back asleep and continue a system that foolishly allows only those whom are wealthy to have a say in the governance of this nation.

When does GOP “Obstructionism” become downright Sedition and Treason? The Congress’s inability to function has been circumvented by the GOP’s record-breaking use of the Filibuster. Make no mistake, these filibusters are not used against highly controversial legislation as a last resort, but are used to simply “say no” to anything the Democratic Congress attempts to pass. The Party of No has now effectively refused to compromise on anything, and then, even when compromises are agreed upon, the bill still gets filibustered:

AP: Republicans set record for use of filibuster

By The Associated Press

Monday, March 1st, 2010 — 2:04 pm

The filibuster — tool of obstruction in the U.S. Senate — is alternately blamed and praised for wilting President Barack Obama’s ambitious agenda. Some even say it’s made the nation ungovernable.

More certain, however: Opposition Republicans are using the delaying tactic at a record-setting pace.

“The numbers are astonishing in this Congress,” says Jim Riddlesperger, political science professor at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

The filibuster, using seemingly endless debate to block legislative action, has become entrenched like a dandelion tap root in the midst of the shrill partisanship gripping Washington. LINK TO FULL STORY

To make matters worse, the disrespect for the Americans who are falling into financial disaster is mind-numbing, and then we witness the callousness of the GOP Senator referenced below:

GOP senator blocks unemployment benefits extension: ‘Tough shit’

By Sahil Kapur

Friday, February 26th, 2010 — 2:19 pm

Republican Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) on Thursday night expressed his opposition to renewing unemployment benefits on the Senate floor with an unusually harsh message for its backers: “Tough shit.”

Bunning repeatedly and single-handedly objected to an effort by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) to attain unanimous consent among senators for extending COBRA and other benefits to out-of-work individuals across America.

Bloggers at the progressive Web site Daily Kos weren’t happy, calling the GOP the “party of mean.”

“Bunning is the poster-child of the most callous, heartless political party in modern American history, and they are proud of it,” argued Jed Lewison.  “If they get their way, this coming Sunday, unemployment benefits will expire for countless out-of-work Americans because a handful of extremist ideologues decided to tie the U.S. Senate up in knots.” LINK

The GOP is so far from rational thinking Americans that it embarrasses our national image every time the Party of “No” obstructs legislation that keeps up a lifeline to our unemployed workers while we not-so-patiently await Congress’s solution for energizing our economy and creating real, decent paying jobs. It was our Congress who pushed so-called free trade agreements and made it easy for corporations to abandon their own country and actively enrich another at the expense of America’s Middle-Class. And it’s still the GOP who endorse those programs intent on representing the wealthy, not the common man. If someone were to enter Congress, holding hostages and demand that they quit conducting business, we would brand it as an act of terrorism. The GOP’s actions amount to the same thing; they are causing our government from continuing to function when too many national and international issues need to be addressed. It’s time to take off the gloves and nationally expose what these thugs really are, a bunch of unpatriotic Jackasses that in order to make certain that Obama fails, they callously and without careful examination of the damage they are causing to the country simply don’t care if it brings down the entire country – as long as it includes Obama. This represents the worst kind of politics, where Senators stand-up and proclaim that Unemployment benefits make people not want to work. Yeah, OK, that the real problem, not that our government sold-out the people and outsourced countless millions of jobs. Worker’s cannot return to jobs that no longer exist. No matter what spin we hear from government sources and corporate America – don’t be fooled, it was greed and profit that stole your jobs and quite likely your children’s future. Even though the government and a corrupt Congress can take most of our worldly possessions away from us, they cannot strip us of our dignity and the realization that this time, the poor and down-trodden stand on the side of Justice, not the corporate raiders that brought this crisis to us with the help of George W. Bush and his entourage of power brokers whose only “national interest” was raiding the Treasury. I find it fascinating that no one is in jail, and those whom are exist there because of their own stupidity.

We must remember history and don’t forget how those tax breaks for the wealthy were “supposed to work.” We were sold the bill of goods that huge tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy would cause a reinvestment in American businesses, thus giving the economy a much-needed boost. They invested in their businesses alright, in other countries and they systematically decimated America’s work force and subsequently, destroyed America’s Middle-Class. Talk is cheap and in most cases, it takes three Chicago Lawyer’s to make any sense out of it, and it’s meant to be that way – make it sound extremely complicated and the matter is far easier to sell to the minions. It’s up to our Congress to go through these Bill, and they do, in their interest – not yours!

It’s honestly time to throw-out these bums who cry that Obama is a socialist while they have been living off of the public themselves for far too long. They have become institutions within themselves and flaunt their power and prestige, in most cases ill-gotten, but connected through their system of Lobbyists to manipulate and at times, create their own versions of the news. It’s time to use our anti-trust laws and break-up these monstrous corporations that callously quit looking at us like people decades ago; those who helped propel many of them to the top now view us as nothing more than our potential to rake in dollars and sense for their enterprise.

How can we regain the trust of our Police Departments and national “alphabet organizations,” i.e., NAS, CIA, FBI, DEA, and a far too long list of law enforcement agencies that continue to trod upon our freedom and liberty? We are hearing about murder and torture of American citizens, have found out that New Orleans citizens were savagely murdered that didn’t even have weapons, and Taser deaths and abuse thereof is rising exponentially. When is it self-defense to try and protect yourself from an uncalled for and illegal confrontation with police officers that is devoid of probably cause? Are we being asked to sacrifice our lives in the hope that the bad guys will someday be brought to justice; that doesn’t hold a lot of weight to an individual that feels that his life is in jeopardy because he/she noted the  large amount of procedural mistakes and refusal to follow guidelines that often lead to the unconstitutional beating or death of an American Citizen.

One of the main tools we have had to prove that police brutality and arrests devoid of probable cause come from those rare times when someone else was on the side-lines and video-taped the entire confrontation. These instances have happened so many times now the police are aggressively attempting to figure out how to arrest and/or confiscate what they believe may be video that would lead to their own charge for false arrest and/or for brutalizing our fellow citizens. It’s occurring at a pace that seems to indicate it’s no longer just an isolated incident – but a trend that is developing that pits the police against law abiding citizens, a recipe for disaster in any civilized society. Calling the police is beginning to be an option only considered by people who believe they are in a life or death situation. Simple family disturbances which used to be defused by police expertise and working proactively with those who requested assistance is now being replaced by the discharge of Tasers against anyone who may not comply immediately with any given command is rising, and they are not weapons to be taken lightly; they are deadly weapons, a charge Taser International vehemently disagrees with, but when a criminal was charged with armed robbery using a Taser, the use of that device was construed as using a deadly weapon, a decidedly more serious charge. Tasers are only considered to be lethal when it serves the need of a prosecutor to secure a plea-bargain or add more time to an individual’s sentence for “using a dangerous weapon.”

ACLU: Miami Beach cops arrest people for recording police misconduct

Daniel Tencer

Raw Story

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Miami Beach has long had a reputation for being a refuge for gay Americans, but if the ACLU’s allegations against the city prove true, people who live alternative lifestyles may want to think twice about retiring to the vibrant little community just off the coast of southern Florida.

The ACLU’s Florida chapter says it plans to sue the Miami Beach Police Department after a gay visitor to the city was beaten and arrested by police when he tried to call 911 to report the police beating of another gay man.

According to the NBC affiliate in Miami, Harold Strickland says he was harassed, verbally assaulted and wrongfully arrested in March, 2009, when he called 911 after witnessing two police officers kicking a handcuffed gay man in Miami Beach’s Flamingo Park.

Strickland says the officers, identified as Frankly Forte and Elliot Hazzi, were kicking the suspect “like his head was a football.” When the officers saw Strickland making a call on a nearby pay phone, Strickland says one officer came up to him and said, “We know what you’re doing here. We’re sick of all the fucking fags in the neighborhood.”

The officers arrested Strickland and continued to barrage him with homophobic epithets, NBC Miami reports.

“Often, police target gay men walking near Flamingo Park for nothing more than looking ‘too gay’,” Robert Rosenwald, director of the Florida ACLU’s LGBT Advocacy Project, said in a statement. “When police officers become the problem rather than the solution, the City needs to take action.” LINK TO FULL STORY

In Pittsburgh, on January 12th, 2010, a young student, Jordan Miles, was brutally beaten for no reason other than he was obviously looking suspicious by virtue of him being a young black teenager, and an incident went-down that almost cost him his life and graphically illustrates how police officers are engaging in destroying their own positive images, caught-up in the hype of a drug war and social unrest allows the collateral damage of innocent citizens to continue, all in the name of “protecting our health and safety (sic); someone please explain to this young man what “lesson” he should have learned from this incident… I have no words that can even to begin to express my outrage:

Pittsburgh police beat music student who performed for Obama

By background n015e

For OpEdNews: Henry Porter – Writer

Over half a century ago, Emmett Till’s mother made the tough decision to have an open casket funeral for her son. It was a horrible sight. When asked why she made that choice, his mother said, “I want the world to see what they did to my baby.”

The picture presented here is disturbing. It was taken recently by Terez Miles. She wants to know why her son, Jordan Miles, was brutally beaten by Pittsburgh police. It is hard to look at this picture. But as parents, how can we look our children in the eyes if we turn away when someone else’s child is in trouble?

Jordan Miles is an honors student at Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Magnet School. When Michelle Obama and Yo-Yo Ma visited the school last year, Jordan was one of the students performing for them.

The more details that emerge, the more outrageous this story becomes!

The facts that are currently being reported are as follows:

Jordan Miles was walking to his grandmother’s house late in the evening of January 12, 2010 when he was approached by three officers in plain clothes saying, “Where’s the money?” “Where’s the gun? Where’s the drugs?”

Unaware they were officers, Miles says he ran away for fear of his safety before being chased down and being beaten, kicked, choked, and having his hair ripped out.

The officers contend they thought he had a gun in his pocket but said it turned out to be a bottle of Mountain Dew. LINK

If you live in almost any large metropolitan area, the general demeanor and even the “look” of the police forces have undergone a rapid transition. When you’re pulled over for a routine police stop, the officer that gets out of his cruiser often instills an instant feeling of dread upon the people they have pulled-over. The smiling demeanor of the police is often replaced by what looks like a storm-trooper prepared for battle – not an officer of the peace simply delivering a speeding ticket or a warning for inadequate safety equipment. W are presented with individuals who often sport haircuts shorter than our armed forces, and attire themselves as if they were expecting to arrest Osama Bin Laden.

Most of us agree that working as a police officer has become more dangerous, and that in itself requires taking more precautions. The public itself feels a deep loss when those who “truly protect and serve” are lost in the line of duty. It’s time for the public and our police departments to have talks and discussions that leap to the heart of our differences. Police are people too, and like any social group, there are those that excel and are stellar examples of upholding their sacred oath “to Protect and Serve” that still garner the respect of Mainstream America. But, there are also bad apples among police ranks, just as they exhibit themselves in every other aspect of society. It does not make the police bad as a whole because too many of these bad apples slip through, but it does erode our respect and faith in an organization that immediately throws-up the “Blue Code of Silence” and protect, whether they are right or wrong, almost anyone that wears their local badge.The police have to proactively weed-out officers who resort to violence far quicker than others, and when not being recorded, exhibit behavior to the general public that is demeaning and often downright intimidating. We are wrong to judge all of you based on the behavior of the few – but until the public is confident that police officers, as well as anyone else, have to treated like anyone else who break the law and when people in your own ranks throw-up the “Blue Code of Silence” implying to the public, that because they work to uphold the law that for reasons we don’t understand, are protected to the point of perjury within their own ranks that places them above the law, a position more and more of America’s elites, politicians, and industrialists seem to be taking as our system of justice is being perverted beyond comprehension. When you outfit an officer to engage in routine police work, how about dropping the “Storm Trooper” image and saving the public from being intimidated by officers that are unbelievably overdressed to emphasize their authoritarian image.

From an overall position, I believe most of us respect the police and attempt to adhere to our laws. That respect crumbles when we hear about the recent travesty when:

Michael Mineo Cop-Baton-Sodomy Trial Ends in Acquittal for All Cops

By Roy Edroso, Monday, Feb. 22 2010 @ 10:58AM

All of the police officers charged in the Michael Mineo trial have been acquitted. The cops were said to have sodomized, or covered up the sodomization of, the tattoo parlor employee in Brooklyn in October of 2008, using what was originally described as a police radio antenna, then as a police baton.

Officer Richard Kern had been charged with wielding the stick, and Officers Officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales with concealing his actions from authorities.

Though the press has been skeptical of Mineo’s claims, he had the supporting testimony of Officer Kevin Maloney at the grand jury hearing and at trial. LINK

This LINK directs you to page titled Scandals and allegations of the New York City Police Department hosted by Wikipedia. It’s worth the time to scan. It’s also important that these are not problems necessarily any better or worse than other police department throughout the United States. New York City Police, from what I’ve been able to see from the news, still attempt to keep up an appearance that is not overly intimidating to the local population. Police departments in several different locations have expressed their intent to arrest people that were attempting to film skirmishes or arrests, one department who in particular, “alleged that it infringed upon the officer’s civil liberties.”

Let’s summarize the above and attempt to make the argument that our police departments appear to be getting worse, not better, and seem to be “militarizing” themselves at an extremely rapid pace. For some people, especially those who have studied any type of World History find the “Storm Trooper” image is demeaning and very often intimidating. The feeling on the street is that police departments are increasingly aggressive and often push the law far beyond its intent. The mentality and constitutional mandate(s) that people are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty has been completely ignored by America’s new police state, where they push the limit of every law to score points in battles to rise up the ladder of success, a tactic that is used in any business that is merit-awarded. Any program that awards the recipient a promotion or raise for continued service to their respective organizations provide the much-needed impetus and sense of a future with an organization that actually acknowledges and rewards professionalism and adherence to that organization’s policy, but those also come with negatives as officers begin to distort and abuse the very laws that were enacted to protect us from illegal search and seizure.

Americans want to trust their police and abhor when it often becomes necessary to take a step backward, attempting to understand how we regressed to almost a tacit approval of the murder and torture of our own citizens. These are not allegations, but facts, and in order to circumvent violence much further down the road, we must attempt to establish a working coalition with local police departments and other law enforcement agencies.  Real, instantaneous communications can mitigate those who especially feel the most at risk of police brutality. As much as we extol the virtues of democracy, free speech, and the right of free speech to openly challenge certain aspects in our government that are unconstitutional, and most of all – to do so in a peaceful manner that will foster in change through massive public rallies as our “Silent Majority” awakens, mad as hell as the realization dawns upon them that an entire Middle-Class that real, fair paying jobs cannot return to the American workplace until we take back the bulk of our light and heavy manufacturing.

Globalization is ruining local economies throughout the entire world. It serves the mega-corporations and host governments, but for the countries that watch their economic lifeblood being siphoned-off by greedy, uncaring corporations that actively helped to destroy our own economy all in the name of profit, the great lie is now stripping off the last remnants of positive spin the government and corporate American can offer to the people for selling out the lifeblood of America and dooming our vibrant, utterly necessary segment of the Middle-Class that drives consumer spending and provides the core success of our consumer driven economy. This task was a well-orchestrated maneuver that required masterful planning and calculating just how low we would sink as a society until the rumblings, not the occasional spike, but one that’s developing in several different locations and are based on different ideologies, but all of which seem to have a distinct anti-government agenda, and the below story is alarming and an evident sign of the times:

Number of US extremist groups ‘exploded’ in 2009: report

By Daniel Tencer
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 — 5:08 pm

Glenn Beck, Rep. Michele Bachmann singled out for popularizing militia movement ideas

Extremist groups surged in the United States in 2009, with anti-government “Patriot” militias leading the way, says a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The radical right caught fire last year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism across the nation,” says the report written by Mark Potok.

The number of active Patriot groups grew from 149 to 512 during the course of the year, a 244-percent increase, the report states. Militias — which the SPLC describes as “the paramilitary arm of the Patriot movement” — grew from 42 to 127 over the same period, a three-fold increase.

“We are in the midst of one of the most significant right-wing populist rebellions in United States history,” the report quotes Chip Berlet, “a veteran analyst of the American radical right.” MORE OF AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE!

If the Second American Revolution has begun, as we believe it has – how can we mitigate violence and destruction? In its infancy, as this revolt is, it has the potential to spiral out of control. We believe the misguided efforts of people acting out of desperation will only continue as our economy worsens and more and more families are forced out of mainstream society, existing any way they can, and there will be those whom find the bitter pill of defeat is becoming harder to swallow the more we are force-fed false hope and job creation that is far too little and far too late. At some point, Congress has to address the core issues of why we no longer have a viable multi-layered manufacturing sector – the very heart and soul of America’s Middle-Class is now an endangered species… Without having a manufacturing sector in place, the danger to our national security if we were to face an embargo would literally choke the life out of what existed of our economy. Making and manufacturing a fair percentage of our own products guarantees a vibrant Middle-Class and adds stability to our overall economy. Maintaining light and heavy manufacturing capabilities are also a mainstay (or were) of our national security – and a secure America cannot be forced to fail because of the uncontrollable greed of the few if we keep enough of own economic lifeblood in the wings to transfuse and trodden-down and completely disillusioned Middle-Class who are being driven to actions heretofore unheard of, especially in the United States.

Social Security recipients and those who live on Social Security were denied a cost of living adjustment for last year and this year. We were already told we would begin receiving $250.00 checks in our account earlier than expected – In May to be exact. I can’t speak for others who have watched their medicare costs rising to sometimes double of what they were last year (Which are still remarkably good.), and also note that overall’ health costs are rising to such an extent that we have have to design an entirely new system, one that does not cater to our “Carpetbaggers” but provides an opening for new companies that can compete with several companies and our own government, and if we could stifle the lobbyists, come up with a program that would benefit our status as a superpower and offer our own citizens a much needed rest from the tension of existing in a nation that has lost the every essence of compassion and a refusal to engage our people with conversations that lead to actually change, not mere lip service from President Obama and a Congress that is utterly dysfunctional.

How do we bring about change while not allowing this new “American Revolution” to cause the further loss of life and the shedding of innocent American blood? I strongly back changes that will help to pull our nation from the abyss of fascism, and I support the rule of law and established precedent that has kept our court system moving along relatively good until George Bush corrupted it with two right-wing shills whose appointment’s to the Supreme Court reduced their credibility to near zero – and now most of America would rather seem them resign in disgrace rather than make us publicly remove them from the bench, but until they are replaced, Americans will hold the Supreme Court in a position they worked for and secured for themselves, a wide-ranging belief that our Supreme Court should be impeached and those of you who voted against the people deserve to be cited for treason. (I second that emotion…)

We know, based on polls that the majority of the people believe the government is broken and in order to survive, returning to a functional government is tantamount to any cause of attempting to foist repairs upon our crumpling government. I am not being melodramatic; Congress, our Justice System, and even the Executive branch are attempting to govern when the GOP has effectively put the brakes on anything and everything that guarantee Obama and the rest of our country fails. I’m no longer an Obama fan, however this matter and its associated urgency transcends politics as usual, and it’s time for America’s Silent Majority to roar to life and help to reclaim our government!

In writing about Joe Stack’s Manifesto, other dubious deeds that await exposure and the crumbling of our Middle-Class  which was the underpinnings of our once successful consumer driven economy we have to ask ourselves  how to save our government, what do we need to accomplish rebuild our economy, and the varied issues that make up America today, when you closely examine those issues and keep a journal of your research, inadvertently, like it or not, your own “Manifesto for Chance” begins to form, and it’s group-think like that which I believe we need to employ to take back our government.

Write out what you feel has made our government fail, your beliefs on how it can be fixed, and then send it in to the White House and Congress. Don’t hold back any words. Respect is earned, and our government has been riding rough-shod over the general population for far too long.Even though you may be tempted, foul language serves no real purpose, and it’s essential that “the people” open a dialogue with our Congress as well as police departments heretofore described.

I am no shill of the government and still remain terribly depressed that the only “change” that we can believe in has been Obama’s reversal of most of his campaign promises. Whoever is running Washington, it’s not 100% Obama, otherwise we would have seen some real action, not mediocrity and downright shame brought down squarely on America’s first Black President. It’s also possible that an inexperienced White House Staff had not been through their training on how to respond when they are in a full diplomatic attack by one of America’s fringe movements, in this case, primarily the GOP.)

We believe that the horrible crimes that we hear about now-a-days are the “Sign of the Times”, a “sign” of things to come but only becomes reality when we allow them to happen. We also believe these incidents are representative of people who believe they have passed a line of no return, a feeling of utter hopelessness and depression that is often hidden from everyone but whoever it is that attempts to carry the burden of their particular family unit. We read about men who have murdered their entire families because they have recently lost a job and otherwise feel worthless. The social stigma of men as opposed to women when they lose their jobs is light-years apart. Men tend to become more withdrawn, suffering from a sucker-punch that on a daily basis, robs you of more of your self-esteem and begins to pull-apart years of confidence and training that once represented you, the successful American businessman. It’s high-time that the people begin casting the blame where it belongs and demanding real change before more elements that none of us can seem to control radicalize themselves and present an ever greater security risk to our nation than currently exists today.

How do we diffuse the situation and also rectify the issues in a manner that will strengthen American resolve and ingenuity to help overcome the treachery of corporate America greedily shipping off our jobs, labor,  and many of  the most important core-aspects of our economy. This was a planned demolition of our economy, and now The Silent Majority is awakening from its decades long slumber – and I eagerly await what the body-politic has in store for them. I foresee massive education programs and then rallies to bring about the change we need to implement if we are to remain a semi-powerful world player or just another debtor nation to eventually enter the scrap heap of other futile attempts aimed at dominating mankind’s body and spirit – none of which wind-up successful.

I’m not sure Joe Stack’s murder/suicide should be handled by these other divisions so that during their research; when anyone, no matter what the stressing factor is, starts shooting a weapon and apparently killing an innocent civilian can be addressed as nothing less than a deranged psychopath or a domestic terrorist (Stack didn’t seem to fit-in with what we once thought. Violence between civilians and police seem to be rising, a factor I haven’t had the time to research. Nonetheless, this was murder, pure and simple, and it should be handled by local authorities.)

We must realize, based on the simmering disapproval of Congress and the general mood of people on the streets that a deep dissatisfaction and fear is running through the American populace; we don’t want “politics as usual” but politics that truly represent many of the serious challenges currently dying because of GOP Filibustering. But, most of all, we want issues and some of our most important causes moved to the head of the list. It’s not a matter of favoritism,  but one of dire necessity. Furthermore, I believe that in order to maintain a true representative democracy, it is time to Amend The Constitution of The United States that specifically grants the rights of voters, by petitioning and other proven methods of validation, to have items that are so important to the general public that they may only pass if the people vote for it in a special referendum vote.

Every State in the Union should immediately adopt legislation to allow the ouster of a newly elected representatives who once they get to Washington, appear to succumb to the rushes of “dancing with the lobbyists.”

I’m willing to bet that almost everyone that reads this Blog could jot-down at least four or five major actions that would  help us steer the nation into a sounder economy that had a reasonable life-expectancy, and toward a political future that doesn’t include the United States to be everyone’s keeper, a lesson we haven’t even learned ourselves yet, but if we are to survive, must face these challenges head-on! I say go for it. Keep it civil and write down your thoughts, and whenever you can, explain in simple terms how it would work to aid in whatever it was your were trying to implement or substantiate. If you don’t want to register and post it yourself, send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll post it if it meets our simple guidelines, which are the same as our commenting system – and it will also be sent to Washington with essentially everything we receive. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will protect that right to the best of our legal ability -and if the message contains no threats or declarations to destroy our country or otherwise threaten violence of any type, all emails would be deleted immediately after choosing the best ones, without identifying marks, that would be published. You can also opt in to publish your name.

In order to survive the upcoming financial crisis, The President of The United States has to take off the gloves and realistically trace the decline of America’s Middle-Class, what caused it, and who ultimately benefited from their downfall. This is a problem, that with government intervention, could jump-start our economy in a manner that we could compete with any country on earth (That’s allowing for quality to become a part of the equation,which for many of the newer economic powerhouses on the block still want the best bang for their buck – and quality is the linchpin  of any successful long-term manufacturing sector.)

Finally, the American people are now awakening to the fact that the vast majority of our most respected corporations literally sold them a bill of goods and packed-up their jobs and “outsourced” them to become more competitive, and in the process, eek out a few extra pennies on their bottom-lines. The subsequent rush to abandon the American worker and our core manufacturing capabilities still seems surreal, especially as we watched it knowing full-well what its final consequences would be, and even worse, those that perpetrated the entire process knew that it had to destroy America’s Middle-Class but instead chose profit over the safety and welfare of their own countrymen who now may be doomed to a life of working one crappy job after another.

It was what corporate America thought was the last “coup de grat’” they would have to deliver upon our empty, ignorant heads, to completely destroy our core financial foundation that allowed members of the Middle-Class to prosper and grow. They also know that in many places, Middle-Class America is also a huge component of our Silent Majority, and it has been them who have lost generations of hard work and savings – and remained silent while they noted the constant erosion of our civil rights, the government bailing out corporate America while they let Main Street shrivel-up and die throughout the thousands of towns and cities in this nation. The emotion is so raw and real you can almost taste it; “We’re fed up.” We’ve had enough.” Simple statements but devastating in their perception of “what” it will take to clean-up our government.

I usually don’t study hate groups or Militias per se’ because I don’t believe that in numbers or even through public support, any of these  groups the United States keep an active eye on pose even a minimal threat to Main-street America (IMO). I was shocked at their recent growth and obvious racism that exudes from some of them, while others present themselves as those who will be the last men standing when and if a constitutional showdown occurs and our government attempts to disarm the public. This article has taken way too long to complete, however, the subject matter is almost overwhelming.

If the military attempts to quell any uprising, large or small, the results are likely to be disastrous.  It is vital that somehow, we establish an organization that can reach-out and help those who feel they are at their breaking point, and intervening proactively in those types of situations which can go a long way in mitigating violence, or stopping it before it even happens. If we allow the government to misinterpret situations that represent stressed-out Americans, not necessarily terrorists, the government will have no reasonable rationale to further strip us of our constitutional rights. Some of these individuals do become homegrown terrorists and so far, they have been far and few in between. We need to keep it that way, and combating terrorism that is emotionally triggered may be a much harder event to identify – and until we find a way to identify people who are grasping at their last straw, hanging onto the edge of reality by a thread, and consumed with disgust and hatred at their own government – somehow we must find a way to channel those emotions into another more productive endeavor and reach these people before they implode under the weight of trying to keep their families together..

This subject is too massive to tackle and in attempting to shorten it, would fail to bring up other, more sensitive issues that beg to be answered. The facts are laid out to demonstrate the overwhelming amount of Americans who believe that their government is broken and in disrepair. Then, in another article we learned that a majority of people believe our “Government’s a ‘threat to rights and freedoms,’ “majority says. These are all highly emotional subjects. When the majority of the general population begin to fear their own government, then to me, that’s a huge warning sign that we need government reformation, and we need it now. When the general public is actually feeling a gnawing sensation in their stomachs that alerts them when they are being followed, if it isn’t real, then the perception the government is so corrupt and against their best interests it actually perpetrates higher levels of unrest and fear.

Write up your own “Manifesto” and spell-out in blunt terms why you believe your proposed changes would benefit the United States as well as other nations we impact and other valuable trading partners. How would you jump-start a job market that needs to expand by six to eight million new jobs with hourly wages that were comparable to previous years when the economy was just “mediocre” for arguments sake? The number of jobs is so immense it’s a wonder that we’re not already, hopelessly bankrupted – and those with no vision see us stagnating and eventually collapsing into our own self-created whirlpool of debt. It doesn’t have to happen that way and it’s time for Americans to vigorously fight for American made products and jobs. Over a year ago I wrote: Free Trade Is A Misnomer; So-Called Protectionism Is A Matter of Self Survival. The article is as true today as when I first wrote it, and now we’re hearing about even more outsourcing as the parasites we call corporate America scheme how they can make even more profits while actively helping to destroy what used to be one of the world’s largest and most lucrative consumer markets. They did the math; the emerging Asian markets, propped-up by American companies flooding the countryside with new businesses, made the cognizant decision of destroying our own economy to cash-in on a market that was just beginning to emerge. There was always enough business to go around, but greed crept even further into America’s business psyche and American companies all but abandoned their American manufacturing for sites that others abroad that strengthened their bottom line even as it further eroded Main-Street America.

I was attempting to warn people that our economy was on a path of destruction. Since then, I have watched in horror as our economy has constantly been undermined by corporate greed and the very basis for America’s Middle-class’s existence has been outsourced to other nations in the name of “Free-Trade”, which is a misnomer; so-called “free trade” has been one of the underlying factors that is/has destroyed America’s Middle-class.I am not an economist; in fact, I’m only an average American that because of a disability – had a lot of time on my hands to conduct hundreds of hours  of research on issues that I was attempting to understand. That said, it’s more than obvious that professional economists had to know what was happening, and even though I was often branded a “protectionist” and often ridiculed for my opinions – even to the point that I was called a “Conspiracy Theorist.” The point is this: if a lay person could see this coming, and no one attempted to intervene in positions of power, then, IMO, it was a “conspiracy” to undermine the economy of the United States.

“Protectionism”, as those who label anything that attempts to keep our economy robust and sound is quite the opposite. Opting to outsource our light and heavy manufacturing, from the very beginning was destined to destroy our economy and turn us into a “service-based” economy”, which we now know has destroyed the “American Dream” for millions of our citizens and has effectively destroyed our Middle-class. As people apply the term protectionism as it pertains to outsourcing and the destruction of our Middle-class was and has been a “conspiracy” to transfer the wealth of the nation to the elites and “corapacy” that now appear to rule our nation; the impact of this globalization is now threatening the very existence of our entire social structure – and the outsourcing still continues unabated…

Protectionism is a mater of self-survival if we ever intend to regain any semblance of the “American Dream.” It’s vital that Americans understand that in order to pull ourselves out of a collapsing economy, it is imperative that we bring back our light and heavy manufacturing, make “buying American” a matter of patriotism, and throw-off the belief that protecting well-paid American jobs is not protectionism, but a matter of survival to each and every U.S. citizen whom are now losing their jobs by the millions each year. LINK

Politics in Washington traditionally ebb in and out like the tide, but this year there’s a new dynamic playing-out on center stage – and that’s massive dissatisfaction by America’s electorate with a government that we believe is broken beyond repair and a strong belief by the majority that our own “Government poses (a) ‘threat to (our) rights and freedoms.” This is an untenable situation, and rather than getting better, it’s decidedly becoming worse! We stand precariously balanced on the abyss of tyranny and fascism and only have two courses of action we can follow; either we band together in solidarity and fight for our country and its values, or continue to allow Washington’s traitors to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and continue selling out their country to the highest bidder(s) -acts that in any other reality would be labeled as sedition and treason.

Last but not least is the people’s genuine hope that somehow we settle our differences without having to resort to extreme measures. We are just everyday people. We want peace, don’t want to feel the need to fear the police, but most of all, it’s a crime that so many millions of everyday citizens view their own government as a source of repression and fear rather than as a partner in our journey through democracy, or the lack thereof. Try and wrap your mind around the enormity of attempting to change a system that every Senator and Representative would fight us tooth and nail on… Make no mistake, they want their Lobbyists and to continue a system that rewards those who long ago stopped representing the people except for an occasional bill that appears to be crafted in the public’s interest. Their re-election campaigns begin the day they assume office and are usually their primary concern at any given time.

We’re desperate for a real change in Washington. Whether that will be leaning toward a more authoritarian government and ignoring the reasons for destroying America’s Middle-Class remains to be seen. The people’s dissatisfaction with our government and actually fearing its intent is disturbing and a constant source of stress and depression, matters that we don’t need when so many other problems manifest themselves daily across a nation that is watching itself implode. The real problem is that anyone in a position to bring about real change was likely a participant in destroying America’s Middle-Class and brushed aside any thoughts of how they would explain their treachery when it became obvious that Corporate America was one of the true villains of our century.

We, the people, can do anything – however, our successes are rare and even when they’re huge, the facts that we even won a major issue fades into obscurity. That’s the way the system is designed and it’s kept us in line for a pretty good while, although now, we’ve finally reached the point where no amount of political spin or talking heads are going to convince us that our government is acting in our best interests. How we handle a period of potential political instability that awaits us remains to be seen. In attempting to identify the forces that are destroying our economy and government, the only changes that would foster in a truly representative government would require drastic measures, none of which I am certain would be successful. If we do nothing, our spiral into poverty and fascism is all but guaranteed.

One unified battle cry, carried everywhere, should be to rebuild our light and heavy manufacturing capability. Globalization doesn’t work except to decimate stable economies throughout the globe while making enormous profits at the expense of their own countrymen. Globalization is a four-letter word and now Europe and other nations can testify to the devastation it’s brought upon their local economies. (In this context, a “local economy” could easily be construed as that of a local government, i.e., France, Spain or Greece.)

The public’s anti-government sentiments and their fear that government(s) are working to decimate our liberty and freedoms are being echoed in other parts of the world. We have to wake-up and actively contribute to the growing debate and in doing so, convey the spirit that we’re working to bring back our Constitution and the rule of law, and those who may be contemplating desperate acts would be better served to relate their stories publicly, write-up your own Manifesto of Change, and let’s start a public discourse on the matter of what is necessary to save our ailing government, and that it’s failing is no longer a matter of conjecture or contention. If I’m reading the signs correctly, people want and are going to demand change – and not the belly-full of lies that have been used to placate the masses in previous times of political confusion and unrest.

I would ask President Obama to open his mind philosophically and even with the areas that I mentioned, our government appears to be broken beyond any means of a quick and satisfactory resolution. As Commander in Chief, you are in possession of reams of “classified documents” that allow you to possess a clearer picture of many of the facts the public is not privy to; I am speaking specifically for myself, however I also believe that some of my thoughts and ideas are representative of millions of Americans who feel betrayed and disillusioned by their own government. Everyone knows that our Middle-Class was destroyed by greedy industrialists who sold-out America’s most precious commodity, our manufacturing sector where innovations and ideas lit up an entire world with American ingenuity and pride.

Part of the blame lies in our refusal to embrace technology that would have allowed us to effectively compete on the global level, but as a whole, it was nothing but pure greed which doomed our economy into obscurity. We Need to remember President Bush pushing his tax breaks for the wealthy and Corporate America, his adamant belief that they would allow our corporations to invest in their infrastructure, Research and Development, revamping their business infrastructure which in turn would create a wealth of new jobs. Now we know it was all lies. Corporate America used our tax breaks to relocate their businesses abroad and literally destroy America’s Middle-Class, the heart and soul of our consumer driven economy. Demand that our jobs are returned home, or make doing business via outsourcing so expensive that companies that once thrived upon doing business offshore would have to scramble back and begin setting-up-shop, out to win the race of corporations springing up overnight to meet provisions of a “Buy American” clause recently passed by a Congress that understood it was time to listen to the people, not the corporations and elite’s whom have used the American Taxpayers like fools, brash and indignant that we of such low social standing dare to challenge their (implied) authority.

You can play with words President Obama, but people recognize “why” we have lost so many millions of jobs that in turn, places long-standing social programs like Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare in jeopardy. Administrations before yours allowed deregulation and greed to eviscerate America’s light and heavy manufacturing. Businesses were allowed to hire immigrants armed with HB-1 and other Visa Programs to lawfully work in the United States, taking jobs away from the American workforce because they would work for an average of 12K less per year. Again, the God of profit trumps national security, any semblance of patriotism, and allows the status of our fellow countrymen to spiral down towards an eventual oblivion, one that seems inescapable because of the greed which has become the new American way of life.

Do something to better the plight of America’s displaced Middle-Class. Anyone can look at the gridlock in Congress and see that governing, in the technical sense of the word, is close to impossible at this point. I saw your State of The Union Address, and I noted your comments on so-called free trade and watched with detached amusement at the stony faces that were glared at you from the GOP, the party of privilege and money. If you don’t accept your place in history, and do something that will truly elevate this Republic from our downward spiral toward bankruptcy and Third World Status, the freedoms and liberties we enjoy from the blood of our fallen Ancestors would eventually turn out to be in vain, an easy jump from our current situation to one that is decidedly darker and more repressive.

I recognize many of the problems and issues that our government, which is in extreme disrepair, needs to have fixed at the earliest possible time. Surely you know that the very essence of liberty and freedom is at stake Mr. President. It’s hard to believe, but America’s overt racism has gotten worse since you assumed the Presidency, a fact that I would have never believed could be possible. I’m certainly not leveling any blame against for for that unfortunate observation, but do admit that it brings about a deep sense of anger and shame that we have allowed politics to influence race relations that have taken generations to understand and address.

President Obama, the State of our Union is in horrible disrepair. Electronic voting machines have eroded any trust we may have had in the system. We all know that Lobbying, in 95% of the cases, is nothing more than legalized bribery. We know the system is corrupt to the core, and this is where the real “change is needed!” Mr. Obama, the very health and longevity of our fragile assembly of states may depend on one individual recognizing that our survival as a free and prosperous people is in danger of failing. You are the President. I am fairly good at recognizing problems and issues, but solving them has to go straight up the ladder – and right at the top is the man that has the power of a nation behind him to foster in the kind of change that actually sends our nation off on a different heading, one that contains a vestige of hope and a guarantee that the status quo of corporate greed will find its way to the back burner of our current history.

When I began writing this article, I envisioned it would be a brief statement of the facts. I started this over a week ago, and while attempting to chronicle what we have been witnessing, other extremely relevant events keep adding themselves to the fire. Once you get caught-up in the wreck that our government has become, it’s only natural to try and figure-out where we went wrong, but of even more importance, what we can do to change the situation for the better – not the worse. I am hoping this writing prompts the imagination of other people attempting to make sense of a government that appears to be completely out of control and that they will respond with “Manifesto’s” of their own, whose public viewing could open the doors to a genuine public discussion on the matters that we consider to be important to our everyday lives, matters of liberty and freedom, and finding a way to repair an economy that all it lacks to be a roaring success is private investment and a mandate from the government to “buy American” whenever it’s possible. Imagine turning on the government’s propaganda machine to make it patriotic to “buy American” goods whenever it was possible.

President Obama, there are several critical areas where our government has failed the American people. How could anyone in Washington allow public perception of the government to worsen to the extent that the majority of people fear our own government and believe they (you) are looking for excuses to take away more of our civil rights? You’ve been handed an almost impossible task to solve; if the GOP were on the same side of our population in general, they would work together rather than bringing any meaningful legislation to a virtual standstill! Take out your pen President Obama, and start writing down ideas you receive from the public – not from a staff that embraces the status quo. We can see what the problems are and where they need to be corrected. There’s far too many years of corruption and adherence to the “Good Ol Boy” network that has brought our government to a virtual standstill to be corrected overnight, but by declaring a national emergency, you could, by Presidential Decree use a “Signing Statement” or “Executive Order,” whichever is the most appropriate method -and make some temporary changes that would work toward restoring confidence in our government.

How about using that stroke of a Presidential Pen and create an Executive Order that would allow for public referendums until such a time that a Constitutional Convention could be convened. Allow the public to help and craft measures designed to curb run-a-way Lobbying and the obvious hold that these lobbyist’s seem to have on certain members of Congress. Put the Health Care Debate to a public referendum. We know that the majority of the public prefers single-payer or a so-called public option, and it’s time to have a public debate/discussion where half-truths and downright lies are debunked on the spot, not left to stand by a MSM that is too complicit with Corporate America to ask any of the “right” questions.

The balls in your Court President Obama. You have the power of the Presidency behind you and you have to know that our Republic is failing. Even if you have to ram it through conservatives as a national security issue, which it is, it’s absolutely essential to our continued survival as a nation to bring back our core light and heavy manufacturing. Without a well-functioning Middle-Class, you know that our economy has to continue to tank. The European Union also has extremely harsh words towards globalization, and there’s a growing trend there to start bringing back local economies.

I do not condone the overuse of “Executive Orders” and “Signing Statements”, but in order to bring about some semblance of sanity to our Congress and government in general, I believe that extraordinary times also merit extraordinary solutions and the courage of those whose patriotism and duty far outweighs the initial criticism that an act designed to save the Republic will likely be met with – furious opposition. Nothing good comes easy, and those who have made careers off of an unsuspecting public need to get a real job – one whose reward is a paycheck in exchange for hard work, not campaign contributions designed to keep a proven corporate asset in his position at all costs.

Make yourself famous President Obama. Shock the nation and the entire world by making temporary changes to our government that will fulfill the will of the people. If it’s too hard to pass some of the most contentious legislation, those are the measures that we want to see via referendums. If this is a truly representative democratic republic, then put your money where your mouth’s are – let the people have a voice in their own future.

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  • Pat

    mankind may not have the obligation except moral to help his fellow man, but it is unconscionable to promote that he has a right to harm his fellow man for profits as a basic principle of morality.

  • JosephConrad

    What a joke! There is and will never be a 'Second American Revolution' because too many white Americans are too Cowardly, Racist, Greedy, Selfish and Self-absorbed. In th 'First Revolution', fewer than 4% of all Colonists took up arms to fight the British. Less than 25% supported heir efforts but didn't fight. Of the remaining 80% or so, over 50% fought with the British and the other 30% 'sympathized' with them AGAINST the Colonists!

    Today, over 90% of white Americans are too Racist, Aggorgant, Greedy, Egotistical and Self-Agrandizing to ovrthrow the Wealthy Old White Boys running America. In fact, over 95% of americans of ALL races and ethinicites WANT TO BE a part of the Ruling Elites!

    • William Cormier

      Based on what I’m witnessing these past few weeks I’d say that in the very near future you very well may have to eat those words. The majority of the American people are pissed-off beyond comprehension, and with the GOP attacking unions, women’s rights, and making ridiculous laws that halt abortion in many states – the GOP’s hatred for the “Average American” is becoming more than apparent to a majority of the American people.

      We don’t advocate the violent overthrow of our government, however, we do support any and all non-violent protests and civil disobedience – preferably a General Strike that will shut-down the United States until such time that “we the people” are heard and the Feds begin governing “for and by the people,” not the corporations that have been bribing our Congress for too many decades to count.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke! There is and will never be a ‘Second American Revolution’ because too many white Americans are too Cowardly, Racist, Greedy, Selfish and Self-absorbed. In th ‘First Revolution’, fewer than 4% of all Colonists took up arms to fight the British. Less than 25% supported heir efforts but didn’t fight. Of the remaining 80% or so, over 50% fought with the British and the other 30% ‘sympathized’ with them AGAINST the Colonists!

    Today, over 90% of white Americans are too Racist, Aggorgant, Greedy, Egotistical and Self-Agrandizing to ovrthrow the Wealthy Old White Boys running America. In fact, over 95% of americans of ALL races and ethinicites WANT TO BE a part of the Ruling Elites!

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